Jack’s POV 11 (Blu-Ray)


Jack’s POV 11


145 Mins.

Digital Playground




CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Britney Stevens, Lacey Maguire, Hannah Harper, Rachel Roxxx, Annette Schwarz



We are finally getting some Blu-Ray DVDs that aren’t old stuff. This is a brand new volume of Jack’s POV. It stars an excellent cast and features a little variation on the familiar theme. Robby has kept the Jack character involved, but isn’t going for a Jack score every time. Mick Blue takes the camera from Jack for an opener with Lacey Maguire that is very hot. Tony tries out his new camera with his slutty neighbor Britney. This scene is set well, shot nicely and shows Britney to be a wonderful little slut. I’m still a huge fan of her little sister, but there is nothing wrong with this Stevens sister. This is great fantasy POV stuff. Hannah Harper is the cover girl and she adds some really good eye candy. Annette Schwarz looks as beautiful as I have ever seen in this movie. Of course she is hot, but she is also stunning. The POV is very good and the picture quality is outstanding. This is a good example of how gonzo porn can look fantastic on Blu-Ray.

Lacey Maguire & Mick Blue

Jack shows up at Mick’s place with beer. Mick borrows the camera and shuts the door on his friend so that he can have some fun with Lacey. The cute blonde doesn’t mind playing in front of the camera as long as no one is going to see it. Looking right into the camera, Lacey gives us great eye contact and happily sucks the dick like a pro. I really do love watching this girl give head. She is cute and does it like she’s in love with the cock. The POV fucking is just as good. Lacey turns around to look at the camera while Mick fucks her from behind. He does a pretty good job with the camera, keeps everything flowing and they put on a great show. During the mish we get some really nice pussy shots and Lacey happens to have a great looking girl gash. Mick finishes off with a huge blast all over her face and Lacey cleans up while staring into the camera.

Britney Stevens & Tony De Sergio

Britney pops by her neighbor’s house and is embarrassed. She partied all night and lost her keys. Still dressed in slutty club gear, she looks ready for naughty fun. As luck would have it, Tony is trying out his new camera and Britney suggests he shoot a porno with it. Though she is only teasing, Tony is wise enough to follow her into the bathroom and shoot through the glass as she cleans up. When Britney gets out of the shower she isn’t at all angry. In fact she drops right to her knees and starts sucking that dick like she loves it. The POV BJ footage is great thanks to some really good eye contact and that cool dirty girl vibe Britney has going on. In not time at all they go from mouth to anal. Just a short stop in her pussy so we can assume that Tony was really looking for the booty all along. This is really hot POV anal and Britney doesn’t stop until her ass is stretched and her mouth if full of his cum. Yeah, this chick is very, very hot.

Rachel Roxxx & Mick Blue

Mick wants his house clean for a big party and has Rachel working really hard to have the house spotless. As you might expect she has talents that go well beyond her ability to scrub floors. Her knob polishing skills for example, are top notch. The BJ is great, but her whole body is so easy on the eyes that all of the footage is great. In between positions Rachel turns around to suck her juices off of his cock. There is a lot of doggy towards the end of the scene and it’s pretty good. They finish up with a facial. I really like Rachel’s body and her energy is decent.

Annette Schwarz & Scott Nails

Annette wants to a model and her boyfriend introduces her to Jack. He quickly gets rid of the guy and puts the dirty German girl to the test. She gives great looking head and really impresses with white hot deep throat. The guy comes back and has to sit there and watch as she takes every inch of the big cock before her. The guys have a long and sometimes hilarious conversation as Annette squads and fucks that big thing really hard. Annette always plays well to the camera and she looks gorgeous in this scene. Watching her on Blu-Ray is very cool because you can see every little bump on her sniff nipples and watch the sweat form on her forehead as she rides the big dong. She even turns around for a short ass fuck before getting back to what she does best. Annette finishes off by taking the load in her mouth while staring at us. She gargles, spits the load into her hand and then eats it up. Yeah, she’s a star.

Hannah Harper & Scott Nails

Speaking of stars, Hannah Harper is up next. She is a stripper in a juice bar and that means that Jack can’t get a beer. We get to watch her dance and interact for a long time. It’s a great set up and then Jack drops the line that gets him laid. “Have you ever been in a music video?” Cut to Hannah with a dick in her mouth. It worked again. She delivers a really nice looking blowjob and then opens up her pussy for some serious dick action. I honestly think that Hannah has gotten prettier over the years, especially in the face. She looks sunning in this scene and shows the kind of sexual energy that helps carry the POV action. Looking down at that gorgeous face you can see why he should shoot such a huge nut all over her big tits.

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