Private Tropical: Mother & Daughter Anal Vacation


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Private Tropical: Mother & Daughter Anal Vacation


122 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Alessandro Del Mar

THEMES: Outdoor sex, Euro Babes, Anal Sex




STARS: Angelina Love, Annamaria Santos, Daria Glower, Regina, (Tall tree girl), Sandra, Winnie


Private Tropical always brings us beautiful women in gorgeous settings. This movie fits into that niche perfectly. With this movie they add a little bit of family fun to the mix. A very lucky guy is taken on vacation with his girlfriend by her hot mother. The women are pretty hot and so is the sex. The main appeal though is the outdoor action. We get sex on the beach nearly from start to finish and that’s a good thing. The girls aren’t the best looking you could imagine, but there are some stunners here. Some of the Euro-babe can be a little flat, but the lovely surroundings make up for any sexual shortcomings. If you want sex with sand and sunshine, this is a movie you should check out. This is one vacation you really want don’t want to miss.

With no credits to even start the flick the action kicks into high gear. Mom (Winnie) and daughter (Annamaria Santos) are hanging around outside. The guy in the middle thanks them for the vacation and daughter goes inside. Hot blonde mom takes full advantage of the guy, sucking his cock like she’s been waiting for it for weeks. I think it’s the daughter’s boyfriend, but she gives him plenty of fun anyway. They go right for the anal with mom riding hard and finally taking his load. Hot little outdoor scene.

As it turns out, the vacation is all about this young couple exploring other people. She is going to let him fuck other women and she wants new cock. One of the guys she is going to fuck is her man’s friend. We get to see him in action with a Daria Glower, dirty blonde who likes to fuck in the water. With the waves lapping at their legs and the wind blowing hard, she kneels and inhales dick like she is never going to let go. They fight against the elements to give us a very energetic scene. He stands her up and fucks her with one leg up in the air. Moving to the shore, she climbs on top for some RCA that is pure Private gold. If you like sec on the beach, then this is perfect. The girl is nice looking with a very good body and she fucks him right there on the sand like a perfect fantasy partner. With sand all over both bodies, she plays with her tits and waits for that shot to hit her right in the mouth.

Everyone is setting up sex for everyone. The dude has mom all lined up to nail two young guys, but one of them needs a warm up. He bangs his lady, Regina on the beach. This tall brunette is probably the prettiest girl so far and after some early disconnect, lets her great body carry the action. They stay out of the water, using a fallen tree instead. She isn’t quite as hot as the last girl when it comes to performance. The body is great though and that shaved little pussy looks good enough to eat. We get a lot of shots of her skinny legs as she squats and does her best to fuck every inch of that dick. There are also some nice sand shots as they have obviously coated her hands and butt with the white stuff as they head for the finale.

Mr. Boyfriend gets his two-girl part of the deal. With a blonde and a brunette kneeling in the shallow water he gets to feel two mouths on him at once. That’s a pretty nice way to start a day. His girlfriend is happy to pass the dick back and forth with big butted Angelina Love. We have already seen some great outdoor action, but this works out to be twice as much fun. Both girls look good and the clear water allows for some good shots even when the girls are half submerged. I love the doggy on the blonde. Angelina offers up her ass and gives us big booty butt fucking that is sure to put a smile on your face. She just has a great ass and is a lot of fun to watch. The girls share the load at the end and everyone seems happy.

While this is going on mom is already being DP’d by her two young studs. She seems quite pleased with the job they are doing and is rather easy on the eyes as well. Since we joined them in progress there isn’t much of a BJ here, but the DP is great and the double facial is the kind that should appear in comps for years to come.

Two girls seems to be the order of the day for our hero. While his lady is preparing for strange cock, he joins two absolute stunners on a little waterfall for a gorgeous scene. The girls get each other warmed up and then switch over to his cock as soon as the guy shows up. They stay in their bikinis which is just smoking hot to me. Either one of these babes alone would be reason to celebrate, but he gets them both. And he gets them in a really beautiful location which is probably not what I should be focusing on. He enjoys the blowjob and is ready to power fuck whichever girl gets on his dick first. We get some great doggy along the way and then a big load that gets shared by these two lovely ladies.

It is time for the girlfriend to get her taste of new cock. Keeping with the theme, they stay outside and just get busy on a lounge chair. As much as she enjoys his tongue on her clit, she wants dick and wants it now. He lets her suck it for a while, clearly enjoying the fun. Turning her around he warms her ass up with some finger play and then lick it. The ass gets fucked as well and she ends up taking a big load on her pretty face. This is good, but the scene before it was great.

We finish up with a little blowjob from mom. Looks like she enjoys eating cum as much as her darling daughter.

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