I Love Big Toys 6



I Love Big Toys 6


120 Mins.

Digital Sin


DIRECTOR: Mario Rossi

THEMES: Solo, Big Toys




STARS: Allie Ray, Clarla G, Renae Cruz, McKenzie Lane, Eva Angelina


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I’m a big fan of good solo scenes. There is just something very sexy about a hot girl fucking herself silly. Maybe it’s just the fact that there is no dude to get in the way that helps. This particular line is a bit of a mix between true solo action and a bit of circus act porn. It is a line dedicated to women working with exceptionally large toys. Even the smallest of the toys used in these movies could break lesser women. The girls work their way up the ladder to some ridiculously huge dildos. I have to wonder if the toy budget in these flicks might actually make them more expensive than some boy/girl lines. After all, what costs more, some average meat puppet, or a few dozen monster sex toys? I think we all know which can do more damage to a tight young pussy. Let’s just hope the girls show some restraint and don’t hurt themselves.

Allie Sin

Our sexy cover girl starts out without any toys at all. She runs her fingers over her nipples and her panty-covered twat. Looking right into the camera, she instructs everyone watching to stroke off while watching her pleasure herself. When the first toy come out, she sucks it and then tries to fit it into her pussy. Compared to the ones to come, it’s modest, but still too much to fit all the way in. With the Kong Dong on display next, Allie is definitely overmatched. The thin looks like her arm, but she fits the head in and does a decent job of acting as if this would be the perfect sized cock for her to really fuck. Just the head stretches her out pretty good, but she keeps her legs high in the air and really gives it a good try. Switching to a big black dildo she goes even deeper and begs us all to cum with her. Hot scene because Allie plays well to the camera.

Clara G

Pretty blonde Clara looks to be ready for the big stuff right away. She talks to the camera a bit as she rubs the fat head of a huge toy on her pussy. It actually fits pretty well during some enthusiastic two-handed pumping. Working up to the kong dong, she still fucks herself pretty hard. I love the way she throws hr legs back to give us the great shots of the penetration. The black one fits pretty well and she pushes it past where it looks like it might split her in two. She grabs it in both hands and jabs herself in the twat like she’s trying to break her pussy. I really like this scene a lot and anyone who likes big toys going fairly deep will love it as well.

Eva Angelina

Eva is gorgeous, period. She looks awesome in any scene and as she fingers her pussy she is just a dream girl. Wearing her glasses, she has that coed look down. Of course most sorority girls are too busy with studying to work a huge toy like this. When the blue toy has been used up, she breaks out a big thick horse looking cock and rubs it all over her wet box. For the penetration she breaks out an even bigger one. It fits deep into her pussy while she uses a vibe on her clit. My friends Eva is a fucking size queen. Wow. She really sells it well and even tries working the fist toy in there. That doesn’t work well for her, but she finishes with the jackrabbit in combination with the big vibe and that sends her right out this world. That really should be enough, but she also takes a long ride on the Sybian for those enjoy this sort of play.


Poor McKenzie has a really tough act to follow. She starts out slowly with some finger action, getting herself all wet and ready to work the toys in. Though she is cute, McKenzie doesn’t generate the same heat that we saw from Eva. In fact the scene is a little boring until she goes into the shower and squats over the kong. That’s pretty damn hot and she saves the scene with this squat fucking alone. By the time she breaks out the big red plug (It goes in her pussy) McKenzie is bouncing away like she couldn’t be happier. Even though this scene started slowly, it finishes strong and gives us plenty to enjoy.

Renae Cruz

Finally we get little Latin hottie Renea. She has her hands down her panties and is going to down even before her clothes are off. Renae is kind of cute with hard, bubble tits and a nice looking ass. She gives herself a serious finger fucking, getting off once before even reaching into her toy chest. Slapping the toy against her pussy, she shows us how wet she already is. That makes it pretty easy to just slip it in and fuck herself hard. What she seems to do best is play to the camera. That’s always a good thing in a solo scene and it makes this one work. That same heat carries over when she throws her legs up in the air and works a few of the bigger toys into her tuna taco. The big climax comes when she fits the head of the big black horse dick into her pussy and then licks it clean.

The bonus material includes a BTS Reel, trailers and a bonus scene from I Love Big Toys 4.

I would imagine that this line has a fairly specific, narrow and dedicated audience. You have to love solo action, you have to dig big toys and you have to expect that most of the girls won’t be able to take all the plastic and rubber cock meat they have on their table. If you like this kind of action, then you probably don’t get it from other movies on the shelf. Big Toys delivers the kind of action you’re looking for and it delivers it with some great looking women to boot.


Read Review of www.NewSensations.com Here

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