Sperm Swappers 3


Sperm Swappers 3


115 Mins.

Elegant Angel


DIRECTOR: Mark Ashley

THEMES: Cum Swapping




STARS: Maya Hills, Harmony, Veronica Stone, Richelle Ryan, Kylie Wilde, Alexa Lynn, Aburey Addams, Amber Rayne, Angela Stone & Hailey Young



I remember a good friend of mine talking to me years ago. We had shot a few amateur movies and he had this great idea. He thought it would be a great idea to shoot a whole movie that featured girls swapping cum at the end. Cum kissing, he thought was really something we should be shooting. That line never came about, but ten years later, cum swapping has become a rather popular genre. Elegant Angel’s latest cum kissing flick features a few newish girls, some vets and the always fun to watch Mya Hills. She is here today and gone tomorrow, but whenever she is working, Mya makes her scenes a lot of fun to watch.

Harmony and Mya Hills

Harmony starts out with a long solo session to tease us. Mya joins her and bends over to let the blonde go probing between her lower lips. Right there in the middle of the veggie-fest, Mark Ashley slides into Harmony from behind. Before he can get too used to that pussy, he stands up and pops it right into Mya’s even tigheter ass. The anal is great and Harmony is only too happy to gag on Mark’s dick when it comes out of her young friend’s asshole. Mya offers as much energy as I have ever seen from her in this scene. She keeps up with Harmony stroke for stroke. In fact, she outdoes her pretty friend with some great RCA and by taking the load in her mouth. Since this is a swap flick, the girls share the cream. I am very glad to see Mya back because she is really fucking hot.

Alexis Lynn and Kylie Wilde & Mark Ashley

For this scene we get a pair of twat-hungry blondes who eat each other with great gusto. They are hard at work when Mark shows up to crash the party. The girls don’t mind at all because he’s got a big hard cock to share with them. There isn’t a lot of real heat here. The girls keep playing with each other, but all three performers seem a bit bored. They try acting frantic, but this feels like a scene where people are going through the motions to get to the theme-oriented climax. I can’t even put my finger on what is missing. It just seems flat. At least there is a cum swapping climax for those who dig that aspect.

Aubrey Addams & Amber Rayne

These two women start out with other and everything is pretty good. As soon as the guy comes in they sort of lose it. They start spitting and fake gagging right away. That just kills any heat here. Aubrey gets some back when she starts fucking. There is some good looking action here as she rides in reverse cowgirl. The guy stacks the girls and fucks them both hard from behind. This is a lot better than the last scene and restores my hope just a bit. The sex is hot and they end up with a great swap finish as well.

Angela Stone & Hailey Young

By now we know the drill. The girls open up with a little veggie play. They seem to be having a good time when the guy shows up. The blowjob is once again hard to listen to because of the stupid fake gag shit. Hailey does a pretty nice job with some deep oral action while Angela just shoves her head down and tries to make him take more. That energy continues on as the sexy brunette rides a big cock. There is some of the best sex in this movie during this three-way, but it is still a mostly forgettable scene.

Veronica Stone and Richelle Ryan & Mark Ashley

More of the same here. Some light lesbian play and a whole lot of screaming when the guy shows up. The boisterous girls are decent looking, but the scene just doesn’t connect on any level. The spitting in each other’s mouths and hair pulling just doesn’t really do a whole hell of a lot for me. It just comes across as fake and has very little appeal. Watch it if you like cum swapping, but like the rest of this movie, the sex itself is pretty weak.

This movie just isn’t very good. The cum swap shots are all right and if you really love this kind of ending, then enjoy it. That’s about it though. It isn’t as if the movie is horrible. The girls are all right and some of the sex is OK. It is technically solid, though hardly spectacular. None of the girls blew me away and even Mya wasn’t enough to really make any of the action stand out. It honestly felt like the whole movie was just an excuse to get to the cum swapping finishes. Without really good sex to fall back on, this feels like five short clips to add to a cumshot compilation later and little more. I’m very disappointed because Elegant usually does things better than this.


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