Oh No! There’s a Negro in My Daughter


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Oh No! There’s a Negro in My Daughter


120 Mins.

JM Productions


DIRECTOR: Grip & Cram Johnson

THEMES: Cuckolding, IR Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Holly Wellin, Sierra Snow, Amber Rayne, Layla Rivera, Kyle Stone, Herschel Savage, Toby Hillcrest, Dirty Harry, Rock, Guy DiSilva, Byron Long & DSnoop



The Johnson Brothers are back with another cuckold type movie. They have become the kings of this kinky genre. We have already seen Negros inside of wives and moms so why not daughters? These movies focus on a special niche. Since the “dads” stay in the scene talking to their daughters from start to finish, the energy is unique and the shots are different from your average porn scene. Most of the shots are long to keep everyone in view. On a purely sexual level the scenes sometimes come out a little cold. If you are into the fetish though, the movies are dead on. Each scene features an irate father who sits and watches while his precious little girl fucks a negro. They vary things up a bit. Kyle Stone has to deal with his foul talking daughter Holly dropping the N bomb every five seconds. Layla Rivera fucks her dad’s best friend while he laments her ruined future. Sierra is a spoiled little thing who enjoys her black man like he’s just another pony to add to her collection. The finale is a little creepy and dark, but it gives us another different vibe I suppose. If you’re into the fetish at play here then this is a must see. If not, it’s still a decent IR movie that should give you plenty of laughs.

Holly Wellin & Rock with Kyle Stone

Holly is busy fucking when Kyle comes home. He is livid that she is fucking under his roof, but we soon find out that there is more to the story. His wife left him for a man of color and it looks like little Holly is following suit. For some reason Kyle just keeps yelling at his daughter and eventually sits down to watch. Give Holly a lot of credit for being able to keep up her end of the dirty talk while she is busy riding and sucking on that dick. Fans of the genre may be interested to know that the N word is used throughout the scene and often in ways that are sure to make you laugh. The sex scene itself isn’t bad, but it is the interaction between dad and daughter that steals the show. Either you will love this scene or you will find it a complete waste. After a long fuck, she jerks him off into her mouth. The pop shot seems a little odd, but by now you’re either sitting in a puddle of your own goo or have moved on.

Layla Rivera & Guy DiSilva with Herschel Savage

Herschel comes home to find his cute young daughter sucking off his best friend. (See, some of his best friends are black.) When he objects she shoots back at him “I can suck this black cock and these saggy balls all I want.” Check please! They argue about her marrying a nice Jewish doctor, the tits that he paid for and how disrespectful it is for Layla to keep sucking while daddy is talking. All that banter must be distracting to Guy because she’s still limp as can be well into the blowjob. He finally gets it stiff enough to slide into her pussy so Layla is able to ride just inches away from daddy’s face. No N bombs this time, but the argument between Herschel and Layla is rather heated. There is some decent sex going on here as well. Guy grabs her by the hair and fucks her really hard from behind. Layla gleefully takes every inch and finally takes a big load on her face. Bad girl, good scene.

Sierra Snow & Byron Long with Toby Hillcrest

Spoiled brat Sierra gets whatever she wants and that includes a Negro. Toby protests, but brings in the new present for his daughter. Byron has a big hard cock and Sierra can’t wait to play with it. She says in character well, playing the bratty role well. Climbing on top she is quite a site. This petite little thing drops all the way down on Byron’s massive tool and seems to revel in every throbbing inch. She argues with her father during the scene, keeping up with the dialog pretty well. He stays there, embossing his little girl with his presence. The rules daddy lays down for proper care and feeding of the Negro are pretty funny. All this banter though takes away from a pretty good IR scene. Dirty little Sierra takes a big load in her mouth and disgusts her daddy by loving every juicy drop.

Amber Rayne & DSnoop with Dirty Harry

OK this one is actually a little disturbing. Amber is fucking Snoop and taunts Harry with it. She talks about how he hits her and how he beat her mother. There is just something sinister and disturbing about the whole thing. Amber shows good sexual energy and buys into the theme of the scene. I’m just not sure how sexy physical abuse is. (The rest of the movie is so clearly tongue in cheek that I’m sure this is supposed to be in the same spirit, it just doesn’t come off that way.) The scene goes on for a long time with some good hard action and a big facial. It just feels creepier than normal.

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