Ginas Black Attack

Gina’s Black Attack


137 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Travis Knight & Gina Lynn

THEMES: Interracial Sex




STARS: Nautica Thorn, Lauren Phoenix, Finesse Navarro, Jayna Oso, Veronica Jett. Brian Pumper, Nat Turnher & Jean-Clause Batiste


Just a quick word of warning. This movie is called “Gina’s Black Attack” but Gina Lynn is nowhere to be found. She has a behind the camera role for this one. At least she has packed the cast with hot girls to take her place Chief among them is Nautica Thorn who is simply one of the most perfect women to ever walk the earth. Lauren Phoenix is also on hand and while she is best known for her great ass, she is also a wonderful performer who brings great energy to the table. Jayna and Finesse add some additional Asian flavor to a movie that features some great looking women fucked by black dicks. If that idea appeals to you, then come along for the ride.

Lauren Phoenix & Nat

After the quick scene recap/tease segment we follow Lauren’s quaking ass cheeks through the door where Nat is waiting for her. Some more footage of that ass in shorts might have been nice, but she is anxious to get naked with him. They do show off her naked butt a bit before she turns her oral attentions to his throbbing cock. Lauren does a really good job of taking him deep into her throat without faking the gag reflex. It’s a loud and energetic blowjob, but she doesn’t go over the top. As good as her blowjob is, you know that you’re waiting to see that ass again. Lauren fulfills that desire by riding his lap with her big white cheeks right in the camera. There should probably be more of this footage because it’s really good. She turns around and shows off her pussy for a while. They have to hurry a bit because this scene is going to conclude with that luscious ass getting totally pounded. Mish makes it easy for us to see the penetration, but when she bends over we get to enjoy Lauren’s most famous asset as it gets fucked raw. The great anal ends with a nice load on her face. Lauren is a great performer and this is a very solid scene from start to finish.

Veronica Jett & Brian Pumper

Veronica gets right to work on Brian’s cock after showing him her tits for about three seconds. Brian lets Veronica do the work so she is able to take her time and get a lot of it down her throat. He stands up and she takes it nearly all the way to the root for some really fine looking blowjob footage. It isn’t easy for her to fit it into her pussy, but Brian helps things along when he lifts her into his arms and lets her drop down around his pole. It isn’t fair to compare Veronica to Lauren, but this scene just isn’t nearly as hot as the opener. The RCA is pretty hot because she is tiny enough to put her feet on his thighs and pump up and down on that dick. There is some good anal footage, especially in spoon and then a great big internal nut up her butt. Not my thing and this is a good recovery scene between two really hot fucks.

Nautica Thorn & Jean Claude Batiste

Nautica is the reason I wanted to see this movie so naturally I’m looking forward to her scene. Her scene kicks right off with a blowjob. I think that the abrupt cut from tease to half deep blowjob might be a mistake, but how do you argue with the results. Nautica has her tits out and her fingers working her clit while he pumps her mouth. They end the oral and she bends over to take him balls deep in her twat. Her body looks great in that position and Jean wants a better look himself. He turns her around and pounds away. Nautica is very vocal and encourages him to fuck that sexy little pussy even harder. Jean picks her up and bounces her up and down. Nautica is a very enthusiastic performer and really shows off her great energy in this scene. She turns around and takes a bit load on her tongue. She shows it to us and then dribbles it out onto her perfect tits. This scene is great and is the reason this movie is going into my permanent private porn stash.

Finesse Navarro & Nat

Though she has a tough act to follow, Finesse is the kind of girl who could keep the heat high. Instead she flushes it right down the crapper within a few seconds. She crawls up the stairs and starts quagging like a sick duck. Actually she only kills the blowjob because her hot little body always looks good when she’s riding a hard dick. By the time she turns around to show us her pussy stretching around his dick, the bad blowjob stuff is just a bad memory. Her skin looks great in this scene and the body was just born for RC. When she throws her legs up onto his shoulders, the scene really takes off. I love her energy and her body. I just wish we could go back and stop her from screwing up the BJ. There is a nice facial to finish this one off.

Jayna Oso & Brian Pumper

Jayna actually sits on a couch with Brian for a few moments before going after his dick. I wouldn’t exactly call it an interview, but at least she talks. The pretty young thing opens her mouth wide and takes him in. I love the way she wraps her fingers around the shaft as it pops in between her lips. More blowjob footage would be great because Jayna doesn’t need to put on a gag show. She just needs to orally worship the meat and let us enjoy every second. When they fall into full speed fucking, she reaches back and spreads her cheeks. The body slapping vag is just a warm up for some serious anal action. Brian rolls her onto her side and fills that tight little ass. He gives it to her hard and she takes every inch like a champ. Jayna opens up for the camera and really shows off during some standing doggy that is nothing short of brilliant. They give her legs a rest by finishing up with some strong piledriver. (Complete with gape shots for those of you dig that.) The pop comes on her feet so that she can lick her toes clean. Not my thing, but the whole scene is really fucking hot.

Bonus material includes BTS reel, trailers, photo gallery and a special gallery of Gina Lynn shots.

Lauren starts the movie with a strong scene. Her body is among the best in the business and she’s nearly always great. Jayna and Finesse close things out on high notes as well. In fact, Jayna nearly did the impossible. She almost stole the show from Nautica. Almost, man. In the end though Nautica gives us the best reason to love this movie. She looks good, attacks cock with a genuine heat and doesn’t need to fake things. This is a great scene from one of the hottest girls in the business. I’m just wondering if Nautica will talk to Gina’s pal Jules Jordan about a Nautica Thorn Darkside movie. (I’m still waiting on Aurora Snow Darkside personally.) While I am nuts for Nautica, she is not the only reason to enjoy this movie. It’s a very solid IR title with more great moments than most. Check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it even if you would rather see Gina having the attacking.

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