Sexed Up Super Heroines 1


Sexed Up Super Heroines 1

Stars: Sammie Rhodes, Sinn Sage & Steve Steele

Type of Action: Mind Control, Girl/Girl, Toy Play

35 Mins + Outtakes

Price: $28.00 at

Performer Appearance: Excellent

Video Quality: Excellent

Content Quality: Very good to Excellent (High Genre Specific Appeal.)


I’m a big fan of the super heroine genre. Since we get almost none of this kind of action in mainstream porn I am thrilled to see Steve Steele taking it on. We already know that he’s got the mind control genre down and brings a lot of high production values to his niche porn projects. I am anxious to see what he can do with a couple of cuties, some tight spandex and a world of comic book perversions and fantasies at his fingertips.

Returning to her lair, The Scarlet Juggernaut (Sammie Rhodes) recharges her batteries while giving us the 411 on her history via voice over. A mysterious ring appears and commands her to put it on. She recognizes the voice as that of her arch nemesis, Dr. Steele and still she can’t resist. Once the ring is in place, the doc controls her every move. He first orders her to destroy her ability to replenish her energy. She then calls her partner The Rump Ranger (Sinn Sage) and the two heroines do battle. There are some funny special effects as the girls blast each other with their special rays.

Though the heroines escape the ring’s powers, Dr. Steele has another device for them to content with. This time he orders the heroines to get sexual with each other. The poor Rump Ranger is forced to suck on some scarlet titties. Using the mind control angle he has the girls play with each other for a while before ordering them to enjoy the action. Now we get to watch two very attractive girls getting down and dirty with each other. Sammie is a very sexy girl who takes charge of a hot little round of veggie love.

To throw some fun into the mix, he sends them a special hypno-cock that allows for some hot penetration by the horny heroines. This time it is Sammie who gets properly fucked and gives us some nice footage as she bends over to take that fake dick in her tight snatch. No stranger to dishing it out, she turns the table on her lovely partner and makes her scream out in ecstasy. The Rump Ranger pulls her legs up to her chest and puts on quite a show. Very hot toy play here and when the girls are finished we learn that this is only the beginning.

To Be Continued….

This is a great first chapter in what we can hope will be a new line of super heroine adventures. Sammie and Sinn are quite good at their roles and handle the sex nicely. The potential for X-Rated comic greatness is high here. I could write about a dozen adventures myself (though who knows what sort of evil things Super Villain Pipemaster might come up with.) Let’s hope Dr. Steele doesn’t make us wait too long for the next chapter.

In addition to the action above, we get some outtakes that are worth a laugh. Porn chicks doing dialog is funny under normal circumstances, but when you turn them loose with overwrought comic book dialog, the results are hilarious.

Reputation: Excellent

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