Miami Maidens 9



Miami Maidens 9


87 Mins.

Platinum Blue Productions

DIRECTOR: Edge Rockwell

THEMES: New Girls, Outdoor Sex




STARS: Charlotte Stokely, Mikey Butders, Daisy Duxxx, Johnny Rod, Lola, Claudio Reis, April, Jay Steele, Veronica & Justin


This is a fun series for people who like new girls. It feels a little bit like a reality-porn web site DVD, but with a few exceptions. We don’t follow anyone out onto the street to watch people pick up girls. Instead they start with a short little interview. The girls are all supposed to be new and some of them perform like it. The only household name in this group is Charlotte. She’s become a darling in the alt-porn world and when she isn’t wasting her talents in that dead from the waist down genre, she does some really good gonzo work. I’m sure she will bring her natural beauty and charm to this movie as well.

Charlotte Stokely & Mikey Butders

We all know that Charlotte is quite a hot little performer, but she was a brand new girl from Florida when she sat down for this one. The interview has some interesting highlights as she discusses her early sexual exploits. Mikey bends her over and enjoys that ass for a while. It always amazes me just how white Charlotte really is. Since she hasn’t made it to Porn Valley yet, she hasn’t learned the stupid quag trick. That’s a plus since it allows us to watch her suck cock without the horrid soundtrack. As instructed, she sucks his balls pretty well. The blowjob should be shot from better angles, but we work with what we have. The angles are better when they start fucking and Charlotte certainly has the kind of ass that we can all love. She doesn’t light things up with energy in this scene. In fact she looks a little bored. Perhaps this scene is what made her so popular with the alt-porn boiz. They seem to enjoy this sort of performance. Eventually he jerks off onto her pretty face. You can see why we love Charlotte in this scene, even if she isn’t at her best.

Daisy Duxxx & Johnny Rod

Daisy is a twenty-four year old hottie from Georgia. I like the interview footage because she seems to be a genuinely sexy woman. They promise her a really big dick and she seems to enjoy sucking on it. This time the blowjob should last longer because Daisy has good skills. Instead they rush to some standing doggy that shows off of her tits well. He flips her over and fucks that tight pussy pretty hard. This is a great angle because Daisy really is a pretty girl with a lot offer. The sex is less than inspired and she just sort of waits while he jerks off onto her face. It isn’t a bad scene and it certainly looks good, but we probably need a bit more energy from the rest of the girls to really make the movie work.

April & Jay Steele

Blonde April is from upstate New York and says that she has never done anything like this before. I don’t see any reason to doubt her. Her clothes come off and she is good looking enough. As soon as Jay starts licking her pussy, she goes wild. There is a short break in her enthusiastic dirty talk while she sucks cock. This is impressive footage that once again gets short-changed. April loves being fucked and screams like she’s trying to wake the neighbors while Jay pounds away on her. Perhaps she hasn’t done the porn thing before, but she knows how to fuck and when he finally jerks his load onto her face, she smiles as if she knows she has done something great.

Lola & Claudio Reis

Lola calls herself a “horny bitch” and says that she gets disappointed when a guy doesn’t cum on her face. She has long pigtails and her glasses on as she talks about her early sexual experiences. This flat chested brunette really does seem horny when she get her first taste of hard cock. I like the balcony setting for the sex because of the view and the semi-public nature of her oral antics. It creates some lighting issues though so we have to take the bad with the good. When he starts hitting from behind, Lola really gets off, pushing back and moaning out like she is just exploding all over that dick. They have good chemistry together and she shows great energy. This reminds me of a really good amateur movie from the old days. Lola has a nice little body, a cute face and fucks like he enjoys herself. The lighting could be better, it is a lot of fun watching this girl go wild on a new dick. She gets that big facial she talked about, jerking him right onto her face and licking up what’s left.

Veronica & Justin

If you love super hot looking blondes, then Veronica is going to drive you crazy. She’s freaking gorgeous and porn for porn. Pure eye candy, she is also a cock hungry girl who happily takes Justin’s meat into her pretty mouth. As we seen more often than not, the blowjob gets cut short and we end up looking at Veronica being eaten for a long time. The light coming in from the window makes it hard to watch. Other than this problem, everything is really good. Veronica is easy on the eyes and really fucks hard. Justin bangs her enough to keep her tits moving in mish, but the real fun comes later. Veronica gets on top and fucks him hard while rubbing her clit. This girl is awesome and I really wish we could have seen her without that bright streak across her body. She makes up for it by begging to taste his cum as she holds her pretty face inches away from his throbbing prick. The great facial at the end really makes the scene and should have anyone who was holding out, shooting right along with Justin.

There are some very cute new girls in this movie and some decent sex as well. I like Charlotte a lot though this is far from her best work. She comes across a bit flat and the guy she is fucking doesn’t really bring out her best. The opposite can be said about Veronica. Her scene is really excellent and she’s a super hottie. Daisy and April are good finds with nice bodies who also turn in good scenes. I found myself really enjoying Lola. She has a great attitude, fucks like her life depends on it and that is what we’re looking for. There are some lighting issues, but as a pro-am title, this one works. It certainly makes me want to vacation in Miami.

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