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Time for something new and fun. I have been surfing the web lately and found a lot of really great picture hosting sites. In addition to checking out some really hot babes I came up with an idea. Since the porn girls are taking their dear sweet time sending in any Rog Rules clothes shots, maybe we can expand the scope a bit. To kickstart this new focus I have an idea that I hope some of you will find interesting.

What I want to do is start a contest for anyone who can recruit and secure some non-porn star Rog Rules shots. Here is what I propose.

Any of you who want to give it a try will need to get a shirt or shorts from the Rog Rules clothing line. Provide it to the girl of your choice. (From any of the categories below.) When we get the pictures here they will go in a special gallery with the message of your choice. (Plug a web site, give a personal message, whatever you and/or the subject work out.) In addition to the plug, you get a nice box of porn for your collection. The pictures don’t need to feature any nudity at all. I won’t discourage that, but the point is to have the shirts or shorts on so they can be G, PG or R rated. All of the girls in the shot MUST Be at least 18 years old. Even though the shots aren’t adult in nature, this is still a site for grown ups. The contest is open to anyone, but the shots need to be of women. I don’t think we are ready for any dude shots just yet. Women can enter as well. Take pictures of yourself, your friends, whatever you want. Let’s just have some fun with this.
I’m looking for shots in the following categories:
1. Online Photo Sites: There are a couple that I have been checking out and both are filled with very pretty girls who like to pose. and are great places to check. If any of you know of a girl who has an account on either of these places, pass along the info. You can even comment on their pictures, but if you do, BE POLITE. A lot of the girls aren’t going to want anything to do with a porn site and that is totally cool. Let’s just remember to be nice guys.

2. Web Cam Girls/Model Sites: I know there are tons of sites with cam girls, amateur models, amateur video performers etc. Feel free to hit up any of them. We’ll plug their site with the picture and take care of them if they participate.

3. Dorm-Sorority Shots: I’m sure some of you are in college and you may know a girl who is porn-friendly or willing to take a shot just for fun. I realize that people want to be careful with their ID so we can keep schools and names out of it. We can also do a mask or some other sort of thing to keep people private. Of course shots with faces hidden could show school landmarks. That would be cool. (As a side note anyone who wants to take a Rog Rules sign shot on campus can make their school the official college of the site.)

4. Girlfriend/Wives: Despite rumors to the contrary I know that some porn fans have wives or girlfriends. (Some of you may have both.) We can keep the IDs a secret of course, but I’d love to see some.

5. Actual Readers: Is it possible that some of you out there are actually women? I don’t know. Here is your chance to let me know. Again, we can keep your ID a secret, but I would love to see some of the real people who drive this site. It’s about time you got some credit.

So there you go. All you need to do is find a girl and then get a shirt. (They are $5.00 each now to encourage people. I would give them away, but the last time I did that, everyone took the shirts and no one even tried for pictures.) Drop me a line and let’s see who wins themselves a box of porn or some other valuable prize.

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