Screamin’ For Semen 2



Screamin For Semen 2


150 Mins.

3rd Degree

DIRECTOR: Chris Streams

THEMES: Anal Sex, Internal Cumshots




STARS: Monica Mattos, Aurora Snow, Kelly Wells, Alexis Silver, Danielle Derek, James Deen, Steven French, Mark Ashley, Chris Streams, Franco Roccaforte, Mick Blue, David Perry, Mark Davis & Mr. Pete


Though the title doesn’t make it entirely clear, this is a cream pie movie. It’s not 100% though so some of you will want to back up before automatically grabbing this title. Many of the shots are deep inside, but some of them end up faces or mouths instead. For my money, what happens before the pop shot is even more important than where the cream ends up. Frankly if it ends up anywhere near Aurora Snow at the end of a great scene then I am happy as can be. It’s good to see her back, looking great and doing the kind of awesome anal scenes that made her a superstar in the first place. She is joined by plenty of quality sperm deposit centers for this mostly internal adventure. I would talk more about them, but I just want to see Aurora get fucked. Is everyone OK with that?

Danielle Derek & Mark Ashley

If you like painfully thin, very tan women with humongous fake hooters, then Danielle is going to come strutting right out of your dreams and onto your screen. During the tease she shows off her spindly legs and bounces those comical melons as she begs for cock. Enter Mark Ashley with his big hard on for her to play with. He holds her head and fucks her mouth for a bit, barely getting half of his meat in there. That dick looks as big around as her thighs and it stretches her pussy with every stroke. There is decent energy here, but some of the angles really aren’t very figure flattering. Danielle is so skinny and her implants have some serious rippling. These things can be hidden of course, but there is no attempt to do so here. It just doesn’t show her off in the best possible way. Her energy is pretty good and I am sure that some of you will find plenty to stroke over here. Mark takes her to the stairs where he eases his dick right into her little ass. Once she has a chance to get used to it, Danielle mounts and talks dirty while he rams his meat up inside of her. He leaves his seed deep inside her body and then things get really strange. Danielle spreads her legs and the camera gets close enough to make her genital region look like something from that alien autopsy video. In her desperate attempt to push every drop of cum from her body (Way to score intimacy points) it looks like her fucking uterus is ready to pop out. I swear someone edited in footage of a woman expelling afterbirth just to fuck with us. Excuse me won’t you. I have to go cancel a lunch order. Still hungry for some cum (You should have thought of that before you wasted it) she goes after the camera guy for some POV blowjob footage. Other than some silly fake gagging, Danielle does a pretty good job here. She even gets her big tits into action, squeezing them around his cock before opening wide for a big shot.

Monica Mattos & David Perry and Franco Roccoforte

Sexy Monica has that Latin fire that we crave and the great ass that we love. She gives some decent tease and then has her pussy played with from behind the camera. It takes two dicks to keep this girl happy and she handles them beautifully. After some impressive deep throat, she really turns up the heat as she fucks. Perry slams away at her pussy and Monica seems to need even more. Love the tan lines on her beautiful breasts too, perfect timing with beach weather now upon us. Since she so clearly needs more cock, the guys pop on in each lower opening and let her drop down between them for some hot DP. There is crazy energy in this scene and that overrides any problems that might be here. Monica fucks like she means it and the guys do just enough to keep her going without getting in the way. It doesn’t seem to matter how many cocks are fucking her, she just has fun and wants more. One load ends up in her pussy while she eats the second. Even without the POV blowjob, this one really blows away the opener.

