Chica Boom 44


Chica Boom 44


105 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures

DIRECTOR: Glenn Baren

THEMES: Latin Women




STARS: Paige Taylor, Camryn Kiss, Melissa Martin, Michelle Avanti, Misti Love, Lee Stone, Tony Tedeschi, Brian Surewood, Claudio Merloni & Justin Syder

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I’ve watched quite a few Kick Ass movies of late. They have been branching into some new and sometimes interesting niches. For this movie, we go back to one of their core line. Along with Barefoot Confidential and Grrl Power, the Chica Boom series is one of the Kick Ass signature creations. As you might expect, it is porn with a latin flavor. In fact, it is one of the very best lines on the market for people who dig chicks talking dirty in Spanish. The set ups are usually cute little excuses to get the girls angry so that they can show off that fiery temper and then finish things off with a big dose of south of the border sex. The girls are mostly newish so we get a chance to see some fresh faces in the mix.

Camryn Kiss (Brazilian) & Lee Stone

Without a word, Camryn gives us a nice long tease that includes plenty of foot shots along with the gentle pussy play. When her scene starts, she confronts her man, Lee Stone. He wants to play the conga drums for her family reunion. They fight and in her frustrations she yells at him in Spanish. To keep the peace she offers him sex for the day if he will leave the drums at home. Good trade and even Lee can see that. He helps her out of her clothes, but she won’t even let him take care of her. Camryn is looking for cock and turns around on her knees to get it. Eventually he gets her to stop sucking and lie down so he can go to work with his tongue on her clit. She opens up and takes his big dick with decent energy, but there is no real niche appeal here. She has stopped speaking Spanish so it’s basically a standard boy/girl romp with a cute girl and decent enthusiasm. I like the cowgirl footage because it shows off her ass and they get into some nice spank play. He finally pulls out and shoots on her face. All is happy at home thanks to some hot Latina sex.

Misti Love (Puerto Rican) & Tony Tedeschi

“I love Vegas” says Misti to no one in particular as she puffs on a cigarette and rubs her naked pussy. Moving into the bathtub, Misti continues the self love session. She soaps up her ass, shakes it for us and then moves on to her soft, natural tits. Tony shows up and shocks the hell out of her. He was playing poker with Misti’s husband who lost her on a bet. At first she refuses, but when she sees that Tony’s cock is twice as big as her man’s, Misti decides to make good on the bet. She puts Tony’s meat in her mouth and works it to full mast. Then she goes to work on his balls, providing us with a nice blowjob, great energy and some hot shots of her tits swaying beneath her body as she inhales cock meat. For someone who wasn’t fully on board at the start, this hot little honey knows how to get the job done. Tony turns her around, has her stick that sexy ass up in the air and then hits home inside of her pretty little pussy. He provides the fucking she needs, rolling her on her side and hitting places that hubby apparently hasn’t been reaching. They finish up with some hot tit fucking and then a pearl necklace. Misti sucks the last few drops out of her his dick and looks happy as can be.

Melissa Martin (Puerto Rican) & Brian Surewood

If Brian wants to be happy with his girl, he has to let her family move in with them. That doesn’t make him happy, but her sweet little holes bring him around in no time. Once she gets her way, Melissa happily parts her thighs and lets him get a good taste of her home cooking. There is too much low-angle footage here, but the blowjob is still worth watching. They keep her busy even as Brian reaches around and starts fingering her pussy. He pulls her on top and pushes her hips down until his cock is buried in her pussy. Melissa eventually takes over and shows that can really move that nicely shaped backside. You can’t help but love the energy in this scene. Melissa is quite vocal and gets slammed harder than one might expect from a girl of her size. Brian spins her face around to the edge of the bed and then unloads a really big load all over her face. Getting a piece of this every day might just be worth sharing your house with a whole bunch of cousins.

Michelle Avanti (Mexican) & Claudio Merloni

The tease on this scene is MTV style with Michelle stripping down, showing off her feet and eventually getting her fingers to work between her legs. Her pussy is nice and smooth and her body looks like it was built for pleasure. After watching her play with herself I’m sure we’re already to see her get railed. Her story starts with a bit of a tantrum. When the new pool guy says the wrong thing about Mexicans, he has to eat his way out of a serious jam. The licking pleases her quickly, but it is the hard cock she’s after. I would love to see a longer BJ from Michelle, but she is too horny and wants to fuck. She gets pretty vocal in reverse cowgirl, but her talk is in English. (Bad? No, but it might take away from the niche appeal.) They also stop after a few strokes to let spray all over the place. RC is not the most figure flattering position for Michelle because she’s soft in the tummy. Cowgirl is much better. It shows off her ass. Better still is the footage of her sucking in between positions. Her face is truly pretty. When they move to spoon we get to watch her tits dance and that brings out some really dirty talk from her. She opens up for the load, but he misses her mouth, hitting her chin and neck instead. There is something very real and totally hot about this girl.

Paige Taylor (Mexican) & Justin Syder

We get another long tease segment with Paige taking off her clothes in the shower. She almost looks like she could be related to the Stevens sisters, but with longer legs and smaller boobs. The tease footage is heavy on the foot play of course and also turns out to be a pretty decent little bout of solo love. There is a lot of ass footage as well. Paige stays in the shower, soaping herself off at the start of her scene. When the guy comes in, he is shocked to find that the gym showers are coed. He can’t help but stare and touch his dick watching this beautiful woman. At first she chastises him for being a pervert, but soon figures out that sucking his dick might be a better idea. Her mouth slides of his meat and makes it disappear. The action is at this end, but we spend a lot of time staring at her ass (and feet) so we lose a bit. They start fucking and she seems a bit disconnected. Doggy first and then reverse cowgirl. We get ready body shots and she moans a lot, but just doesn’t really seem to be doing more than just pumping up and down to get things over with. They switch to cowgirl and we don’t see her face. That seems to hide a bit of energy loss and gives us terrific ass shots as she squat fucks like a champ. Back to the pretty face we go, just in time for the guy to unload all over her lips and tits.

The sex in this volume of Chica Boom is pretty hot even when the girls aren’t talking dirty in Spanish. When the girls are in full Chica Boom mode, the action is just that much better. Kick Ass fans will also be happy to see that there is plenty of foot play in both the tease and the sex. Not enough to scare away the mainstream audience, but enough to keep the foot lovers happy until the next Barefoot Confidential come out. I really like the tease in this movie. It gives us a chance to see the girls’ bodies before the story starts. Misti and Michelle were probably my two favorite girls in this movie. They both bring great heat to the table and I think that Misti’s role play added a lot to her scene. Fans of Chica Boom, hot Latina girls and minor role play will have a really good time with this one.

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