Velvet Tension 1: Stroke of Genius

Velvet Tension 1: Stroke of Genius


105 Mins.

Impulse Pictures

DIRECTOR: Nina Lennox

THEMES: Hand Jobs




STARS: Julian, Jack Lawrence, Mario Rossi, Joey Ray, Katie Morgan, Tyla Wynn, Eve Lawrence, Joelean, Ava Ramon


Let’s kick of November with a little something for the ladies. At least that’s what I expect this movie to be. It is one of the few adult movies I have seen where the male talent is listed ahead of the women. That could be a very bad sign for those looking for something to jerk to. It is listed as volume one so perhaps it is the beginning of an ongoing series. That would be very good news for a couples market that has seen a lack of quality projects of late. Perhaps director Nina Lennox will deliver.

Julian & Katie Morgan

Julian is a cocky guy who dabbles in real estate. When the appraiser (Katie Morgan) shows up, she finds him swimming naked in the pool. This footage linger a while, serving as good tease footage for those who want to admire Julian’s naked body. Katie can’t keep her eyes off his cock and quickly agrees to join him in the pool for a dip. (For those keeping score, this scene features Katie before her new boobs.) There is a good deal of kissing and caressing in the pool. A waiter comes out with a tray of fruit and the amorous couple moves to some deck chairs to continue their tryst. She runs fruit all over her body and the ladies will be pleased to know that Julian is the focus of the action even as she gives him a handjob. There are tons of shots of his cock as she works it over with both hands, finally bringing him to climax all over her stomach. Yeah guys, if you aren’t watching this with a partner then you better not be even a little bit homophobic.

Ava Ramon & Mario Rossi

Ava and Mario both work at the house and when no one is looking, they find time to be intimate. They use the outdoor shower to get clean and then dirty themselves right back up again. He uses a toy on her pussy for a while, feeding her the juices from time to time. They both masturbate together with only their feet touching. This is unusual scene that once again focuses on the guy’s rod as he pumps it in his fist. Ava soaps him up and strokes him to climax in her hands.

Joelean & Joey Ray

Joey is cleaning the pool when Joelean stops by looking super cute and very professional. They take a break from the heat for some fun inside. She takes off her top and then undresses Joey, working his dick with her fist as she does. This time around they add some foot play to the action. Joey kisses her toes and she proves to be as skilled with her feet as she is with her hands. He slips a vibe into her pussy as she jerks him off all over his stomach. With all of the focus on guys jerking off I am beginning to wonder if this is really a couples movie at all.

Tyla Wynn & Jack Lawrence

Tyla shows Jack the house and then challenges him when he calls golf a sport. The only way to prove it to her is to show off his physique. They both take their clothes off and begin masturbating. The mutual-mast footage is pretty interesting and focuses on both performers as they stare at each other and get off. The two-fisted finish to the handjob is pretty hot. Tyla certainly knows how to work it.

Eve Lawrence & Julian

Since no one is actually fucking in this movie, we should expect to see a lot of jerking as the final couple takes to the stairs. She gets down on her knees and strokes his long cock right towards her face. He uses a toy to get her off and then leans back to let her stroke a big thick load right into her tight fists.

What if they made a porno movie where nobody fucked? We would have what we have here. This may be the ultimate safe-sex movie because there is no penetration by body parts or even oral sex. That makes it a tough movie to grade. It is nicely shot, very pretty and some of the set ups are quite erotic. All of the scenes focus primarily on the guys and especially on their cocks as they stroke them. It’s probably going to appeal to women and couples, but if there are any guys out there looking for an alternative to a gay or bi movie, this one might give you what you’re looking for. If you like good handjob action and mutual masturbation scenes then the sex will thrill you. It isn’t a raincoater movie and I watched it with Mrs. Rog. She even thought it looked a bit gay so maybe it’s even too pretty-boy for some couples. It’s original though, that much is for sure.

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