Nina Hartleys Guide to Sex: Younger Men Older Women


Nina Hartley’s Guide to Sex: Younger Men Older Women


MOVIE TYPE: Instructional

80 Mins

Adam & Eve

DIRECTOR: Ernst Greene

THEMES: Older Women

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Sophie Evans, Trent Tesoro, Kurt Lockwood


Last time we sat in on one of Nina’s sex seminars, she covered older men with younger women. This time she flips that trip and has Sophie Evans along for the ride again. It’s a little funny to hear the letters read in Sophie’s thick accent as she sets up Nina for the big answers to simple questions. Then Nina delivers her lengthy answer with her own little accent. The letters this time sound a lot like the younger women letters. Nina covers the experience angle, the sophistication angle and address the social stigmas involved in dating someone twenty years your junior. As we saw with the last tape, this one revolves more around the psychology of the relationship than on the techniques involved. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s very noticeable. Since there isn’t any real technique discussed, the nearly twenty minutes of lecture is a bit long. Finally right at the end she gives a checklist of things that a younger guy might want to do with an older woman. (No, playing Bingo and watching “Matlock” are not on the list.) In addition to the perspective and good advice, I did get one good laugh. Nina is talking about experience, but for some reason “good sex rubs off on you” just made me laugh.

After nearly a half hour of talk, Nina finally hooks up with Trent for some sex. He starts off with some kissing and titty sucking while Nina makes sure that her ass is facing the camera for all of us at home. Trent slowly helps her out of her dress and we basically have a standard Adam & Eve sex scene. She seems to be a bit more encouraging in her conversation with him. Perhaps that is a tip Nina is giving to older women to help them guide their young lovers. They take a long time with the pussy eating and Trent works Nina to full froth with a combination of tongue and fingers. Nina tells us that young women in their twenties don’t really like giving oral sex so older women “leave them in the dust” in this department. I don’t know how true that is, but she certainly knows her way around a cock. Trent seems impressed by the lengthy ball play and we get some decent eye contact from time to time. When his cock has been covered by her tongue, Nina pulls her legs back and shows off flexibility that is pretty uncommon in women her age. (Guys, don’t try this with your 50+ chick at home, she might break.) HE gets a chance to slide into her legendary ass for a while before shooting a big load of cream all over her back. This isn’t a bad scene, but we could see more heat from the next one.

For the obligatory final fuck, Kurt Lockwood hooks up with Amber Lynn. (Is he really that much younger than she is?) They start with some blindfold play as he feeds her ice cream. There is something so cheesy about this action already that having Kurt do it only makes me laugh. He licks some chocolate from her big fake tits and then spends a long time working over her seasoned slit. Watching him go down on her for this long makes for some pretty lame porn, but it certainly works her into a frenzied state. In return she puts her mouth to good use, sucking hard and showing what twenty years worth of experience can do for a woman. I is kind hard for me to even compare Amber now to how she looks when I first saw her. She has a real Jill Kelly thing going on these days. She has certainly become a more energetic fuck and really shows that off as she squats on him and pumps her pussy up and down his stiff rod. Bending over, Amber takes him in the ass and doesn’t shy away from some very hard strokes. Maybe this is an advantage to older woman. Perhaps they are more likely to give backdoor action a try. There is no shortage of great anal action here and Kurt shoots his load all over her belly and tits.

We get exactly what we have come to expect here. A long lecture and two decent sex scenes. Nina and Amber are certainly on the high end of the scale for older babes. They use all of their experience to make the action work. Amber’s anal is among the best looking sex we have seen from this series. I liked Nina’s notes during her scene and maybe we need more of this and less of the long letter reading segment. It’s a nice little addition to the line, not the most informative or the best sexually, but solid enough to be worth a look if you dig older women or have a big hard on for Nina and Amber.

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