Teagans Juice


Teagan’s Juice


114 Mins.

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STARS: Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, Naomi, Celeste Star, Michelle Maylene, Codi Milo, Charlie Laine, Jerry, Scott Nails, Marco Banderas & Erik Everhard.


How can I review this movie without talking about the title. Teagan’s Juice? Come on, who wouldn’t want to lap that up like candy? We’ve seen Teagan star in these Celeste projects before and the results are pretty good. She is great looking with an incredible body and the ability to really connect with the camera. Celeste shoots movies that are all about eye candy, beautiful women and great sex that is often buried under a few layers of gloss. I’m not a big fan of this kind of flick, but few people do it as well as Celeste. Pointing a camera at Teagan is a pretty good way to start a movie, so let’s give Teagan’s Juice a sample. Like it or hate it, I’m ready to drink a glass a day. (Somehow I doubt she’d be willing to drink a glass of Rog’s Juice though.)

Teagan & Jerry

Striking a pose in a stunning striped bikini, Teagan teases Jerry by licking the edge of her martini glass. (Hey, at least he gets to fuck her, we just get teased.) He lets her tease for a while and then starts licking her pussy. As we have come to expect from a Celeste project, there is some slow motion footage, repetitive music and enough eye candy to put the audience into a diabetic coma. This continues as she starts licking his cock up and down. We certainly can’t complain about lingering shots of Teagan staring into the camera with a big dick in her mouth. With a small plug in her butt, Teagan gets on top and rides his dick. She appears to be going at him pretty hard, but the slo-mo robs us of that. We are treated to a long spoon session that shows off her legs before Teagan lies flat on her back and takes him cum all over her tits.

Sophia Santi & Fruit

Beautiful Sophia spends some private time with a lucky banana. She works her lips up and down the tip like it’s a cock while her fingers tease her tight little pussy. Moving the fruit a little slower, she slides an unpeeled banana right into her pussy showing us how she might look being fucked by an actual cock. (Something I’m sure we would all love to see.)

Teagan & Erik Everhard

From bananas to oranges, we continue with the fruit theme. This time Teagan squeezes juice all over her body to entice Erik to lick her tits and ass. (As if any such enticement were necessary.) The blowjob this time is short, but it is another example of Teagan looking fantastic during what appears to be a spirited sex scene. Erik pushes up into her ass and she takes it well, showing us a body that is as good as porn has to offer these days. He shoots all over her pussy in slow motion of course.

Teagan, Celeste Star & Charlie Laine

Going for the girl on girl eye candy, we get to enjoy more sweet female flesh than ever before. It is clear that Celeste (the director) learned a lot from her time working with Andrew Blake. This scene looks a lot like what he would shoot I f he had a slightly more hardcore bend these days. Three pretty girls eating each other certainly appeals to many people. I don’t hate it myself, but slowing things down and softening them up really doesn’t rev me up.

Michelle Maylene & Scott Nails

Michelle finds Scott sleeping and teases him with a popsicle. That may not be a great way to wake up, but one look at this beautiful girl is bound to change your perspective. The kissing and playful footage here is very sexy and the slow motion even works a bit here. This is the place for such things. Gets warmed up by showing us something beautiful and then let high energy performers finish things off at full speed. Michelle looks into the camera and orally worships Scott’s big prick with all the desire and heat that we have come to expect from this fantastic young babe. I want to focus on that rather than the fact that this scene (Like all the others in his movie) would be so much hotter at full speed. Scott takes her from behind and lights that little Asian box up, but we see it at a speed that works for stroking only if you’re on so much lithium that you couldn’t possibly raise your hand to stroke anyway. Damn she’s hot.

Teagan & Codi Milo

I’m not sure we really need more veggie action in this movie, but it’s great for the eye candy. They pose for the camera quite a bit, but Teagan doesn’t skim when it comes to the action. She snakes her tongue into her friend’s ass and seems to enjoy being serviced. We’ve seen this before so enjoy it or get ready for the next boy/girl scene.

Naomi & Scott Nails

We have seen Naomi used in every big ass movie for the last year. We know that she is hot and that she can turn in a great scene. This time we get to see her (and that lovely butt) in something softer. She bends over and lets him tease her before sucking that dick. Is Naomi perfect eye candy? No she isn’t. Not because she isn’t easy on the eyes, but because you can almost feel the lost energy from the slowed down scene. She uses both hands on his prick and then bends over for some fantastic ass shots as he enters her from behind. The anal action is certainly good, but unless you’ve just been dying to see Naomi in a pretty scene, her strengths are mostly wasted.

Teagan & Marco Banderas

The tease leading up to the final scene is nothing short of exquisite. Teagan looks beautiful and fucks herself with a big toy as she waits for Marco to come in and do the job right. He sprays her ass with milk and then gets his face messy by licking the bull’s-eye that is painted on her dainty cheeks. I love the leg shots as she bends way over to take it from behind. We know she can be hotter and we already know how great she looks so what is there left to say? The blowjob is long and ends with a shot all over her chest.

There isn’t anything that would qualify as a surprise from this movie. Celeste does what she does and does it really well. Teagan looks great and connects well with the audience. Even in slow motion she manages to give us something that is strokeable and beautiful. (Though considerably heavier on the latter.) We’ve been over my feelings on slo-mo sex so let’s not run that into the ground. I would like the movie a lot better without that, but it’s still pretty good. It is a well shot flick with great looking women. In addition to Teagan, we get to watch Michelle Maylene and Naomi. If you like movies from this genre, then you need to grab this one right away. This much Teagan can’t be bad. It wins me over because it is well crafted and because Celeste takes advantage of Teagan’s great looks. I would love to see her make a movie with the same sense of beauty, but with the kind of awesome sexual heat that a woman like Teagan can deliver.


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