Jack’s POV 6

Jack’s POV 6



115 Mins

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STARS: Shay Jordan, Kimberly Franklin, Audrey Bitoni, Regan Reese, Shy Love


It seems like every other movie I’ve reviewed lately is a POV title. Nothing wrong with that of course. I like POV sex and am a big fan of the stuff Robby D has done lately. This title has me especially anxious because it has the lovely Shay Jordan on the cover and staring in one of the scenes. That is more than enough to have me ready to go. We’re going to have to get through the other scenes as well, but something tells me that it won’t exactly be a chore. There are some very sexy women about to get end up on the business end of Robby D’s surrogate penis. Since Robby isn’t the one fucking, the camera is usually a little steadier in his POV movies. I’ve actually had debates with people as to whether or not this kind of movie is ‘true’ POV. For my money it is. The angles are the same, the camera work is generally better and who in their right mind wants to see Robby’s dick anyway?

Kimberly Franklin

Kimberly shows up at Jack’s door looking for her friend. He and Scott have no idea who Cindy is, but they aren’t morons (Strike, that, they aren’t complete morons) and they invite her in anyway. As it turns out, she’s a stripper from Canada and that explains the amazing outfit she’s got on. Scott puts the moves on Kimberly, telling her that they own a strip club. She sheds her clothes, but knows how to get a job by using her mouth. After a short blowjob Kimberly lies there and takes it deep. She gets on top and the action picks up quite a bit. In between positions she sucks him clean and slips that thing right back into her body. I’ve always found Kimberly to be a bit hit and miss, but she has great hip action here and fucks like she’s really enjoying herself. They try some tit fucking, but it just sort of proves that not all big tits are good for this sort of activity. She finally just gives up and goes back to sucking. That does the trick and Scott shots his load all over her face and tits. Poor Kimberly doesn’t even get a job for her efforts.

Shy Love

Shy shows up and wants a part in Jack’s music video so bad that she drops right to her knees. This is one of those POV scenes that features Robby talking while someone else gets fucked. Shy is determined to get that role in the video and willing to swallow strange dick to get it. She knows how suck dick, but also knows that it takes more than a blowjob to make it in the world of imaginary music videos. Apparently she has a serious oral fetish because even as her pussy is getting fucked, she reaches out to put Marco’s fingers into her mouth. I like the energy and we get some really good stuff in reverse cowgirl. Shy reaches around and plays with her asshole as she fucks him. They finish with a facial. If Jack ever actually shoots a music video, add Shy to the long list of chicks who have been promised and earned a spot.

Audrey Bitoni

Jack is having some trouble with his uncle’s dog. He needs to hire a dog walker and as soon as Audrey walks through the door, we know that she will have more than just a job. This babe looks pretty amazing at the business end of a big cock. Scott also wants to feel what her other openings are like so he bends her over. (Dude that short skirt on this girl was fucking hot.) Switching to cowgirl we get some face shots and those are good even without the dick in her mouth. Audrey works really well on top, turning around to show off her ass. She looks really good and has the sexual energy to really earn the load he shoots on her.

Regan Reese

Regan shows up at Robby’s complaining about her cheating boyfriend. We all know where this is going. All he has to do is put up with her chatter until she decides to put his dick in her mouth. The tattooed brunette uses her tongue on the head and gets it all wet before putting it into her mouth. Regan isn’t much for sucking, but licks the shaft well and is an expert with her hands. I love her smile though and she connects with the camera in a way that is enough to make her oral skills seem just fine. She turns her ass around to the camera and shows off some of her body art as she drops her pussy down around the hard cock. It doesn’t seem to matter if she is facing the camera or turned away from it, there is ink everywhere. I don’t know, there is just something really fun about this scene even though the fucking seems short. She ends up taking a load on one of the few tiny patches on her body that aren’t covered in ink.

Shay Jordan

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to watch Shay Jordan do her thing. She is a little shy and Jack wants to help her open up in front of the camera. Looking as hot as ever, Shay doesn’t seem to shy as she releases her beautiful breasts. Apparently the key to getting her over her shyness is knowing that guys are turned on by her. (Here, right fucking here!) Once she sees the big hard cock he pulls out of his pants, Shay is ready to go all the way in front of the camera. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous and she works that big dick with her tiny hands as she delivers a stunning blowjob. Sucking dick makes the pretty girl horny enough to strip down, bend over and take it from behind. That gives us a chance to admire her fine ass and legs. By the time she rolls over, Shay has worked up a little bit of a sweat, is breathing heavily and still showing off that perfect body. It’s true I have a massive crush on this beautiful young lady, but I think if you watch her in a scene like this, you’ll agree with me. (Just get in line, I saw her first.) Shay turn around and takes a shot right on her beautiful face. Robby saved the best for last and you can add this scene to the growing list of reasons to fall in love with Shay Jordan.

So what do we think about the semi-POV? It works technically. Since the guys doing the fucking doesn’t have to hold the camera, we get better shots, smoother footage and all the right angles. On the other hand, it is still a little creeping when you think about it. Robby is hanging around near the dudes’ heads and he’s moaning when they pop. I just don’t know how everyone handles that. Though Robby clearly saved the best for last, there are some other hot scenes in this movie. All of them are nicely shot with very little to complain about on the technical end. Many of the scenes more energy than eye candy. Nothing wrong with that of course. Kimberly and Shy no how to work it. They may not be quite as stunning as Shay or Audrey, but they are the sort of girls who make POV sex fun. There is something I really liked about Regan. Not sure I can even put my finger on it, but her smile probably has a lot to do with how much I loved the scene. Audrey’s scene works in part because of the sexy tease and the way she looks sucking dick. Shay’s scene works because…well because it’s Shay Jordan. The next big thing and then some.


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