Amazonian Dreams (Woodman)



Amazonian Dreams


130 Mins.

Woodman Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Bikini Babes




STARS: Caylian Curtis, Roxy Panther, Zafira Klass, Barbie Banks, Druuna Diva, Ariel , Marcia, Mona Liza & Natasha


As most of us already know, Pierre Woodman I one of the greatest porn directors in history. He was the man behind the camera when Private made the bet porn in the world. Now he has his own line distributed by Ninn Worx and it looks as if Woodman is up to his old tricks. He has a cast full of lovely women and turns them loose outdoors. That can be a great thing so long as the director is able to get the women to perform in sometimes less than comfortable surroundings. That never seems to be a problem for Woodman. In fact, the biggest problem I can see early on is that the cast ID is painfully poor. It might be nice to know who these women are in case we want to see them again. It might also be nice as a way to relieve my already painful over-use of pronouns.

Roxy Panther and her man are walking down the beach when they stop for a quick fuck. She looks delicious so he drops right to the sand and starts licking her shaved lips. Roxy is a pretty girl who also seems to enjoy sucking some dick right there on the beach. You have to love the way she flicks her tongue over his balls with hummingbird-like quickness. We keep cutting away to an awesome blonde walking up the beach, but the action back near the water is top notch. With the blonde woman now watching, they get into some good reverse cowgirl and then some incredibly spirited spoon. The action is shot hot that the blonde whips out a cucumber and starts rubbing it all over her twat. That’s some pretty hot stuff even if it takes us away from some really good interracial doggy on the beach. Not content with just waxing the cuke, the blonde bends over and work that big thing right into her little asshole. Back on the beach, the guy paints his partner’s face with a nice load of sticky wet love.

Another couple strolls down the beach and stops just long enough to have some fun. She has a long white skirt on so he is able to do some serious exploring up underneath the billowy fabric. They don’t seem bothered by the sand at all and she stuffs his cock right into her mouth. Getting down to some serious sex on the beach they go at it pretty hard. There is no distraction this time and her shaved little pussy looks really good as they spoon. He shoots a good load on her face. This is a solid scene, but there just isn’t as much going on as their was in the opener.

Now it’s time for two girl at once. Sticking with the themes of the movie, they are gorgeous and dressed for the beach as they hook up with a couple of lucky dudes at poolside. The action moves back and forth between the couples, giving us plenty of eye candy and some decent energy at each stop. They even come together for a little mini-orgy that allows for better shots of the action. I love the girl with the lighter hair. She is quite energetic and seems to handle the anal action really well. Her friend watches during a short, but intense round of DP. Learning her lessons well, the dark haired girl also gets double stuffed and ends up wearing both loads of cum on her smooth skin and pretty face.

The next couple aren’t next to the water, but the girl is still in a nice little bikini. The pigtailed blonde has a nice tan and a really flat ass. The cock is a bit big for her mouth so she focuses on the head and moans loudly around it. They get down on the ground which just doesn’t look that comfortable. The grass is all dried out and dead. That has to seriously itch. At least the guy has a pretty girl riding his dick to take his mind off of that issue. They both work their knees during some doggy that quickly turns to anal when he slides his meat between her cheeks. They end this one with a nice facial.

Taking a break from a hot day on their boat, a couple of friends share a hot chick. She is the girlfriend of one of the guys, but happily sucks both cocks without question. They find a way to maneuver around on the mall boat and get her riding cock with pretty hard strokes. Even though it can’t be all that comfortable in the tiny boat, the threesome manage a scene that looks good and provides a considerable amount of strokeable smut. They have to pull the boat all the way out of the water to get stable enough to drill her ass. The DP I nice, but I prefer the standing doggy shots where she is getting rammed from behind. The guys try to cool her off by spraying their cum all over her face. Maybe it isn’t the way to cool off in the heat, but it sure beats any method I can think of to forget about the midday sun.

For the big finale we get a little swing and swap action. A couple shows up at a beach hut and the guy instantly shares his busty babe with his new friend. A gorgeous brunette watches as her man stuffs the other girl’s mouth with dick. It doesn’t take them long to get both girls involved in the action. She gets her pussy eaten and then returns to watching. The other girl stays busy with both cocks during some great looking DP. Most of the attention is on the busty girl and that isn’t bad, but the gorgeous girl in the background is distracting me. Everyone comes together for a while and then the guys shoot big loads onto her face and tits. The main girl is cute, but the real treasure is the one who mostly sat things out.

This is exactly what we would hope for from Pierre Woodman. It is a well shot sex movie packed with beautiful women. It isn’t a big feature like he shot for Private, but is certainly looks good. I love the outdoor settings and the water is a great addition as well. The dubbing is rather laughable, but other than that what do we have to complain about? Hot sex, pretty girls, anal action, DP, bikinis, facials and a hot blonde fucking herself with a cucumber. This is a slick looking, simple stroke flick that proves that hot sex can be eye candy without having to be soft.

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