Black Guys in Asian Thighs


Black Guys in Asian Thighs 1


195 Mins.

Mach 2

DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: Interracial Sex




STARS: Kitty, Keymore Kash, Jasmine Leigh, Annie Cruz, Keeanna Lee, Sledge Hammer, Tee Reel,


David Luger confused us with this Black Guys in White Thighs title a while ago. Apparently the flawed logic and/or missing word in the title didn’t keep people from buying the interracial romp. No matter what he calls this movie, I’m certain we will see some hot action. Luger has lined up some very hot Asian girls who all seem to have a craving for dark meat. Kitty is back and better than ever, providing tons of sexual energy to go with her tiny little bod. If you look up cute in the dictionary, her picture pops up, but once she starts fucking she shows us that she is all woman. Annie Cruz is a super hot girl who doesn’t get nearly enough credit. If any of the newer girls in this movie can show half of her energy Annie has, then I am going to have plenty to praise in this movie.

Keymore Kash & Tyler

Cute little Keymore is looking for a job as a maid. Tyler is a picky boss who is tired of the agency sending over stupid girls. Apparently he doesn’t notice that Keymore is wearing a short mini-skirt with no panties because he asks her what skills she brings to the table. She is very honest and proclaims that she is a very good cock sucker. Tyler lets her show off her skills and is impressed. It looks like she is able to live up to her lofty claims. The pretty young teen bobs her head while Tyler discovers her exposed pussy with his probing fingers. He has her keep sucking as they slip her out of her clothes for easy access to her other tempting openings. I don’t know if she has the job yet, but they move inside the house for some sex on the couch. They share some 69 and he pulls her up on top of his cock for a hard ride. I like the frantic energy and the vocal fucking Keymore turns in. Tyler dishes out the dick and she screams out how much she loves “the black dick.” Keeping up the heat, he moves into spoon and when she asks if he wants the ass, Tyler doesn’t hesitate. If she didn’t already have the job, then her wild RCA ride will cement the position. The scene starts to feel a little long, but he ends it by spraying a load of cum all over her cheek.

Kitty & Julius

Poor Kitty is a schoolgirl with a crush. She daydreams about Julius and is more than ready to make those dreams come true when he shows up. No matter how much he tries to tutor the horny little Asian, she just won’t listen. So he just decides to lick her pussy instead. Everything is fine until she starts sucking cock. All of a sudden she doesn’t get to be the horny girl anymore because he is too busy grabbing her head and forcing the issue. When he leans back and lets her do the work, the footage is a hundred times hotter. All of the crap goes away when she gets on his lap though. Her tiny pussy swallows up cock like she can’t get enough and Julius is only too happy to dish out the dick like his fellow student stole his meal money. When she rolls onto her back and spreads her legs, Kitty looks shocked on every stroke as he hits her deep in the puss. There is something very hot about this tiny young woman taking everything he’s got and still pushing her little ass back for more. She finishes out by playing with his balls as he jerks off all over her pretty face. Very, very hot.

Keeanna Lee & Sledgehammer

We get some hot Tease from Keeana as she poses in her short denim skirt and tanktop. As she wonders out loud about the cock she is going to fuck, her fingers do the walking on her exposed pussy. Sledge shows up and she is quite impressed by the huge cock he pulls out of his shorts. Her lips barely make it all the way around, but that doesn’t stop her from pushing him to the back of her throat. I love the non-gagging blowjob action that she gives. It is perfectly captured and quite hot. Keeanna wants him to fuck her, but has to take it easy in reverse cowgirl. It is pretty tough to get that thing way up into her pussy, but she gives it a good try anyway. She follows up the first few strokes with some more oral action. Sledge makes sure to take it easy on his new Asian playmate, but doesn’t short change her on the action. He gives us some great ass shots of her before shooting his load on her lips.

Annie Cruz & Tyler and Julius

The two guys both want Annie and talk a lot of shit in order to impress her. Lucky for them, Annie likes to keep the peace and provides a simple solution. She’ll fuck them both. That is great news for them and for us because Annie can put on quite a show when she puts her mind and body to it. She deep throats a big black cock and has to gag on purpose because she can so easily handle it. I am no fan of the gagging she does with regularity, but the visuals are simply stunning. I really love the way she talks and invites them to fuck her. She slides her pussy down over Tyler after asking him if he has ever felt Asian pussy. Leaning over, she quags some more and that is disappointing, especially when you look at that beautiful ass bouncing up and down as she power-fucks the black rod in her twat. Once that hole has been thoroughly explored, she faces the camera and pushes her ass down on him. Always the anal freak, Annie makes short work of those dicks. Two of them at once really light her up. The DP footage is fantastic with Annie spreading her thighs and begging for harder strokes in the pussy. They pound the shit out of her and leave big loads all over her pretty face. Annie is one of the most unheralded porn babes in the business and she turns in another memorable fuck here.

Jasmine Leigh & Tee Reel

Jasmine is popping out of her little outfit at every curve. She is about to have a chance encounter with Tee. He is waiting around to get paid and apparently so is Jasmine. They naturally find each other and he goes right after her big natural tits. She finds his cock quite inviting and strokes it up into her hungry mouth. I really enjoy the way she sucks with great energy and doesn’t feel the need to fake the sounds. Tee pulls her into his lap and pushes her hard down onto his dick. Jasmine stays really vocal as she rubs her tits in his face and stretches her pussy around his cock. He holds her by the shoulders and fucks her hard enough to have his balls bouncing off of her ass. This is a great high-energy fuck with a lot of dirty talk from Jasmine. She throws one leg high up into the air and gets blasted hard enough to keep her tits shaking for days. He finishes her off with a great shot on her face.

This is a really solid black on Asian movie. All of the girls are cute and many of them are new enough to make us take notice. The two experienced girls deliver big time. Kitty is as cute as ever and proves that she can take a pretty hard pounding from a rather large dick. Annie takes to dicks perfectly. Hers is the only scene that really features and of the fake gag sounds that I hate. I love seeing movies with gag free blowjobs, but even Annie’s scene is fucking hot. The scenes have decent set up, really good dirty talk (From the women!) and solid action. I like the new girls, especially Keymore who is really fucking sexy. If you like simple jerk off movies with good looking women, solid sex and a director who stays quiet behind the camera then give this one a look.

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