My Plaything: Amy Reid


My Plaything: Amy Reid

MOVIE TYPE: Virtual Sex

No Running Time

Digital Sin






STARS: Amy Reid, Erik Everhard


This is the latest release from one of my favorite virtual lines in porn. Digital Sin has been doing these DVDs from the beginning and really have things down to a science. Not that it takes a genius to shoot someone as beautiful as Amy Reid. Point the camera and let her stunning heat come through. It would be tough to find a single inch of body that isn’t gorgeous. That doesn’t mean that a lesser company couldn’t screw up the virtual action. We have seen such disasters with other companies. So far Digital Sin seems to know what we want and delivers it more often than not. If you don’t know by now what this series can deliver then you must have been living under a rock for a while. If you don’t know Amy Reid, then it’s time to get a first hand look at just how hot she is.


We can see any action in this section from one of two camera angles and may also choose between naughty and nice. From any angle at all, Amy is great looking. She is in the bathtub showing off her tits ass and pussy. The breast play is great of course and Amy is happy to show us where she wants us to put our cocks. Her dirty talk is very good in naughty mode and she plays well to the camera. I don’t remember a full body option before, but with a woman this hot, it’s a great addition. If this doesn’t get you in the mood to see more from Amy then nothing will.


With the same angle and talk options, we can watch Amy get herself off with her fingers or one of two different toys. We can even make her cum on cue which is a nice touch. Amy is in white knee-high socks and what is left of a schoolgirl uniform. She looks delicious spread wide open for all three segments. The first toy is a slim pink vibe that fits nicely into her pussy. If you choose naughty for this segment she also sticks a finger up her ass to really make things interesting. The glass dildo offers even better anal action. Choose naughty here and you can watch her in doggy fucking that tight ass with the lucky toy. I love a good solo scene and this is some of the best self-fuck action we have seen from this series in a long time.


Now we get to get her al hot and bothered. We can start by licking her pussy. The POV slit licking is a nice view and had to be a lot of fun to shoot. “Amy, just pretend someone is licking your clit and cum hard.” The action intensifies as her pussy gets fingered. Two fingers for nice and four for naughty. Both methods work for Amy and her juices are really flowing. For the dildo penetration she turns her ass to the air and gets both holes plugged. (Pussy for nice, ass for naughty) The final act before the sex begins is the best of the lot. Amy gets her mouth around the big cock and goes to town. The POV blowjob is perfect, but if you want a different angle there is a nice silhouette available. In both naughty and nice, she talks to the camera and is so fucking pretty that it might be tough for some guys to make it to the cum on cue button before shooting a load themselves. There is one shot into the air and another in her mouth that may be faked.


Missionary gives us the usual POV angle and a side shot. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to look away from the shot of her face, tits and pussy offered by angle 1. Just take a look at those perfect tits and you won’t want to move your eyes away from the intense heat. Doggy gives us the nice shot of her butt and the side shot allows us a clear view of the swaying tits beneath her body. When shot properly, POV cowgirl can give us the best angle of a woman like Amy. We can see her legs, her pussy, tits and that beautiful face. She is very aggressive in both naughty and nice mode so the main difference is the degree of dirty talk. In case you aren’t as enamored with this angle as I am, the second shot is an extreme close up of her tight pussy. Reverse cowgirl gives us the POV angle and a second shot that is only slightly off from direct POV. Both of them are very easy on the eyes. If you go with naughty here you got some really hard pumping. Nice is just as sexy, but she grinds her hips more slowly, showing us her stretched pussy lips as they cling to his cock on every stroke.


The extra material includes a ten minute reel of what they call candid sex. It’s basically Amy and Erik Everhard going at it between takes or shots from angles that don’t go into the main action. Very hot hardcore here including some views of her that we haven’t seen yet. There is also a five minute interview with Amy. She promises us that we will see her do anal someday soon. There is a high quality photo gallery and four short striptease segments for those who didn’t get enough of Amy already. The one on the couch features her in the schoolgirl uniform. Damn she looks good.

This is another fine volume of Digital Sin’s interactive line. Amy Reid is the perfect choice as the latest Plaything. She is great looking from head to toe and knows how to fuck for the camera. If you like interactive or POV sex, then you won’t want to miss her. I like the choice of camera angles and the sexual action. I still would love to see them try to ramp up the real popshots a bit, but that is a minor complaint about a DVD that really solid. Amy’s great looks and energy make this the best My Plaything of the year and one of the better titles in an outstanding series.

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