Seymore Butts: I’ll Toss Your Salad If You Butter My Buns


I’ll Toss Your Salad If You Butter My Buns


143 Mins.

Seymore Butts Home Moves

DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts

THEMES: Anal Sex,




STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Mari Possa, Kurt Lockwood, Trent Tesoro, Sinamon Love, Flower Tucci, Alana Evans, Michelle B, Jessica Darlin, Ava Vincent


It has been a while since I have reviewed a Seymore movie so I was hoping this was something new. No such luck guys. Jessica Darlin is not back. Ava Vincent and Alana Evans are not giving up their asses for Seymore again. This is a collection of Seymore‘s best anal scenes with a twist. The focus of his movies is almost always anal sex, but this one is special. These scenes feature girls who not only take it up the ass, but also tongue man-ass. I’m not a huge fan of man-ass personally. I’m funny that way. I like women and watching them bury their pretty faces between hairy man cheeks just doesn’t do much for me. If it turns your crank, then you will definitely want to check out the action that follows.

Jessica Darlin, Ava Vincent & Kurt Lockwood

Only at Seymore‘s can a game of air hockey between two hot blondes turn into an anal fuck fest. Kurt and Seymore walk in on Ava as Jessica has her face buried between her thighs. Not about to break the rhythm Kurt sits down to watch while Seymore shoots the action. Eventually they tire of the veggie fest and decide to share Kurt’s cock. The camera captures the action from the floor, giving us a very unflattering angle of Kurt’s nuts. Things pick up quite a bit when Ava does under to lick ass while Kurt grabs Jessica’s hair. He fucks her mouth. Since we have seen her handle some truly big cocks, this just comes off as a bit silly. There is some footage later that should look great. Jessica has the head of Kurt’s dick in her mouth while Ava licks the shaft. It would be fantastic if his sack wasn’t the center of the shot again. We are used seeing Jessica hot scenes, but Ava gets right in there and shows a nasty side to her sexuality. Jess gets up for some anal sex, easily opening her back door for Kurt’s thrusting rod. It is more of a challenge for Ava, but even she turns in a good A scene here. I love the piledriver here. Jessica hooks her feet over her head and takes everything Kurt has with ease. The girls share a load of cum with a very hot swapping finish. This is a solid anal scene and another reminder that Jessica Darlin was a freaking star.

Mari Possa, Lauren Phoenix & Trent

The girls come home looking for a guy. Seymore tells them that Trent is upstairs and that’s all it takes. When they find him in the shower, Mari starts lathering up his lucky prick. They turn him around and start working on his ass. Since they are going to eat the butt, the girls want it nice and clean. First they wash him and then shave Trent. OK, this just isn’t hot porn. Who wants to stare at Trent’s ass for this long? Lauren goes after that freshly cleaned man ass, licking it while Mari strokes his cock in her tightly clenched fist. He seems to enjoy the feeling of one mouth on his junk and another working his trunk. When Lauren moves up to his face, Trent munches her lips while Mari buries her pretty face between his cheeks. Once all the salad tossing is finished, he has enough in him to slam his prick into Lauren’s waiting slit. Waiting patiently for her turn, Mari licks ass so long that her own sphincter must be just dying for some attention. She gets on top and spreads those pretty little cheeks while his cock goes right up her ass. I love watching this little babe do her thing on top of a hard dick. Lauren isn’t going to let Mari have all the fun though. We have all seen what this hot blonde can do. She pumps her thighs and does RCA like she was born for it. The anal sex from both women is fantastic and they eat cum at the end. This scene is well worth checking out.

Sinamon Love, Flower Tucci & Tom Byron

This is already underway when we join. Tom I balls deep in Sinamon’s pussy and is just dying for a taste whenever he comes out. The girls change positions and Tom just goes from mouth to pussy with ease. After the first two scenes, this one feels a little flat. The energy level just isn’t as high. Flower has a great ass and does her best, but it just doesn’t rise to the occasion like some of the others. The girls stop fucking and give Tom’s dick some oral attention. When they aren’t sucking, they are busy licking ass. His butt even gets some finger play and that seems to thrill Tom to no end. Even when Sinamon is riding his dick, Tom enjoys Flower’s fingers working his prostate. Flower does some really good RCA that brings the heat level way up. With Flower’s pussy ‘squirting’ everywhere, this becomes a very wet and quite messy double ass fuck before it’s over. They share the load at the end. This isn’t bad, but the other scenes are a bit hotter.

Alana Evans, Michelle B & Kurt Lockwood

This time around Kurt gets his dick wet inside of a couple of blondes. They also focus on his shitter, working it with tongues as they stroke his dick. When Michelle effortlessly deep throats Kurt’s dick, Alana tongue fucks his ass. I know that man-ass play is the focus of this compilation, but I really don’t need to see this much of Kurt’s colon in porn that I’m supposed to jerk off to. When they actually focus on the fucking, it is pretty good. Michelle is very easy on the eyes and somehow manages to keep up with Alana during even the most intense anal action. When it comes down to butt sex though, few women can do it like Alana. She lies flat, holds her cheeks open and lets Kurt go to town. He has the girls side by side for a while and then helps them lock into a 69 while he keeps busting buns. They have no problem with A2M and gobble up the load like a pair of cum hungry hose beasts. (Nice typecasting here.)

Four scenes, eight girls and four man-asses. That’s all it takes to put together a compilation of Seymore‘s top ass eating scenes. As I stated at the start, this isn’t my favorite niche in the world. I do like the way Seymore blends the ass licking into the action. It isn’t something that they stop and focus on very often. Sure, the girls shaved Trent and that was a little hard to watch. For the most part, these are classic Seymore scenes. That means we get a lot of sexual energy, tons of anal sex and better than average blowjob footage. Alana and Michelle make a very enticing pair in the finale. Ava and Jessica may be the best looking, hottest fucking duo. Mari Possa and Flower Tucci are two of Seymore‘s favorites so naturally they both pop up in this collection. Flower makes her scene worth watching thanks to that big ole booty and her explosive sexual energy. Mari does the shaving thing and once we get past that, she goes a really great job. This girl is so much fun to watch. Her anal action this time is some of her best and well worth a look. More Mari, more hot chick ass and less man-ass would be perfect. Then again it would miss the point of this collection.

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