Virtual Dreams With McKenzie Lee


Virtual Dreams With McKenzie Lee

MOVIE TYPE: Virtual Sex

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THEMES: Virtual Sex,




STARS: McKenzie Lee


With everyone doing a virtual line these days, it’s time to see how Metro handled McKenzie Lee. She’s become quite a big star without having to do a lot of work and that’s pretty rare. Being good looking with a sexy accent helps a lot, but so does knowing Jenna Jameson I guess. This is the kind of movie that will appeal to fans of hers and perhaps even win over some new ones. Nothing beats a virtual sex adventure to spotlight a single girl and let us see everything she’s got.

From the very start we get two options for McKenzie. “Sweet” or “Slut” are our choices and I’m starting with “Sweet” just because I’m going left to right. We follow her from her car to a hotel room where the virtual action kicks in. There three choices in the tease menu, each with two angles. We can star at her tits, her ass or her pussy. There isn’t much different in dialog between sweet and slut by the way, it’s mostly a clothes thing at this point. Overall the tease stuff is pretty good and it helped along by the dirty talk with her hot accent.

Masturbation kicks in and once again we have three choices. We can watch her fuck her pussy with fingers or a dildo, both of which are quite hot. For the real fun we can watch her pump both holes at once with a pair of toys. The second angle on this is really tight and while her hands tend to get in the way, it’s really hot toy play.

Moving on to foreplay gives us finger and dildo play as well as the always fun blowjob. During that bit of virtual gold, use angle 2 to get the solid POV footage. McKenzie is good in both sweet and slut mode for this action. Both version have a popshot right on her tongue so that is nice to see.

With three positions of sex we get plenty of chances to see her body. Mish is always a good virtual position and cowgirl offers a close up shot of her tits bouncing right before our eyes. For doggy the main shot alternates between her face and her butt while angle two offers the traditional side shot. There is an extra external pop on her ass, but the rest are hidden internals.

The second disc is packed with stuff and worth noting. This is where we get the interactive anal action. She rides in RCA and shows off her butt skills. We get a nice interview with McKenzie, a hot looking photo gallery and plenty of trailers as well. She also shows us the softer side with a lesbian scene and then a double blowjob with Sara that is actually better than any oral action on the main disc. This is a fantastic second disc with more than just the usual stuff.

As a virtual disc this one has some problems. It scores points for star power to be sure. McKenzie is a big star, but her other Virtual effort was more impressive. The camerawork and lighting were decent, but in a project like this it really has to be perfect. There is nothing to fall back so when you have limited camera angles, spotting lighting and a lack of heat, then you know it’s in trouble. McKenzie has decent energy, but isn’t working with male talent that really brings much out in her. The stuff on the bonus disc is really good and might have made the overall virtual experience better had they been included. (Why move the anal and double BJ to a second disc?) If you’re a big fan of this girl then grab the disc, otherwise, you are better off with her My Plaything title.

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