Stuff Features Ninn Worx’s Title


Stuff Magazine Features Ninn Worx’s Inside Myself!

October 12th, 2004 (Chatsworth, CA): In Ninn Worx’s Inside Myself, former Ninn Worx contract star Anais plays a woman who receives mysterious phone calls that lead her through a sexual odyssey. Too impatient to watch the whole movie to see how it ends? Then grab the latest issue of Stuff Magazine, where not only is Inside Myself reviewed in a debut feature, but they ” gasp!! ” give away the ending!

“What can I say? I’m glad to see the crossover exposure,” says director Michael Ninn. “Having Inside Myself in a magazine such as Stuff definitely gives it a wider audience, and that’s what I’ve always aimed for with my features.”

In a brand new column entitled “Porn Spoiler,” Stuff aims to review porn so readers can “spend more time with [their] kids.” But not only do they review porn, they give away the ending for those who don’t have the patience or stamina to see it all the way through.

“Inside Myself was the only movie that made people in the office say, ‘Um…can I borrow that?'” says an editor for Stuff Magazine. “Inside Myself is as sexy as it is extremely sexy. From sex to sex, this movie has it all. In fact, if this movie was any hotter, it would be, like, some sort of really, really hot thing. Probably, like, a billion degrees. Sorry if that’s a bad metaphor. I’m new.”

Shot earlier this year, Inside Myself also features the talents of Mia Smiles, Nikita Denise, Mario Rossi and Scott Styles. And in true Ninn fashion, the inspiration for the storyline hit the talented director the day of the shoot.

“The way we approached it was done in a way that Anais wouldn’t have to learn lines ” we adlibbed it,” Ninn recalls. “I was the phone caller and I talked to her in a way to try and get her to come out of her shell and get a rise out of her, and the naturalness of the phone conversations were exactly that. I’ve gotten e-mails saying, ‘God she’s a really good actress,’ but it was just Anais being Anais.”

Inside Myself is featured in the October issue of Stuff Magazine on newsstands now!

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