Stiffer Competition


Stiffer Competition


128 Mins.

Coast to Coast

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Blowjobs




STARS: Katie Gold, Hillary Scott, Adriana Ferrara, Kat Kleavage, Audrey Hollander, Jackie Moore, Alex Divine, Emma Redd, Paris, Eva Ramone, Kayla Quinn, Leah Stevenson, Otto Bauer, Brad Baldwin, Van Damage, Kyle Stone, Herschel Savage, Dick Nasty, Rick Masters, Steve James, Mickey G, Panama Jack, Ryan Knox, Alec Metro, Carlton Banks, Romeo, Joe Taurus, Ernie Salami, Johnny Robot, Kirk Hames, PL, Percey Xpress, Micgue G & Dirty Harry


Many of you reading this are way too young to remember a movie called Stiff Competition or the young blonde hottie who starred in it. Her name was Gina Carrera and though she wasn’t as well-known as some of her contemporaries, many of us remember her fondly. Apparently Jim Powers remembers the movie, because he has basically remade this 1980’s classic. It’s a cool little story about a cock sucking championship and the people who run the sleazy blowjob circuit. I’ve always thought of this movie whenever I saw one of those Pussyman cock sucking championship movies. They seem to have drawn inspiration from the big ring scenes that Stiff Competition brought us. Hillary Scott plays the up and coming cock sucker who will have to work her jaw really hard if she wants to take home the trophy and take down her competition.

Hillary’s man takes her to see a cock sucking contest and as luck would have it, the girl flames out. Stepping up, Hillary gives competitive blowing a try and is, of course, a natural. With the crowd cheering her own, she makes short work of the dick in front of her, deep throating it with ease and showing off the skills that have made her a star. Making a bit splash right away, Hillary seems destined for stardom and that can only lead to trouble in the world of professional cock sucking.

With a new star on the horizon, Otto Bauer has to convince his girl, Patty the Vacuum to get back into competition shape. He is also busy training a new girl, Audrey Hollander. She doesn’t need much prodding and has his meat down her throat before you can say “Spring Training.” Audrey is a great cock sucker herself and she happily trains like a hungry girl in heat. Eventually he slaps her on the face a bit and she gags, but for the most part, this is a nice looking blowjob from one of porn’s most talented babes. It isn’t just a blowjob though. He pulls her onto his cock and lets her fuck him for a while. Since it’s Audrey, you just know that she needs it up the ass. We also know that she will give us an unforgettable anal scene. The sexy redhead drops her cheeks down around his cock and slams him home like she’s ready for anything. In keeping with the theme of the movie, she eats his load at the end.

Hillary wants to be a big star on the circuit and Van Damage is only too happy to train her. We get to watch her slowly undress and show off her whole body to Van’s lustful gaze. You all know that I a huge Hillary Scott fan and even when she forgets what she is doing and reverts back to quagging for a bit (Come on, that isn’t 11 inches in your mouth) she is still super fucking cute. Hillary may be on the cock sucking circuit, but Van knows a great ass when he sees it. He pulls Hillary up and top and we get some fantastic looking RCA. My goodness she has a beautiful body and takes cock in the butt like a true champion. We get a great long anal scene again with Hillary proving the she may be ready to follow in Audrey’s footsteps both on and off screen. (Did someone say Performer of the Year?) She swallows his cum and looks ready for more.

Like any pseudo-sport, cock sucking has a sleazy promoter. In this case it is Alec Metro. When he isn’t tipping the scales in his favor, he is busy holding open try outs for girls who want to make it big. This reverse blowbang features a ton of girls taking turns on his dick until he explodes. Nothing great here, but it is certainly great fantasy material.

When Alec isn’t having new girls suck his dick, he is setting up big matches and helping Otto train Audrey for the big event. She takes on both guys with her usual style. There is some upside-down, Gag Factor blowjob footage for those who enjoy it. I would rather not look at Otto’s balls, but that’s just me. I would rather watch her deep throat and wear big loads and thankfully we do get some of that.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Katie Gold finishes her work out in the gym and wants to munch down on some man meat. She devours cock like few in porn and manages to deep throat without gaggin. She’s also got a hell of a nice ass and shows it off as she bends over to be licked. They seem ready to work up a sweat by quickly moving into standing doggy. Always ready to put on a show, Katie throws her legs up in the air and rubs her clit while he slips it right into her snug shit hole. She takes it deep and still has that sweet look on her face like even she can’t believe she’s such a nasty little thing. This is another great little anal scene that can’t be missed.

When the big suck off is set, everyone wants in. Kyle Stone has a girl he wants in. She greases the wheels with Herschel Savage, showing off her teen body and her well-practiced mouth. He has her do more than suck though, pulling her up for some oddly shot reverse cowgirl that will have a lot of you craning your neck to take in the action. Eventually Kyle gets in there as well and they fuck her from both ends. With all of this action before the contest, one has to wonder if any of the girls will have any energy left.

Katie and Hillary square off in the first semi-final bout. They both attack the cocks before them with a lot of spit, some serious hand action and the sort of determination that one has to admire. (I honestly haven’t seen anyone so enthusiastic to suck someone’s dick since the last time Vic the Brick nearly gave himself whiplash trying to orally worship Kobe Bryant.) Hillary manages to beat Katie by a few strokes and advances to the finals. This sets her up for the inevitable match up with the Vacuum in the finale. Who will win? I can’t tell you that. It would run the story. I just can’t do that to the script writer, it wouldn’t be fair.

This is a nicely made feature with some really great sex scenes. It’s better on that level than the original. Hillary Scott is perfect as the up and coming cock sucker with her eyes on the prize. She shows off her comedic skills as she works her way to the top. The other girls aren’t really given much of a chance to shine. Bringing Ava Ramone out at the end is all right, but Katie probably should have had more screen time. I really enjoyed her Texas Tornado bit and think that it might have been fun to spend more time with Katie. Aw hell, now I’m just getting picky. All of the sex scenes are very good. In addition to the outstanding oral that we should expect from a movie about a blowjob contest, we also get some spectacular anal sex. Hillary, Katie and Audrey give us some stunning back door action. I love the humor, found the training sequences to be really well done and loved the sex. This is just further proof that Jim Powers can do pretty much any kind of movie anyone could want to see.

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