Just Over Eighteen 14


Just Eighteen 14



167 Mins.

Red Light District


DIRECTOR: David Luger





STARS: Dana Duval, Kinzy Jo, Lexi Belle, Jeanie Marie, Lacie Heart, Roxxxy Rush,


I think I’ve been a David Luger fan for longer than just about anyone. Even before I sat in on a scene he shot with brand new Amazon Trinity several years ago, Luger shot Haven who was a good friend of mine. Those women are long gone, but Luger is still shooting lot of porn, including this successful teen line from RLD. The main attraction this time is probably Lacie Heart. Any time we get to watch a Vivid Girl fuck and suck before they sap all the heat from her. There are other cuties as well, but the key will be how well Luger captures them. Too many gonzo directors these days are shooting heat-free sex that is intended for an audience who must hate women. That has never been Luger’s MO so I am hopeful that will get to see these pretty teens looking great and fucking like they love cock. (And hopefully they will be fucked by guys who look like they might actually like fucking cute young girls.)

Staring off Strong, Luger has Vivid Girl Lacie Heart showing off her pre-contract girls skills. She doesn’t do a whole lot of tease before sitting down with her male co-star for some booby play. Lacie has a nice set, but he hurries around to her lovely ass. It is nice to see her beautiful body, but they really rush through things a bit too quickly. Thankfully they slow down when she starts sucking cock. That beautiful face makes for hot eye candy and Lacie knows what to do with hard meat in her mouth. Without having to gag she takes quite a bit of his rod down her throat and that’s a very good thing. This really is an impressive blowjob and leads us right into the fucking. Turning towards the camera, and even with that big ink blot across her lower belly, the sight is magnificent. Lacie’s tight little pussy is shaved clean and though it’s a tight fit, she takes it like a champ. Rolling her into doggy he pushes into her balls-deep and gives us plenty to stare at. That body is just perfect and she takes a big load right in her mouth. You can see why Vivid was so eager to sign her.

Kinzie Jo sits on the bed and does an interview with Luger. She talks about skipping class and watching a lot of porn with older guys. It’s not a very convincing interview and we can’t help but notice that Kinzie needs to take her first porn check and march right to the nearest orthodontist’s office. Her ass certainly doesn’t need any work. She shows it off when Mark Wood shows up and he likes the way those cheeks look in denim shorts. Since she gave herself such high marks for her oral skills, we need to watch closely as she handles Wood’s big dong. I like that she stays half dressed as she works her mouth over his rod. I have to admit that I’m impressed. She takes quite a bit and doesn’t resort to quagging. Big bonus points for that. They move right into cowgirl where we get a great view of her shapely ass. Kinzie is pretty impressive as she takes every inch of meat into her hot little hole. She is an energetic little fuck with a pretty good body and better than average energy. The reverse cowgirl is really good and she takes a big load right into her waiting mouth. Not a bad start to a potentially great career.

Little Lexi from Louisiana was born in 1987. 1987, holy freaking crap. She is every bit as cute as Lexi and has a nice little set of boobies to enjoy. The guy spends a lot of time working her up with some serious finger play and a lot of nipple sucking. By the time she pulls out his big cock Lexi is in quite a mood. She stuffs that big thing into her mouth and gets to work. Without a hint of gagging, she strokes and sucks it until it’s throbbing and ready to go deep into her little pussy. It is a really snug fit, but she works her hips really well. It fits better from behind and we get to enjoy her trim frame as she pushes back to take as much as she can. Lexi looks a little less than thrilled by the big load he leaves on her face, but this is still a pretty hot scene.

Fresh from high school, Roxxxy is ready to show us why she thinks she has a good career in porn ahead of her. She was an athletic girl in school and is ready to put her body through the paces during a DP. On her knees she takes the two cocks and does a bit more of the face fucking that she probably should. There is something cold about this kind of action that always makes me feel like I’m watching a hooker earn cash. Not much of a fantasy there. They roll her onto one side for some spoon as she keeps sucking cock. Roxxxy has big tits with a fair amount of sag because she’s such a slim girl. We loose sight of the hooters when she rides in cowgirl, but they come right back when she turns around. In this position she is all set to take two at once. This athletic girl proves that she is up to the challenge of taking two porn dicks into her young holes. The double facial shot and swallowing a the end really help cap things off nicely.

Jeanie Marie might actually be the prettiest girl in the movie and she looks like she could be the next big thing. Her interview gets off to a slow start and then Talon comes in. There is just something wrong when he tires to tell a woman what makes for a pretty pussy. She really does have a nice one though and that’s more important that whatever he’s got to say. He pulls out that Readi wood and shoves it into her mouth with all the joy of a guy who could care less that he’s got a pretty girl on the end of his dick. Jeanie seems to have a lot more fun than Talon does and that’s just fine. Every few strokes, she jumps off and sucks her pussy juice from his stiff rod. There are some really nice shots of her ass as she slams her body down against his. A lot of new girls kind of go with the flow and let the male talent set the stage. Thankfully she doesn’t do that. Instead Jeanie provides all the heat that there is in this one and that’s pretty impressive for a rookie. The facial at the end is really good and this pretty young thing has a great future.

Apparently Dana is a it too shy for the interview process. She stands around fingering her pussy until the Readi-Wood shows up to fill her. Christian is the guy set to deliver the pumped up penis. He gets her warmed up and she seems very happy with the job he does. Dana also seems rather excited by the big cock he has waiting for her mouth. We get a pretty good blowjob as she tries to cover every inch of that prick with her tongue. At least Christian seems like he likes fucking Dana. That alone makes the scene somewhat fun to watch. After some warm up fucking, she gets into cowgirl and pumps up and down really hard. Her ass is rather tiny and that pussy is tight, but she fucks like a big girl and knows exactly what she wants. They slow down only briefly as he prepares to slide it up her ass. The vag and oral were so good that the less than enthusiastic anal is a bit of a let down at the end of a strong scene. By the time they get to the facial, much of the steam is gone.

The best stuff in this movie comes early. Lacie leads it off with a very memorable scene. She is really cute and capable of great heat. Kinzie shows a great deal of promise as well. I think that Jeanie might actually be the best. She is great looking and pulled off a really good scene even though her co-star seemed about as interested in her as I am in World Cup soccer. Porn really needs an infusion of guys who like fucking girls and who don’t work so often that they need enough ED medication to keep King Kong stiff. Roxxxy is cute, but she was just going through the motions and Dana probably shouldn’t have tried the anal because it brings her scene down at the end. Overall this is a good movie with very hot chicks and decent sexual action. If you’re a fan of this line, you won’t be disappointed. Somehow they just keep finding hot young teens who are ready to fuck. We should all thank our lucky stars for that.


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