POV Fantasy 7


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POV Fantasy 7


172 Mins.

New Sensations



DIRECTOR: Brother Love

THEMES: POV, Costumes, Role Play




STARS: Bree Olson, Nautica Thorn, Natasha Nice, Melissa Lauren, Nicara & Brother Love


When Brother Love isn’t shooting one of the countless Shane Diesel lines, he is cashing in on the best part of being a porn director; the POV line. Why else would someone start shooting porn these days? Seriously, you pick up a camera and the next thing you know you’re hiring girls to work at the business end of your stick. In Brother Love‘s case, it means he gets to dress up some of his favorite girls and then let them abuse his cock and balls. Actually we can hope that he keeps that to a minimum because that stuff can be downright scary. Nothing scary about the girls in this movie. Brother Love always seems to pick very sexy women who really do make fantasies come true. This time around he has Nautica Thorn, Natasha Nice, Bree Olson and others on hand for his special brand of POV tease, role play and hot action.

Natasha Nice (That 70’s Girl)

I’m not sure if this girl is really a 70’s chick or not. She has a colorful dress, but that bullet bra and those cat glasses really look more like something from the early 60’s. At any rate, busty Natasha is having trouble in school and gets all dressed up for a private meeting with Professor Love. He is shocked to find that her parents aren’t home and offers some token resistance. Eventually he agrees to fix her grades because she is being so nice to his cock. (They mix the high school and college lingo up quite a bit here.) His dick fits nicely between her huge tits as she sucks the head of his prick. She gets on top and rides him while sucking her own nipples. Showing good energy, she adds some real heat to the mix. She turns around to show off her ass during cowgirl, but the action is definitely better in this scene when we can look at her pretty eyes or stare at those massive mams. They finish with tit fucking and Brother Love shoots a big load right on the underside of her chin.

Bree Olson (Sexy Maid)

Bree has a big job to do for Brother Love and she isn’t exactly dressed like a sexy maid. When she spills water all over herself, she figures it would be best to throw her clothes in the dryer since she’s in the house all alone. Bree finishes up the cleaning with just her panties and a big apron on. Eventually that gets wet as well and as luck would have it, Brother Love shows up when she’s nearly naked. They end the hilarious mishap in true porn fashion, by fucking. Bree doesn’t need a costume to be a sexy maid. She looks so good down on her knees sucking cock that she is probably earning a pay raise with every stroke between her lovely lips. He bends her over and fucks her from behind over the bathtub, working her pussy as she shows off her ass. There is a bit of face fucking before they find a nice counter that makes mish nice and easy. Bree adds some serious dirty talk to the mix as she rides hard on his cock. This isn’t her best scene to date, but she is so fucking hot that even an average Bree scene is going to be worth a look. The anal action is pretty damn good and you can easily see why Bree is such a fan favorite right now. The scene drags, lingers and fades quickly when they go for the freak show anal cream pie. He has a second load, but by now the ship has already sunk.

Nautica Thorn (The Desperate Housewife)

Nautica is married a brilliant rich dude who she never fucks. During the tease you can see why. Wow, what a dork. He looks like a fucking porn critic or…..wait; did I say that out loud? When he leaves for work, she sits down to do an interview about how and why she cheats on her husband. She is at home in front of the camera and gives some convincing answers. They move the interview outside and when she slips out of her clothes, things get even more interesting. She wants what he has in his pants and goes right after it. What we have now is a POV blowjob from Nautica Thorn. What could be better than that? Up to the bedroom we go, following her as she struts naked up the stairs. During some intense POV oral action, she gets rough with his balls. This of course is something Brother Love enjoys, but it may make some of you wince. Nautica is a great tease and turns in what is easily the best scene of the movie even before she starts fucking. He settles in behind for some hot doggy as Nautica pushes her pretty ass back to take every inch. In addition to the extreme eye candy she provides, Nautica has great energy and plays the slutty wife role to perfection. They go for the oral popshot with Nautica drooling his load back onto his dick as she hurries him out of her house.

Nicara (The Punk Bitch)

This girl has an interesting hook. She’s a virgin, but only in the pussy. With her hair done up in a spiked Mohawk, Nicara looks pretty scary and talks tough. She also sucks cock like someone who has spent most of her post-puberty years practicing for this very career. This kind of girl is bound to do tons of damage to his balls, but that is exactly what Brother Love wants. He wants her to bite his dick and smack his sack around. When Nicara is done with that, she drops her big ass down around his cock and starts pumping up and down. Her back door is far from cherry and she shows her great anal skills during a very enthusiastic round of anal cowgirl. Since he has to ‘settle’ for the booty, Brother Love makes good use of her full cheeks and tight rosebud. They finish with some tit fucking and a big load on her luscious jugs. Nicara licks cream from her nipples and once again proclaims that the pussy is off limits. Somehow I think we’ll manage with the tits the mouth and the ass.

Melissa Lauren (The Vampire)

This final scen
e takes forever to get going. I think that Brother Love was going for a few laughs, but it just ends up feeling like some stoned friends making a goofy video. Eventually it gets interesting and we do have a mini-horror movie, but I stopped being interested five minutes into the babbling. Melissa Lauren eventually ends the non-sex action and gets her hot mouth around some hard cock. She even has the fangs on so Brother Love gets plenty of sharp teeth action to keep him happy. They actually prevent her from going very deep, so there is no fake gagging to worry about. I love the way she stays in character and you should definitely sit through the long build up to get to a very hot BJ. She turns around and gives him just the kind of abuse that Brother Love loves. This is a really sexy scene and one of the best I have seen from Melissa in a long time. Considering how long it took us to get to the action, the fact that the scene seems short is rather tragic. She takes the load in her mouth and then kills him of course. Melissa is a vampire after all.

Bonus Material: Pick Your Pleasure, Bonus Scene (Sara Stone from POV Fantasy 5), Model Gallery, Trailers, Company Info & Web Info. Nothing special here other than a great POV bonus scene.

If you are a fan of this series, then POV Fantasy 7 is another solid effort. It was probably smart to throw the final scene in at the end. Not because it’s bad by any means. The action is very hot. I even liked much of the set up. The problem is that it’s just too long and is at least half annoying filler. It is also the biggest departure from the line. I found it ambitious, but overdone. The rest of the action is pure POV Fantasy. Nautica as the housewife is very hot. (Nautica as ANYTHING is very sexy) I like Nicara and thought that they blended her special sexual limits in there well. Melissa was great as a vampire. Natasha Nice earns her extra credit in a great way. Bree is so sexy she can come clean my house any time. Fans of POV with the added fantasy factor will love this and should probably start saving up for the next volume as soon as possible.

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