I’m a Cheerleader So Bang Me

I’m a Cheerleader So Bang Me


100 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures


DIRECTOR: Glenn Barren

THEMES: Cheerleaders




STARS: Stacie Jordan, Paulina James, Rachell Ann, Presley Maddox, Jessica Sweet, Lee Stone,
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So it’s simple folks. Cheerleaders are hot. We all know it even if we don’t always talk about it. Kick Ass knows it and they aren’t afraid to give us what we want. This looks like a Teen or Grrl Power comp or at least a niche specific version of one of those lines. It has the familiar letter writing style with cute girls solving problems by fucking. Great backdrop for porn that only gets better when you throw in some cheerleader action to crank up the heat. OK so maybe I’m biased on this. I like the uniforms and the tease appeal of a good cheerleader movie is hard for me to resist. We just don’t see enough of them these days. You usually have to go to the web to find good cheerleader porn. Perhaps Kick Ass can give us something to feed our craving for hot girls in short skirts and tight sweaters.

Paulina James & Lee Stone

When cheerleader Paulina James gets busted in Utah for cheering, she has to get herself out of jail by using her feminine wiles to make him see things her way. She does her routine for him and it starts with a basic lap dance. Hmmm, a hot girl in a cheer uniform giving a lap dance? As Paulina helps herself out of her uniform she shows him a body that he just can’t resist. He finds her pussy to be quite delicious and knows that she can take care of things orally no matter how big he is. This is a really good blowjob and would be even better if it was longer. Lee pulls her on top of his big cock and tests out a little cheer-vag. Spreading her legs wide for the reverse cowgirl, she work her hips and shows off her athletic training. Who says cheerleading isn’t a sport? Just look at the way she bends her body back around his as they do some standing doggy while she balances on one foot. That’s some serious talent and athletic ability. Paulina also shows that she can take it nice and deep when he gets on top for a while. The warden agrees to let her go only after dropping his DNA on her pretty face. Nice start.

Rachell Ann & Brian Surewood

Short on cash, Rachell becomes a freelance cheerleader for hire. (I think I have just died and gone to perv heaven.) Brian tries to hire her to go cheer on Hezbollah (seriously) but she opts for a more direct and less anti-Semitic way to cheer us all up. Brian doesn’t leave her in her uniform for very long, choosing to play with her naked flesh instead. Can’t blame him for that. Rachell has a nice set of knocker hidden inside of that uniform. She tries her best to suck his big cock and looks pretty good doing it. There just isn’t the same spark in this scene. That may have more to do with how good Paulina was rather than an indication of anything wrong with Rachell. She keeps one hand between her legs while she sucks, rubbing her clit and also kind of shielding her belly from the camera. This isn’t really necessary in more figure friendly positions for Rachell. On her back she is able to just lean back and enjoy it. This girl doesn’t really look very cheerleader-like and it’s a good thing she knows how to use a trimmer. That bush looks like it could hide a whole family of Guatemalan migrant workers if she doesn’t keep it under control. Brian manages to jerk a load onto his face. This scene might have fit the title better has they left the uniform on this girl.

Stacie Jordan & Andrew Andretti

Little Stacie looks like a cheerleader and that’s a good start. She wants to be a soccer cheerleader, but of course there is no such thing. (Of course not, there is nothing to bloody cheer for.) Stacie goes to work convincing a greasy Euro soccer player that his squad really needs a cheerleader to keep their spirits up. He may not be able to use his hand to manipulate any ball other than his owns, but at least he understands that a hot girl in a short skirt is nothing to throw away. He helps her out of the uniform and makes a meal out of her tight little twat. We still don’t know if Stacie can cheer, but she is a pretty decent little cock sucker. She looks lovely in reverse cowgirl as she takes every inch. The body look great and she has clearly been working hard at her craft. I think that this would have been a good scene for some skirt-on action just because Stacie is so perfectly cast. She gets fucked just hard enough to keep those pert boobies shaking with every stroke. For the big finale, Stacie gets into position for a shot right between her own personal goalposts. If this were a real soccer game, this single score would pretty much signal the end of the game.

Jessica & Nathan Threat

Hey look, it’ Britney Rears. Young Jessica is a cheerleader for her Bible college. Her daddy doesn’t much like “them darkies” so she wants to make sure that her squad wins on Saturday. The best way to make that happen is to head across town and offer up her sweet white cherry to the black quarterback. He likes her big tits and she adoringly sucks on his big prick. The camera moves a little more than it probably should during the blowjob and Jessica tries to ruin things by quagging. Somehow she holds back enough and we actually get the best blowjob of the movie. Even the low angle stuff is pretty good since her big swaying tits are right there at the center of these shots. Jessica mounts the dick and certainly doesn’t ride like a virgin. She holds on for dear life as he drills for gold up in that tight white snatch. Her energy is pretty good and Jessica is quite skilled at talking from start to finish as she gets filled with meat. This is a very solid scene capped up with a great facial. More cheer uniform appeal might have helped, but you have to love those big natural tits Jessica has on display for us.

Presley Maddox & Brandon Iron

Our last cheerleader is a tattooed little babe who suddenly regrets her ink. She goes to Dr. Brandon to get her stars removed. He is happy to give her a fresh start and a clean slate, but Presley is short on cash. No matter, she comes back in a cheer uniform and that’s all it takes. Ink or no ink, this girl is hot. Presley has the kind of ass that looks great in or out of a skirt and Brandon certainly can appreciate a set of cheeks this perfect. She doesn’t show off any cheer skills, but does a great job sucking that big cock. You just have to love a girl who knows how to work it. Our plucky girl finds a way to show off her skills in reverse cowgirl, waxing that pole and showing Brandon that she is motivated on every level. This is one of the best overall scenes in the movie and Brandon even gets to do some target practice when he busts his nut.

This movie has some pretty good action, especially if you like cheerleaders. It could use a bit more uniform footage I suppose. Most of the girls lose the skirts quickly and get down to the sex. That’s perfectly fine of course, but doesn’t make the most out of the fetish potential. It is the girls who steal the show rather than the uniform. Paulina plays her role perfectly and handles Lee Stone’s mighty sword really well. Stacie look and acts like a perfect cheerleader and gives us plenty of reason to stroke like mad. Jessica/Britney adds some hot role play and interracial sex to the mix. There is something fun and sexy about this girl so he is perfect for this movie. I think that it is time for Kick Ass to kick off a line. How about Cheerleader Power?

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