Massive Facials


Massive Facials


166 Mins

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Facials




STARS: Jenna Haze, Rebeca Linares, Sasha Grey, Courtney James, Bobbi Starr, Dakoda Brookes & Mopes, mopes and more mopes.


The title of this movie pretty much says it all. It is a blowbang movie the focuses on nothing but facials. There are plenty of those movies out there, but this one is special. OK the cast is special. Superstars Jenna Haze, Rebeca Linares and Sasha Grey headline with the always outstanding Bobbi Starr joining fresh faces Dakoda Brookes and Courtney James to give us plenty to enjoy. The action is very well shot and perfectly paced. Blowbangs often become a real mess, but this one is very, very good. All five scenes are winners in this collection. Those of you tuning in to see serious facials will not be disappointed. The facials are indeed massive in each case. If you’re looking for more than just great facials, then the sexual heat from the blowbangs will keep you happy. Jenna gives her usual home run performance. Sasha proves that she is the best combination of beauty and filth in the biz. Courtney is too fucking cute for words. This is simply one of the best blowbang/facial movies on the shelf right now.

Jenna Haze

Swallowing Queen Jenna Haze is going to try her hand at a little facial glaze action today. We get a little music video tease and then some interaction as Jenna prepares to give a while group of mopes something nice to jerk off on. The interview is somewhat interesting, but not half as much as her cute little ass is. Jenna gets a mixed batch of mopes, some black and some white. She reaches out grabbing anything she can get her hands on and stuffing it into her mouth. With hands pawing at her, she sucks and jerks any meat within reach and treats each one like she loves it. This little babe is like a sexual windup doll. She never seems to slow down no matter how many dicks join the party. Jenna looks like a million bucks and fucks like the dirtiest girl in porn. Right in the middle of this perfect blowbang, Jenna fucks her pussy, getting herself off as she takes a big load on her pretty face. That sets off a chain reaction of pop shots. Jenna keeps talking dirty as she looks up, closes her eyes and invites them all to cover her. Jenna has taken some great facials in her career, but this one tops all. Her whole face is covered with cream from chin to forehead and she still looks ready for more.

Rebeca Linares

Like Jenna, Rebeca is well known for giving great scenes every time out. She teases us in her silver bikini, showing off a great ass and a camel toe that is enough to make anyone thirsty. As soon as the guys come in, Rebeca goes into full cock hound mode. No dick is safe from her hungry mouth and that talented mouth. She keeps both hands full of dick and sucks hard until every guy has had a turn. The action is extremely well shot and the energy is off the charts. Even the really big dicks are no problem for Rebeca. Eventually she peels down her bottoms and shows off her sexy ass. Even the huge dicks seem to vanish between her lips and Rebeca even takes them two at a time. The guys line up to cum and though she tires to keep them open her eyes are spermed shut in no time. She keeps a big smile on her pretty face as the guys add load after load of creamy jizz to the mask.

Courtney James

While putting the finishing touches on her make up, Courtney tells Mason about a run in with a fan who recognized her in traffic. She confesses to being somewhat nervous about the impending blowjob, but looks as cute as can be. The guys are sitting around watching while she picks out the first two lucky mopes. I love the skirt angle here. Courtney looks really good and gets over her case of nerves really quickly. In fact, her fingers fine a nice wet place to play as she bobs her pretty head on dick after dick. Her skilled mouth keeps the guys happy even as her fingers to do the walking. The guys stick mostly to a one or two at a time pace to make sure Courtney can handle it. They line up for the popshots though, letting her rub that clit as the balls empty and her homecoming queen face turns into a Krispie Kreme before our eyes.

Bobbi Starr

There is nothing shy about Bobbi. She is a sexual superstar and we all know it. She is also remarkably beautiful for someone so nasty. Since she is already so comfortable, the guys just come right in and feed her some meat. Breaking out the deep throat action she takes it all the way to the root with just a bit gag and a ton of spit. As more and more guys show up, she keeps sucking, stroking and doing her best to please every one of them. The mopes are so appreciative of her efforts that they pull in a couch so she can hang her head over the edge. That has her in position for some serious face fucking. The drool runs all over the place as she lets guy after guy bang balls against her pretty face. She wipes the spit away and turns that beautiful mug upward while the guys unload. When the loads get close to her mouth she eats what she can. Most of it stays on her face though. You know, Bobbi might just be the queen of the blow bang.

Dakoda Brookes

If only we could find a way to harness nervous energy, Dakoda Brookes could power the West Coast with ease. After nearly bursting off the screen, Dakoda turns her butt to the camera and shakes those buns. This little cutie is very popular with all of the mopes. They surround her and she looks totally thrilled. She has fun on her knees, and then hangs her head for some face fucking. Ever the kindly mope, Arnold actually gives her a lick in 69 while he pumps her face full of prick. Other guys help out with some finger play to keep Dakoda smiling as she services every last dude in the place. That big smile is back as the first few loads hit her face. They close her eyes quickly en route to another chin to forehead pasting.

Sasha Grey

Last but certainly not least, Sasha Grey saunters up the street in some booty shorts. Though she attracts a lot of attention out there, the action takes place inside the warehouse. The first few guys come in and she starts drooling so much that her little white T is nearly see through. Some of the dicks are pretty big, but she won’t stop until she is nearly choking on anything she can get down her gullet. There is plenty of gagging and a lot of mess, but Sasha manages to handle it all in stride with great energy. It doesn’t matter if she is kneeling in the center of a cock circle or hanging upside down for a throat fuck, Sasha looks beautiful and is so filthy that one has to wonder if there is a better combination of looks and filth in the biz. The guys are all ready to blast her face and Sasha encourages them to keep adding more cum to the mix. Yet another great facial from a movie that just keeps delivering the big messy hits.

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