Me Luv U Long Time 10


Me Luv You Long Time 10


150 Mins.

Red Light District>


THEMES: Asian Girls,




STARS: Tia Tanaka, Ashley Marie, Kiwi Ling, Christina Aguchi, Kea Kulani, Miko Sinz, Mr. Pete, Brian Surewood, Mark Wood & John Strong


This series has changed hands a few times, but it is one of my favorites. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a line devoted to hot Asian chicks. Mr. Pete takes over for this tenth volume and he’s got his work cut out for him. Any time you take over a great line, you have to be good. He has a cast of mostly new girls on hand, with a couple of exceptions. Tia Tanaka is certainly not a new girl, but she is one of the hottest babes in the industry right now. With her anchoring the cast, we are virtually assured of one great scene right out of the gate. As a big fan of Asian girls, I’ve seen some of the other women as well, but this does appear to be a mostly newish group of girls.

Tia Tanaka

What a perfect way to start a movie. Tia is very cute, always ready for mischief and up to rock Mark Wood’s world. He is quite happy to get her warmed up with some gentle finger play. That starts the fires burning between her legs and she keeps them going while sucking his dick. I really like the way she sucks that thing without the fake gagging that too often drag down her scenes. It is also hard not to love the way she rubs her clit nearly raw while giving head. Mark moves that meat around behind Tia and slides into her puffy pussy lips. She looks really good on her knees with her back arched to take it deep. They finally get her all the way out of her clothes and Tia is absolutely on fire. She gets into Mark’s lap and slams her hips down to take very inch into her body. When she turns her body around for RC we get a really good look at the perfection that Tia brings to the table. She is freaking gorgeous, fucks like she loves it and has skin that looks like melted butter. Mark jerks a big load onto her pretty face, closing a really strong opening scene.

Kea Kulani and Miko Sinz & Mr. Pete

These two cuties seem to be two-thirds of an ideal sexual three-way. They both adore Mr. Pete (It’s good to be the director) and Miko is very eager to show her appreciation orally. (No class, that doesn’t mean that she tells him she loves him.) She has a very pretty mouth and manages to take him to the root with barely a hint of a gag. (And the crowd goes wild.) Pete bends her over and fucks her from behind. Watching the action has Kea all wet and ready to try some of that white meat. He gets her pussy opened up with some tongue play and then stuffs his dick into her. After a few strokes Miko joins them and Pete gets to enjoy the best part about a three-way relationship. They pass his dick back and forth, but Miko wants it inside of her again. You have to live it when girls share so well. Kea rides hard in reverse cowgirl while her friend sucks those big natural tits. Individually these babes are smoking, but together they turn in a perfect looking three-way fuck. After dropping the hammer on both of them, Pete jerks his load across their faces.

Christina Aguchi & Mr. Pete

Christina is a very pretty girl with a bit of a booty that she shows off during a brief dance she does to get us in the mood. Pete interviews this Vietnamese/Chinese mix and calls her the hottest girl in the history of the Me Luv series. I don’t know if I would go that far, but she is certainly a good looking young woman with a killer bod. That hotness factor only climbs when she gets her lovely lips around a hard cock and starts sucking. Pete doesn’t let her feed for long before sliding it into her from behind. To help show off her ass, he lets her bend over as she sucks again for round two. Christina has a really great ass, but matches that with high sexual energy. The mish looks really, really good and she never loses that vocal fucking style. If you can’t enjoy watching her pump that ass up and down with skilled hip moves then you really need to adjust your porn radar. Pete even oils up her but at the end, though he never penetrates that hole. Instead he feeds her a nice load. After watching Christina fuck I think that Pete’s claim that she is the hottest Me Luv U girl has quite a bit more merit.

Ashley Marie & John Strong

Ashley is a Vietnamese/Mexican mix from Riverside. Pete hoses her down, making her thin tank top and short denim skirt an even more appealing outfit. This serves as great tease and sets us up to watch her take on John Strong. Ashley has a round face, a soft body and a throat that is able to handle John’s dick with seemingly no effort at all. John brings her up onto the couch and gets behind Ashley for some spoon. Sometimes scenes are hurt by where they fall in a movie. That’s the case here because Christina impressed me so much that Ashley’s scene probably doesn’t seem as hot as it really is. She shows great energy and seems to stop fucking every minute or so to stuff is dick back into her mouth. You have to love that. When she gets into doggy I can’t help but think that Ashley is built like those girls on the USC campus still wearing denim minis as late at the Notre Dame game. (See what you miss when you don’t read the blog on John really works her over and leaves her smiling face decorated with jizz. Yes, this scene is better than it probably seems after the last one. Give it a second look and I think you’ll agree that Ashley Marie is quite the hottie.

Kiwi Ling & Brian Surewood and John Strong

Pete interviews Chinese Kiwi and gets a pretty laugh from her. He jokes about keeping for himself, but ends up giving her to Surewood and Strong. Her pretty mouth stays busy as they go right for the double stuffing. Kiwi’s pussy is full of cock, but all she can think of is taking the other meat shaft down into her throat. You have to admire that kind of focus. Pete keeps the camera trained on her ass for a long time as she does cowgirl on Surewood’s dick. He hooks a finger into her ass and teases her backdoor. The guys take a break from the double action and Brian slams the fuck out of her pussy one on one. Kiwi can take some pretty hard strokes and seems hungry for more. Best of all, she aggressively shoves dick to the back of her throat without doing that fake gag stuff. (Is someone actually paying attention?) Her energy stays really high and she keeps both guys involved in the action from this point on. They blast that pussy as hard as they can and then paint her pretty face with goo. Wow, this girl can fuck.

I expect a lot from this series and I’m impressed as hell with number ten. Mr. Pete has given us a really, really solid flick. He has put together a great cast. If you’re into Asian girls, make a list of everyone in this movie and keep them in mind for future rentals/purchases. Tia is great of course. She turns in one of her best performances. (And that is saying a lot.) I liked the three-way, but Miko is such a beautiful woman that she draws most of the attention. Pete’s praise of Christina is quite high, but her scene lives up to it. That makes it tough on Ashley and Kiwi, but they also turn in great scenes. Hot girls, hot sex, no overdone fake gagging or other side show acts, what more could we ask for? Nothing but more. More movies like this from Red Light and Mr. Pete, more of Kiwi, more of Christina, more of Miko, more of Tia, more Asians to Luv Us Long Time.

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