It’s a Mommy Thing 3


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It’s a Mommy Thing 3

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

142 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins

THEMES: Older Women, Revenge Sex, Sybian Sex




STARS: Lisa Ann, Rucca Page, Payton Leigh, Beverly Hillz, Krystal Summers, Brenda James, Kacey Jordan, Mikey Butders, Buck Adams, James Deen


Elegant Angel has been doing pseudo-incest movies forever. While the Mommy/Daddy thing movies aren’t strictly about family love, they do play off of hot role play fun. This line features older women in the mommy role and lots of hot young girls learning the ropes. The exact relationship is often unclear so you can let your own fantasies fill in the details. Lisa Ann is the cover girl and probably the biggest name “mommy” in the flick. She has a hot three-way with Rucca Page and Mikey. She teaches the young couple how to do it right. There is similar instruction when Payton shows Beverly how to love a woman. They team up later for a hot three-way. Brenda and Kacey have a special relationship. The younger blonde hates her mom (or step-mom) and with the help of James, they take advantage of her drinking binges. This is a pretty hot revenge scene with a lot of appeal for people who like drunk chicks. Krystal Summers might be the hottest seasoned performer in this cast. She hooks up with Buck Adams for a wild ride. Overall this is a nicely shot fantasy movie with good role play and better sex. The performers do a good enough job with their lines to accentuate the sex perfectly. If you like older women but find most of the MILF movies lacking you should definitely check this out.

Lisa Ann & Rucca Page and Mikey Butders

Poor Rucca. Her boyfriend has made her very sad by criticizing her oral skills. She confides in mom (Lisa Ann) and she gives him a call. The set up here takes all of a minute, but things are about to get hotter in a hurry. Lisa takes control and teaches Mikey how to instruct her daughter with a gentle hand. As she sucks his cock, she scolds him and asks him to demonstrate his technique on her. Eventually she brings Rucca in and then instructs both of them. The busty young girl is much happier now that her man is working his cock in and out of her pussy slowly. The two women take turns and there are some sexy shots as Lisa rides harder and harder. Rucca ends up fucking her boyfriend hard and then shares a load of ball batter with her mommy.

Beverly Hillz & Payton Leigh

Horny blonde mom Payton uses her Sybian early in the morning. Bev hears the fun and gets turned on. We switch back and forth between mechanical masturbation and finger fun the old fashioned way. The younger girl wants to learn and Payton is only too happy to teach her. She wants to make sure that Bev is wet enough for the machine so she munches on that young pussy like she hasn’t had any for years. I think these women are roommates, but the age difference is still there and we get some great Sybian footage when Beverly mounts up. There is some foot play here as well with Bev sucking on Payton’s toes. Mostly it’s a great chance to watch the cute younger girl shake her tits as she gets off on the mighty vibrating beast.

Krystal Summers & Buck Adams

Old flames Krystal and Buck get together after 20 years. He is ready to fuck right away, but she seems to be hiding something. As it turns out she has some naughty photos with her niece. That just turns Buck on even more and seems to get Krystal’s juices flowing as well. He starts licking her pussy while she holds the pictures close for him to look at. They seem to use the pictures to get each other hot, but that means a lot of talk from Buck. He already talks so much during the blowjob that you might want to hit mute. Krystal is gorgeous and takes him so deep that we really don’t need the running commentary. I swear Buck sounds like he hasn’t had head in twenty years. He rolls her on her back and shows off her strong legs as he pushes them back and fucks her pussy. Buck fucks her hard enough to make the tits bounce as well. They stay in character well and dirty talk their way into some hot anal play. (Just a thumb) Buck cums all over the picture and makes her lick it off. This is a nasty scene, but the main reason to love it is Krystal’s hot body. This woman is everyone’s favorite “mommy.”

Payton Leigh & Beverly Hillz

Beverly is back. This time she stops by to see her boyfriend and watches as Payton shoots a masturbation set. Just watching the action makes her horny so she drops to her knees and starts sucking. Right there where the model can see she bobs her pretty little head and works his knob with her mouth. Later she tells her boyfriend that the model is her roommate and invites the older blonde to join in for some hot three way action. They star with some Sybian fun and then graduate to shared cock sucking. Payton sucks balls while Beverly gags on the cock. The younger girl calls her “mommy” over and over, showing off to prove she is a big girl now. He moves around behind Payton and slams her experienced slit while she licks Bev’s young honey pot. They keep using toys to enhance the fun, but the best footage comes with the girls in 69 while he slams away on that young pussy. The girls finish with a shared facial and a cum swapping kiss.

Brenda James & Kacey Jordan and James Deen

Brenda is having trouble with her precocious daughter and drowns her hardships in vodka. James suggests that they get some shots of Brenda with a cock in her ass to keep her quiet. Kacey is appalled at first, but we know that she can be talked into it. After making out a bit, James leads his cute blonde girlfriend in where her mom is passed out. They spread Brenda’s legs and she barely stirs as Kacey eats pussy. James slides his dick into her mouth and she instinctively sucks on it. Still barely moving, Brenda lies there while the couple fucks on top of her. When James starts fucking Brenda, she stays in character, acting as if she is barely aware of what is going on and reaching for her bottle. Kacey may have been hesitant at first, but she warms up to the idea and enjoys fucking with the older blonde. With Brenda still a bit lethargic, Kacey’s energy carries the scene. To turn up the heat, they bend Brenda over and go anal on her. She opens up and gives us a great anal scene that includes RCA that is exceptionally hot. He finishes off with Kacey on top and shoots a load right up her back. Brenda licks it up an agrees to let her friend stay after all.

Bonus: Trailers, Photo Gallery, BTS, Pop Shot Recap, Bloopers, Before Porn with Brenda James and a Bonus Scene featuring Natasha Nice.

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