Da Vinci Load 2


DaVinci Load 2



93 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner

THEMES: Students

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Nautica Thorn, Aline, Kissy Kapri, Denise, K, Naomi Cruise, Persia DeCarlo, Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara, James Deen & Evan Stone


I don’t know exactly how I missed the first part of this feature, but I’m not going to wait to get part one before watching this one. Why? Well duh. Nautica Thorn is in it. I’ll watch her do anything and love it. If I have to figure out the first half of a porn feature, I think it is probably a good trade. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jerome Tanner, get ready for a simple little porn feature that will somehow work. He always manages to make something good with decent sex. This time around he is tackling the mess that is the Da Vinci phenomenon. If you aren’t familiar with the book or movie, I won’t even try to outline it here. Just know that Tanner has come up with a porn version that is pretty hysterical and only about has as confusing and nonsensical. He has Evan Stone basically playing the same character he’s played in every movie for the last two year. That wears thin, but we always have Nautica Thorn to fall back on.

Persia DeCarlo & Manuel Ferrara

They enter the room and Persia seems somewhat reluctant to get busy with Manuel. She doesn’t put up much of a fight though. In fact, it only takes a few strokes of his tongue on her clit to have her happily returning the favor. Don’t blink though because they are already fucking just five minutes after the movie began. The sex is well shot so at least we have that to fall back on. He works that big cock right up into her shaved little pussy and any resistance from Persia is a thing of the past. She rides his cock pretty hard for a few more minutes and then takes a load in her mouth. This quick opening scene end with Manuel passing off some sort of super secret decoder to Steve Holmes. Me thinks the game is a foot.

Denise K & Nautica

After enough dialog to confuse just about everyone, Nautica goes searching for a sex toy in the dorm room of one her students. When she is caught, she simply propositions the blonde co-ed and is out of trouble. It is pretty fun to watch a student and professor who are roughly the same age go at it. Of course the real treat is watching Nautica strap one on and give it to her blonde student. They share a double dong, taking opposite ends and putting on hell of a good show.

Nautica & Steve Holmes

In order to keep Steve alive, Nautica has to suck his cock. (Major props to the guy who wrote the script and to Nautica for delivering it in such a way that that it almost makes sense.) What she starts in the car, Nautica finishes off back at home. Steve is still half out of it as the beautiful young woman puts her lips to perfect use on his big cock. Giving just the right amount of eye contact, Nautica does what she can with that monster. I like the way the action is shot and the fact that we don’t race through it quite as fast as we did when Persia was sucking dick. Nautica mounts that big thing and starts working her hips until Steve’s meat has vanished into her tight little hole. There are some really nice ass shots as Nautica screams her way through some fantastic cowgirl. Steve rolls her onto her side and drills deep. This is a very energetic scene and ends perfectly when he drops a big load right into her mouth. Just in case you forgot what a star Nautica is, just watch her here.

Naomi Cruise and Kissy Kapri & James Deen

In order to get the code, a group of women are prepared to torture James until his dad (Evan Stone) tells them what he knows. The two blondes start off and with a double blowjob. One girl takes the balls while the other works the shaft. We are back to a quicker pace and hurry through a three way with two hot looking chicks working James like he’s a rented mule. He stacks them on top of one another and bangs away until they drain his dick.

Aline & Evan Stone

After discovering all of the secrets this confusing mess has to offer, Evan goes right after Aline’s ass. If the secret of live is up there, he is going to find it. He pulls her on top and drives that dick way up into her asshole. Working backwards, he moves from her ass to her pussy during some nicely shot doggy. He shoots his load in her mouth. This isn’t a bad scene, but after what we saw Nautica do, the movie goes way downhill sexually.

Wow this is a funny movie. It’s a complicated story that almost seems to be made up as they go along. They aren’t of course. It’s actually a really well done script. Evan doe his usual Evan stuff and it fits in just fine. Nautica is a little young to be a professor, but I don’t care what role she plays, she is a star and the single best reason to rent or buy this DVD. Her sex scenes are the best and even with all of her clothes on she just screams sex. The only problem with her scene with Holmes is that it outshines the others by such a huge margin that we’re left hanging. Maybe we just needed a finale between Nautica and Evan to really bring things back to the heat we got early in the movie. Overall this is a fun flick that probably goes really well with the first part. Though I missed that one, I got to see Nautica work with Steve Holmes and that scene alone is worth the price of a rental.


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