Silent Night

Silent Night


118 Mins.

Ninn Worx

DIRECTOR: Axel Braun

THEMES: Santa Lingerie




STARS: Jassi, Moni Michaels, Melissa Lauren, Haley Paige, Regan Reese, Riley Evans, Scott Nails, Herschel Savage, Jay Lassiter, Sascha


It’s happy holidays time again. Time to trim the trees, hang the stockings and break out the Christmas porn. For Axel Braun, such a movie isn’t much of a stretch. Shooting Ninn Worx allows one to shoot a theme movie and let the sex speak for itself. This is one of those MTV looking movies that takes us from one sex scene to the next with barely a word of dialog between them. He’s also got everyone doing solo tease footage at the start of each scene. I would complain that it fucks up the rhythm a bit, but the fact is, it’s great solo stuff so I’m thrilled to see it. The eye candy factor is very high, but so is the sexual energy. So curl up with the one you love, get comfy under the blanket and enjoy this Yuletide classic from the Ninn Worx team.

Riley Evans & Scott Nails

Pretty girl Riley is a sexy snow bunny with something serious burning between her legs. She keeps busy rubbing her mitten-covered hands on her pussy while Scott Nails watches. The candy factor here is fantastic, but everything is so bright and washed out that you may want to get shades to keep from going snow blind. Right lights aside, Riley is hot enough to melt the snow around them as she slowly works her hips up and down Scott’s long pole. He licks her pussy for a bit before throwing one of her legs up onto his shoulder and plowing her tight little hole. When she bends over to take him in that pussy we get a perfect shot of her being stuffed. Scott rolls her over, takes her for along ride and then sprays her down with hot cream.

Haley Paige

Before the scene even starts, Haley gives us a great solo show. She works her fingers into her pussy and grinds on them like she’s genuinely turned on. This is great footage and we haven’t even gotten to the meat of her scene yet. Haley sits on Santa’s lap and feels something poking her. She knows exactly what to do with that hard shaft and makes Santa’s holiday wishes come true with a stunning blowjob. She gets Santa’s pants off and starts riding his lap, showing off a really well developed backside. Haley turns around and helps guide him right between her cheeks for some hot anal action. Santa loves the booty and bends his naughty girl over to make sure she earns her way onto his nice list. In the end Haley gets a thick load of Santa sauce on her wonderfully full lips.

Jassi & Moni Michaels

Next up is a bit of lesbian fun under the tree between Jassi and Moni. They tease us by staring into the camera and rubbing their clits like they are trying to start a fire. All this heat and this is only the tease sequence. The girls start their scene by opening a new video camera. Like all horny lesbian couples who look like supermodels, they decide to tape themselves having sex. Since the tree is decorated with sex toys, they have plenty of help. Moni spreads her pussy and enjoys a hot round of play from a glass dildo. Jassi is pure eye candy as she opens up and has her tight little twat rammed full as well. These girls don’t need a man to make their time merry because those toys do the job just fine. They pick out the two-headed dildo and grind together. Since I mentioned the lighting in the first scene, I have to say that it’s perfect here. Really great and it accentuates the tremendous eye candy offered by these amorous veggie lovers.

Melissa Lauren

Huge bonus points for putting Melissa in a pair of jeans during the tease. We are used to seeing her ass stuffed with dick so it’s a nice change to see her shaking it in denim. The scene is rather hilarious as well. When Sascha gives her a surprise gift for Christmas, Melissa laughs at first. Eventually she finds a use for the second guy though and puts both cocks into play. She bends over with a mouth full of dick and gets slammed from behind. I don’t remember seeing her new tits before, but they are certainly on display here. Having only recently admired her cheeks in the jeans, we now get to watcher take cock right between them. There is some great RCA as she spreads herself wide open and gets her colon pounded. No matter how hard they fuck that ass, she is ready for more. They decorate her chin with thick loads and give her a very sticky Christmas.

Reagan Reese & Herschel Savage

Reagan has that inked up alt look going for her. She also has a rack to die for. The naughty girl plays Mrs. Santa who pops in on Herschel Savage to get nice and naughty. Dressed in her Santa’s helper costume, she puts her lips on his dick and slowly works them up and down his shaft. This is a very popular fantasy costume so I am certain that a lot of you are going to be thrilled to see her leave it on as Herschel takes advantage of her horny young pussy. I really like the way she looks up at him and runs her tongue over the head of his cock. When he pulls her back onto his lap, we get a chance to see her body, her ink and those big beautiful tits swaying on every stroke.

This is a nice little movie with a winter/holiday theme. It’s well done with plenty of hot chicks having great sex. The first scene looks a bit washed out on the big screen, but it’s a style thing and it doesn’t continue in later scenes. Haley and Regan provide serious Christmas appeal. Watching Haley fuck the horny Santa is pretty damn hot. The other scenes also play into the holiday spirit. The veggie action is hot and throwing in the video camera makes it playful as well. Melissa’s special gift is funny at first, but then they deliver a very hot three way that stretches her right out. This is a really solid movie that will hold up even during the summer months. It’s is nicely shot well lit, even when it’s a little too bright for my taste. This is guaranteed to starch your stockings a bit.

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