Shorty’s Mac’in Your Daughter 2



Shorty’s Mac’in Yo Daughter 2


125 Mins.

Combat Zone


THEMES: Big Cocks, Interracial Sex,




STARS: Ashleah, Amy Valor, Jayla Starr, Beaue Marie, Jade Dream & Shorty Mac

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He already got the mamas, so now Shorty is coming back for a shot at the daughters. Actually he is coming for the daughters of the mother’s he’s dating, working for or seeing professionally. It’s all very complicated I’m sure. Or at least is made more complicated by the fact that we can never understand a damn word the man is saying. Then again no one is watching this line to see what kind of game Shorty lays down on the girls. People tune in to watch him whip out that coke can of a dick and fuck hot chicks with it. Jayla is sexy little thing who is flexible as hell and takes the best Shorty has in a good scene. Ashleah is a sexy girl with awesome curves who seems to thrive on the really big meat Shorty’s packing. Jade’s scene is pretty good as well. Beaue is a cute girl who I have enjoyed in other movies, but this scene is dull and flat. Amy’s is worth watching. This tall girl loves it big and even Shorty’s weak pop can’t kill the scene. Overall this is a good movie for people who like watching the super sized black dick angle. The girls are pretty cute and the technical aspects are solid as well.

Jayla Starr

This sweet young thing looks all wound up by herself. She can’t keep her hands off of her body as she lies on the couch in a little dress and silly stripper shoes. Her mom sends Shorty to talk to Jayla about her improper attire. Yeah bad idea there. He gets one look at her and shows her what happens to men when she dresses this way. She can’t believe how big the cock is, but does her best to get the head in her mouth. Kneeling down she does a very good round of oral worship before turning her pussy over to Shorty. With her feet hooked behind her ears, she lets him push slowly into that shaved little honey pot. It barely slips in at first, but eventually she takes a long hard ride. Everything looks great, but when Shorty gets too heated up he just starts babbling. It sounds like a guy swallowing his tongue, but I guess it is supposed to be dirty talk. Even that can’t stop this sexy little thing from takes a big load in her mouth and then rubbing his huge monster on her cute face.

Beaue Marie

Beaue’s daddy isn’t home and Shorty is doing some work on his Jacuzzi or something. Seriously, can anyone understand what he’s saying? Her daddy has told her to stay away from him because he has a big dick. She’s curious and that pretty much is all you have to know. (Sitting through this might just give you a headache.) Before showing her the big dick he wants to eat her pussy. Dude is obsessed with making girls tell him they are cumin after like five seconds of anything. The reveal and reaction are nice, but she is clearly overmatched when it comes to sucking. The fucking starts, but it is really boring. He is either too big for her or she just isn’t interested. There is a facial at the end, but this is a flat, dull train wreck.

Amy Valor

Who knows what they are talking about in this scene? Shorty is unintelligible so just skip forward to watch this tall girl strip down to her socks and start sucking dick. She is very easy on the eyes and has that real girl quality about it. Of course she towers over Shorty and that’s kind of funny. What isn’t funny is the way he continues to fuck up the scene with constant verbal diarrhea. When she rolls over with her long leg in the air, Amy loses a bit of her energy. She seems to be struggling with the size. I love the shots of her legs though. This girl is sexy. She just needs a better performer to bring things out in her. He gets her tits swaying and then aims his load at those full natural knockers. Listening to him mumble forever as he jerks off is a little annoying, especially since the camera isn’t even in a good position to capture the shot when he does finally let go.


Shorty’s shrink can’t make her appointment and Ashleah breaks the news. The cute daughter is the hottest girl in this movie and has heard about his big cock. Naturally impressed she wants to see how that big thing feels in her mouth. It is too big, but she is great with her tongue and happily drops to the floor. Hit mute if you want to drown out Shorty’s silliness, but don’t miss the way this sexy girl looks on her knees. He gives her some attention and then gets her big natural tits shaking with some deep strokes. Give this cutie a lot of credit for taking most of that beer can right between her shaved lips. He is still annoying, but she is cute and overpowers his presence in the scene. Thick around the middle Ashleah rides hard with her big tits in his face, showing off a great big booty for the camera. The doggy goes on for a really long time, but Shorty seems to busy fucking to talk so much so we end up with some great stroke footage. The scene is great, but the pop is super weak, dribbled onto her butt. Down ending to a good scene.

Jade Dream

Coming in from a day by the pool Jade flirts with her mom’s man. This cutie has braces and long legs. She also wants to know what Shorty has that makes mama scream so much. He helps her out of her bathing suit and sucks that pussy for about a minute. OK it lasts longer than that, but they both seem bored and ready to fall asleep. When she starts sucking his dick Jade commits an unforgivable sin. She invites Shorty to stat talking about what he likes. Damn girl, don’t do that. Ignore him and watch the naughty little thing rub her pussy as she sucks his dick. They have to see if his meat will fit in her tight pussy and it does seem to be a struggle at first. She faces the camera and slides down him slowly, giving him a chance to make her feel every inch. When he gets behind her, Shorty tries to make up for the slightly bored look on her face by talking a lot and ramming forward. Things pick up a bit when she bends over his lap sucking the dick while he fingers her hot twat. She eats up his load like a good girl.

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