Throb 2


Throb POV 2


145 Mins.

Digital Playground






STARS: Audrey Bitoni, Cayton Caley, Celina Cross, Daisy Marie & Tia Tanaka


Is POV the most popular kind of porn on the market? Or am I just grabbing every title in the genre because I love it so? This is the second Digital Playground POV I’ve seen in a week. I liked the last one, so this one should be along the same lines. Of course, we don’t have Shy Jordan in this movie and that could be a problem. In her place are a very nice collection of five ladies who know how to connect with the camera. Tia Tanaka is one of my favorite girls in the business and Audrey Bitoni is easily one of the hottest rising stars out there. We all know what Daisy Marie can do, so there is no reason to expect that this movie will be any less hot than the Jack’s POV I reviewed a few days ago.

Celina Cross

Celina makes it easy. She shows up at the door asking about video cameras and money. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Celina happily shows off her perky natural breasts and lovely teen ass. For those who like tease, there is more than enough to keep you happy here. Robby interacts with the cute young girl, playing with her tits and ass for a long time. He even has her make him a sandwich before actually getting to the action. (23 minutes in before the blowjob. Too much tease? You tell me.) Once she starts sucking on Scott Nails’ cock, Celina shows what a horny teen in need of cash can really do. As has become custom, Robby holds the camera and does the talking. That still creeps me out and if you watch closely enough you see (and hear) a slight disconnect. The blowjob is great and her body is every bit as hot when she is riding a cock as it was during the tease. In between each position, Celina dutifully sucks her juices from his cock and starts over. In the end she uses both hands to jerk a big load all over her fingers. I think that Celina was perhaps hotter during the tease and then a bit less enthusiastic about the sex. She’s still hot though.

Tia Tanaka

Scott does the voice for this one. He comes home from a trip and tries to pay his sexy house sitter Tia Tanaka. She offers her 19 year old mouth to him for a price and what guy in his right mind is going to turn away from this cutie? Tia shows off her skills on a dildo and provides with perfect tease footage. Eventually the real thing takes the place of plastic cock and we get fantastic POV footage with one of the cutest girls in the business. Tia holds back on the fake gagging that we see from her in gonzo flicks and just flashes the eyes at the camera and mutters some sweet sexy talk as she sucks cock. It’s tough to beat head like this at any price, but Tia adds her pussy to the menu and suddenly we are looking at the bargain of the century. Tia really plays to the camera well and adds a whole lot of fun to a visually stunning POV scene. She hovers over him and slides her tight pussy up and down his dick. It’s tough to decide which shot looks better, the on of her face or the tight shot of her slit waxing his rod. Tia is a smart girl who doesn’t want to get pregnant. That means she wants to eat his load. What could be better than a great shot into Tia‘s pretty mouth?

Cayton Caley

Cayton shows up to deliver a pizza and has to follow Robby upstairs while he gets his money. Since the tips aren’t real good at the pizza place, she is happy to do more than just deliver pies. As it is throughout the movie, the tease here is really fantastic. It is nice to see a young woman who is so very motivated. She pulls his cock out of his pants and start sucking from the balls to the tip. This could easily be a blowjob only scene because she really is that good with her mouth. Instead of that, she gets on top and starts riding pretty hard. The scene actually slows down a bit when she turns around and shows her ass to the camera. She picks up the pace again though, working at full speed before she has to turn around and get some extra sauce on her pretty face.

Audrey Bitoni

We get some hot voyeur tease for the next scene. Audrey can’t keep her hands off of her hot body and we get to watch. After watching her fuck herself for a while, it’s time for the dude to come out of hiding. (She knew he was there the whole time anyway.) Audrey wants that cock in her mouth and looks right into the camera while she takes care of it. The eye contact really makes this scene work, but Audrey has the kind of face you want to jerk off to whether she is looking at the camera or not. He stands her up and lifts the short skirt, putting his cock into her and pumping as hard as he can. The action gets considerably better when she gets on top. That shaved pussy is fantastic and it grips his shaft with every stroke of her busy hips. I like the little schoolgirl uniform so the fact that she keeps it on is just great. It is especially pleasing to the eye during the hot cowgirl session. It really looks like the guy is holding the camera during the mish. If not, then Robby is doing a really good job of simulating the camera movements we get during a genuine POV scene. I already really like Audrey and this scene, including the really hot facial, only makes my lust for her grow.

Daisy Marie

Daisy has on the fantasy nurse costume and she seems as amused as anyone by the absurdity. This actually looks a little bit like a real couple playing dress up. Once she starts sucking, the nervousness is over and she pro-sucks like a champs. Her dirty talk is great, but she’s been doing that gag thing a lot lately. That’s too bad because she has a great face, smacks the cock against is and is becoming one of the best dirty talkers in the game. Like a few other scenes in this movie, this one is hot enough to go oral only. Instead she mounts his cock and gives us some hot cowgirl footage. For those of you who really enjoy the nurse theme, she uses her stethoscope on his while fucking. Big thumbs up for the reverse cowgirl here. Daisy works her hips well, shows off her and looks over her shoulder for great connection with the camera. They roll her over for mish where the can stare into the camera, talk dirty and finally take a big load right on her face.

There just isn’t a bad scene in this whole movie. It’s good POV with a great cast. Can it get an A without Shay? I don’t know. Tia is pretty fucking hot. Audrey is climbing the list. Daisy was hot. Celina was even hotter. Cayton was hot. Getting the picture? The POV footage is good, with a mixture of Robby holding the camera and handing it off to the male talent from time to time. I think that the latter adds that gritty reality to the mix even when the camera is moving. It’s POV, not a feature. The camera work is good on all levels as are the other technical aspects of this movie. There is genuine heat and nice set up. While I missed seeing someone like Shay who just knocks my socks off every time, it would be tough to find a girl in this cast who isn’t easy on the eyes and happy on the cock. If you like well shot POV, put Throb on your list of lines to watch.

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