Birtday List Repost By Request


Birthday Post:

MotorHead 420 Writes :

Yo Rog

Last week you mentioned a birthday. Happy Birthday man, whenever it is. Two questions. First, what does a guy like you want for his birthday? You seem to have everything most of us could want. Second, how old are you going to be? I’ve seen a couple of pictures of you on the site. My wife and I have a bet going on your age. If she is closer then she gets a romantic dinner and massage. If I win I get a sloppy blowjob and a beer. I guessed that you’re turning 44 and she guessed 33. So who wins man?

Rog Replies:

Hey MH. Thanks for writing and for the birthday wishes. It’s not until the 17th of October actually so you’re early. What do I want? Wow, I will put together a list just for fun. As for the bet, I would love nothing more than the help you get a nice sloppy blowjob from Mrs. MotorHead I am going to have to disappoint you. 44? Ouch man. Your wife was a bit closer I’m afraid. I will be turning 37 in 13 days. Break out the candles, win and massage oil because you missed by 7 years while she was only 4 years off.

Now on to the birthday wish. (Keep in mind this is kind of tongue in cheek.)

In no particular order.

1. A Contract-Girl group lap dance: How about a trio of lap dancers? Which company though? Digital Playground with Teagan, Jesse Jane and Devon? JKP with Jenna Haze, Haven and Ashton Moore? Wicked with Kaylani Lei, Jessica Drake and Stormy? Sin City with Aurora Snow, Hannah Harper and Shay Sweet. Any of these would do? Any other suggestions?

2. One, just one of the blowjobs owed to me from the past poll winners or runners-up. (That would include Serenity, Jenna Jameson, Taylor Rain, Linda Thoren Aurora Snow or many others.)

3. Some of those hot pussy molds from LVNI so I can try them out and then compare them to real thing in Vegas.

4. World Series tickets for the Angels.

5. The Entire Virtual Sex With and My Plaything collection to replace all of the ones I have loaned out over the years and have never received back.

6. An Autographed Poster/Copy of Guilty Pleasures ?

7. Sexy Rog Rules T Shirt pics of all my favorite PR People. (Yes even you Jason.)

8. Interview confirmations for Vegas with Jules Jordan, Joey Silvera, Kaylani Lei, Quasarman, Stormy, Haven, Mika Tan, Hannah Harper, Jenna Jameson and any one of the Vivid Girls.

9. Someone to finally green light and shoot my pop star gang bang flick. (Zupko? Aurora? Anyone?)

10. Custom Videos from all of my favorites. Does anyone even do those any more?
That’s all I can think of for now. If anyone wants to add some suggestions I will put them up on the site. Be creative, but nice will ya?

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