Radium 2


Radium 2



108 Mins.

Matt Zane Productions


THEMES: Heavy Metal




STARS: Tera Wray, Kristina Rose, Camryn Kiss, Devon, Dana DeArmond


Matt Zane has been doing this rock and roll porn thing for a very long time. His latest reincarnation though seems to be sticking. Blending music with circus acts and then slapping some porn scenes in the middle has apparently won some people over. The format for this movie is very tight. Tera Wray handles interviews with bands that I am sure are well known in some circles and she does so with a sense of style and genuine enthusiasm for the material. There are also music videos that will probably have some of you crying more while leaving other begging for a quicker way to find the mute button. As a piece of heavy metal theater, Radium 2 is great. It’s slickly edited, high energy and interesting even for people who don’t dig the music. The problem is that the sex isn’t as well done. There are four scenes here and while they are perfectly competent and even feature some decent looking girls, they seem like an afterthought. Dana DeArmond pops in for the best scene of the bunch. It isn’t her best ever, but is worth watching. There is some fun in watching Devon work with Tera, but it’s hardly anything to write home about. The thing that disappoints me the most is that Matt Zane is better than this. He can make movies with good sex scenes, this just isn’t one of them. It is a heavy metal video magazine with four forgettable scenes thrown in for good measure. Watch this if you are into the music and lifestyle, but keep a real porn flick nearby for the good stuff.

Kristina Rose

After telling us what kind of metal she likes, Kristina is featured in a gritty, quick-cut tease montage over some screaming metal beats. Mark Zane comes in to kick off the sex and Kristina proves she is a better pleaser than a teaser. Not that it is a great scene or anything. It’s your basic suck and fuck with a girl who moans just a bit too load and a camera that moves too much. They settle in for a long bout of doggy that is pretty easy on the eyes. Their hard strokes match the powerful music so it eventually evens out into something decent. She turns around and takes a decent facial. Not a bad scene, but nothing great to this point.

In between scenes we get a music video and a long interview between Tera and two members of Il Nino.

Dana DeArmond

Dana also loves to fuck to heavy metal because it is fast and aggressive, just the way she likes it. That is exactly how she gets it in this scene. Her black fishnets and boots tell us she is a dirty girl. The way the guy power fucks her pussy drives that point home. She throws her long legs back and has him pounding away on her colon hard enough to make any girl happy. This is some really good anal action including RCA that features Dana slamming her ass down so hard that we have to hope she doesn’t get hurt. If this scene doesn’t wake you up in every sense of the word then you’re in trouble. She takes a very hard anal pounding, gapes for the camera and then eats a big load of cum. That’s the way Dana does it, hard, fast and hot.

After a few long and honestly rather tedious music videos, we watch Matt Zane do his suspension number again. If you have any doubts about the focus of this film, just watch this long segment and just accept that sex takes a back seat to music and side show events.

Camryn Kiss & Rick Masters

Time for another sex scene. Camryn is pretty good looking, but the long segments between has made it tough to feel any sort of sexual flow. That’s probably because the scenes are just random, disconnected and mostly forgettable to begin with. The blowjob is decent and most of the sex matches the hard, loud music in the background. There are good ass shots. I’m just not feeling any spark here. It’s a competent sex scene, but the performers don’t seem all that into it and the way this movie is put together it feels like the sex scenes are afterthoughts thrown in to fill the time between music videos. It kind of makes me wonder why they bothered at all.

Devon & Tera Wray

We might not expect to see Devon in a movie like this, but here she is. She’s a metal chick now who really wants to fuck to metal because it gets her going. Tera takes a break from interviewing bands to fuck Devon. OK so it’s a girl/girl scene for the finale. I guess if you like either of these chicks (which I do) and dig metal-based lesbian sex (not so much) then you can enjoy the final few minutes of this movie. They dress the part and finger each other pretty hard. Tera uses a toy on Devon who still has a nice body and a juicy pussy. Both women provide some decent eye candy, but this scene is just as forgettable as the one before it.

Bonus: More band stuff, music, interviews and stuff.


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