Miami Maidens


Miami Maidens 7


97 Mins.

Platinum Blue Productions

DIRECTOR: Dale Dabone





STARS: Natasha, Veronica, Monica, Nina, Tabitha, J.T., Butters, Mickey & Angel.


I am not at all familiar with this line, but apparently they are doing well with it. You don’t usually get up to number seven of any series without having something going for you. This appears to a pro-am line that may be web content put on DVD. At any rate it’s a line that revolves around chicks in Miami. Not all of them are from Florida, but somehow hot babes just seem to gravitate to the warm weather. I’m all for checking out hot new girls and if they happen to be bikini clad coeds on Spring Break, all the better.

Natasha, J.T. & Butters

Natasha has left sweet home Alabama for some naughty fun in Miami. She sits on the couch and gives an interview that features a hot story of a Jr. High blowjob on her Biology teacher. When that is done she shows off her incredible flexibility. (She is a ballet dancer) I don’t know if these two guys really know what is in store for them. Natasha drops right to knees for J.T. & Butters and has no problem taking their cocks. She is a little skinny, but has nice skin and a tight little pussy. You have to love that sexy accent she gives us as she gets fucked. Apparently one dick isn’t enough though. She needs another one to really fill her up. The dick rubbing leaves me cold, but eventually they take advantage of her flexibility as she hooks her feet behind her head. More of this stuff would have been great, but they save things at the end with a couple of shots on her pretty young face.

Veronica & Justin

Sexy blond Veronica is from Philly and enjoys the warm weather, the hot guys and wants to show us all what she can do. She pulls her little dress up and down to expose her perky tits and sweet little pussy. Looking into the camera, she flashes great eye contact and keeps his cock throbbing in her mouth. I love the rooftop action, but they move inside out of the wind. What we loose in location, we make up for in heat. The pretty blonde fucks him hard enough to make her tits bounce and she suddenly becomes quite the dirty talker. There is some great standing doggy and Veronica keeps telling him to fuck her even harder. He finally explodes all over her. This chick is really pretty and builds up to a very high energy finish.

Monica & Mickey

Monica is down in Florida for Spring Break from Georgia. She’s tall, a bit hippy and kind of cute. The guy with her looks like Tony T’s brother and can’t decide if he wants to interview her or kiss her. We get a hot little solo number as she rubs her clit for a while. What she really wants is a cock though and Mickey is happy to give it to her. He leans back and lets the sweet teenager show him what she has learned in the front seats of cars back home. Once he is hard and ready, she bends over and enjoys the feel as she slides his prick home while spanking her pale cheeks. Reverse cowgirl is not her most figure flattering position, but she has great energy and that counts for a lot. I like the way she leans back and grinds her hips on him. For the finish, Monica kneels and lets him jerk his load right onto her face.

Nina & Angel

Nina is twenty three, looks younger and has a great smile. She is ready to get busy for the camera with her boyfriend. Giving us something to watch, she strips down and plays with herself. They cut between two cameras here and it just doesn’t look right. I am tempted to say that it would have been better with only one. Her boyfriend shows up and licks her sweet juices. This horny Latina turns up the heat when she gets her hands on his meat. It is a rather low impact blowjob and is hurt by the multiple camera coverage. The shots just don’t match up and that is a distraction. Nina is pretty soft around the middle and looks like she had a kid recently. That doesn’t make reverse cowgirl her best position. What makes her hot in the scene is way she takes dick from behind and in spoon. There is some serious energy coming from this girl and that makes up for any technical issues or unflattering angles that we may have. For the big finale she jerks his load all over her lips and smiles for the camera.

Tabitha & J.T.

This girl is really cute, but the harsh sunshine hurts the picture quality quite a bit. Luckily they move inside before anything happens. She is still in the middle of her sex stories when they make the move. As she tells us all about fucking the football coach in high school, Tabitha gets naked and plays with herself. I wouldn’t say that she gives great solo action, but the leggy brunette looks really good so let’s get on with it. This pretty young thing is a cock sucking Spring Break fantasy come true. She looks pretty fresh in spite of the body ink and sucks like a girl looking to have a lot of fun before going home to schoolwork and her boyfriend. In the middle of a very spirited fuck, guy number two joins the fun and now she really has something to write in her diary. With a dick in her mouth and another in her pussy Tabitha manages to keep both buys happy while still looking great. She really likes being pounded in mish while stroking cock number two over her pretty face. They finish her off by busting a pair of big loads. This s a pretty hot scene from a girl I would love to see again in other stuff.

OK so these aren’t hot coeds out for a good time, but many of girls look like they could. That’s got to count for something right? The girls are cute for the most part and show decent pro-am energy. Natasha and Tabitha are very cute and fuck like the really mean it. I think that Veronica has done other movies and she’s a fucking bikini dream girl. Personally I would love to see a little more action outdoors. It’s tough to shoot of course, but I think that some bikini footage of these girls out in the Florida sun would really add a nice wrinkle. If you like fresh new girls then this is a line that you will want to pick up. The girls are cute, the guys are far less annoying that that guy who runs the most famous pro-am line and the sex is pretty good as well.

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