Alexis Silver & Mr. Pete and Mark Davis

I love Alexis and I really dig her big tits. She gives us some nice tease with those massive melons barely held in by her fishnet wardrobe. Making her way down the stairs and to the couch, she greets Mr. Pete with a smile and a blowjob. (Take notes ladies. As greetings go, this beats the fuck out of “Did you remember to pick up the dry cleaning?”) Almost immediately Mark Davis joins the fun, giving the dirty girl two hard pricks to munch on. She uses both hands and her mouth to keep both guys quite happy. Mark stands her up and fucks that pussy, making her heavy bags sway underneath as he tries to bottom out inside of her. The eye candy is great for tit lovers her. Davis seems quite impressed when the guys switch places and Alexis focuses her oral skills on his cock while Pete slams her from behind. Alexis is one of porn’s hottest talkers so you know she is going to break out that talent along the way. During some one on one time with Pete, Alexis rides him so hard that her tits are literally smacking her own chin with every stroke. Davis comes back for the finish and once again one goes inside of her while the other hits her face. Alexis is exhausting and so much fun to watch.

Aurora Snow & Mr. Pete and James Deen

Aurora is back, looking better than ever and ready to get some cock. Of course she is also ready to perfect the art of quagging which in many ways she helped bring to the scene a few years ago. As much as I love the sight of Aurora going to town, I wish she would just can the throat noises. She’s much better than this. It gets better when she starts riding dick and providing us with great ass shots. In almost no time at all she is on her side with a cock up her ass. Aurora takes it rather easily back there and eventually moves on top for some DP. The only thing she can do with her mouth now it talk dirty and she does so very, very well. She really looks good in this scene and quagging or no quagging, her energy level is right up there where we want it. Check out the squat fucking anal in cowgirl. That is a great ass, but even better, that is brilliantly shot anal sex. They drill her ass long and hard enough to make her gape huge for the camera. Pete finishes off with a shot in her pussy while James goes for the mouth. Aurora swallows that seed while Pete’s little guys dribble out onto the couch.

Kelly Wells

For a finale, things couldn’t get much more anti-climactic for me. Kelly Wells just never seem to bring much to the table. She’s the poster child for disaffected prick cushions and usually comes off about as hot as a can of compressed air after extended use. Her over the top dirty talk about her “whore ass” and the near fisting at the start have me bored already. She does say that she loves “cruelty” so I’m sure she enjoys the fact that sitting through the rest of this scene is nothing short of torture. This is where my job really becomes work. He shoves four fingers from each hand into her holes, stretching her out and making me wonder if I have confirmed my vacation reservations for later this month. Checking that travel web site is considerably hotter than listening to her gag her way through a heat free three-way with a couple of V-cowboys. They have names, but they are simply here to stick chemically enhanced body parts into Kelly’s holes while she attempts to appear remotely interested in anything other than collecting a chick. To be honest, this has as much to do with sexual desire as a Discovery Channel documentary. Monkeys fuck for procreation, these people fuck for cash money. It has as much to do with fantasy as it does global macroeconomics and financial trends
. Sorry, do I seem down on this scene? Only because it’s a waste of time. Kelly is not a bad looking woman at all, but she has that dead look in her eyes that makes her overwrought porno chick act all the more unrealistic. Of course it sets up the hideous internal anal to cum expulsion ending perfectly. Damn, isn’t there a Discovery Channel documentary I can watch?

There are some highlights here and some lowlights. Clearly more high if you’re into cream pies and more low if you find them to be boring freak show fodder. I still don’t quite get the title. While everyone was enthusiastic and vocal, there wasn’t any real screaming to be heard. There is a lot of hot sex, a good number of internal anal pop shots and a few scenes that are really worth checking out. The first and last scenes of the movie are the worst examples of what this movie has to offer. There are layers and layers of porno stuff that we have to fight through just to get to some good sex. Monica, Alexis and Aurora save the day. As much as I love Aurora, Monica may have the very best scene of the movie. She looks fantastic and is just on fire for big cock. Alexis handles two at once and does a fine job of it. Aurora could use a little less quagging, but she is still a superstar. It is great to see her back in this short of ball busting anal scene. Overall I liked the movie quite a bit. If you enjoy internal shots then you will like it even more than I did.

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