Racial Tension



Racial Tension


260 Mins.

Jules Jordan Video



THEMES: Interracial Sex, Blow Bangs




STARS: Naomi, Kaci Starr, Sierra Sin, Mysti May, Marie Luv, Gianna, Mr. Marcus, Brian Pumper, Sean Michaels, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete and the mopes



It’s time for us to get our first look at Mike John’s work since he signed with Jules Jordan Video. I’m hardly a stranger to Mike’s movies and I would imagine that most of you reading this are familiar with them as well. He is widely considered one of the best all-sex shooters in the business and is the leader in the POV porn. This time around it won’t be a point of view movie that we get to enjoy. Mike is launching his JJV library with an IR flick. Continuing with stuff he did at the last company, Mike has added a new wrinkle to the all-sex action. The action is set up by a very loose ‘story’ and a bit of dialog that add some motivation to the sex. (As if fucking hot chicks isn’t enough motivation.) In this case, the action is carried from one scene to the next, but some racial tension. Like all good IR movies these days, this one swing both ways, giving us hot black girls as well as young white chicks getting pounded. That’s good racial balance and often leads to excellent porn.

Continuing with some of the things he was doing before the move, Mike has thrown some light story behind his great sex. This one is about some serious racial tension in the Valley. It has something to do with Marcus and Tee forming a mope squad union and that alone is enough to make everyone laugh out loud. They have some money to collect, but Marcus and Tee also have Naomi in a bikini. I think we all know what they are going to take care of first. The guys slip her blue bottoms right off and work some black cock into her waiting pussy. After a quick start outside, they all move into the bedroom where Naomi really heats up in a hurry. Naomi is well known for her great big ass, but her scenes can sometimes be flat. That is not the case this time. She rides cock and spreads her cheeks like she’s on a mission. With one dick at each end, the guys work her over pretty well. As usual, we get plenty of great footage to drool over from this fine-assed babe. When you thrown in a lot more energy than usual things get really good. Once her ass is warmed up the guys double stuff her and Naomi doesn’t miss a beat. Our hungry little babe happily takes their loads in her mouth and swallows what they give her.

When the mope squad arrives to do some collecting, they are treated to a pre-job blowjob from Naomi. After a quick lap dance for the guys, she gets her throat stuffed. With a whole lot of meat to work with, the horny girl has to work very hard to make everyone happy. There is perhaps more noise coming from her throat than there should be, but overall this is a much better blow bang then you are going to get anywhere else. She offers some deep throat action and moves around to make sure that every guy gets a shot at her mouth. The facials are very good and she doesn’t waste more than a few drops of their hot sauce.

Meanwhile, Sean is about to bang the maid. (No that isn’t me being clever, that is the actual text that is on the screen. I told you this was funny.) Misty May plays the maid in question and she looks really good in the uniform. Some more tease might have been nice, but this girl is anxious to get both hands around his big cock. Unfortunately she also starts right out with the gagging and that is a lot less sexy than just watching her suck dick. Since the blowjob isn’t great, it’s not so bad to see her hurry up into his lap where her pussy can take every inch. Her body looks really good when she moves onto her back and opens up for Sean’s pole. Sean drops the hammer and Misty isn’t afraid to let us all know how much she loves it when it hits her deep. I really like the way she looks in reverse cowgirl. She works his load out into her mouth and then dives to the floor to lick up the last few drops.

Sean remembers that he owes the boys and decides to surprise them with a little action from his cute new maid. It’s time for another blow bang and this one starts out like so many of them these days. It sounds like Misty is trying to make herself loose her lunch. Who teaches girls these tricks? And more importantly, who actually likes this kind of “trained seal” action. Misty has a great face and a hot body, but the scene would honestly be better without any sound at all. She swallows it down, but this one feels a little too ordinary compared to the other scenes.

Things get more interesting when Sean’s sister, Marie Luv decides to help her brother out by shooting a scene for Tim Von Swine. He gets her on the bed in a pink outfit and it’s on. In no time at all she is working on three white cocks at once. Marie is one of the very best cock suckers in the business so he turns up the heat with her mouth while her pussy gets played with from behind. That great ass looks fantastic up in the air as the guys take liberties between her cheeks. She easily takes two at a time and proves to be quite the hot DP girl. All she needs is one in her mouth and she becomes air tight with dick. This is one hell of a hot scene and clearly she is ready to be a star. She just has to eat three loads of cum and then brace herself for what comes next.

What comes next of course is a blowjob from the white guys of the mope squad. Marie tends to quag from time to time, but she stays away from that here. That gives us some great action as she works her talented lips up and down each throbbing cock. This is another great blow bang and no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t get it all in her mouth. Poor Marie gets covered in cum and is on her way to being a star when Sean shows up. He’s pissed and more than ready to get even with Von Swine.

In order to get even, Sean invites his friends over to Tim’s place. He shows up first and finds Tim’s girlfriend Kaci Starr, masturbating and naked. As luck would have it, she is dreaming of black dick and nearly attacks him from the second he comes in. This cute brunette gives him a great gag-free blowjob and is in a big hurry to ride that thick rocket. Her pussy is just getting stuffed when Tee and Marcus show up. Kaci is happy to take on all three guys. They turn her around for some great ass shots. She’s a very sexy girl with a nice body, but every time she flashes those pretty eyes to the camera, my nearly lose a load in my shorts. They open up her ass and give her more throbbing meat than she’s had in a long time. We know that she isn’t giving Tim anything at all, but she gets slammed in the backdoor by three black dicks. They manage to make her air tight and cover her pretty face with cream. This is a great scene and quite a warm up, but you know there is more to come.

When the guys show up at Swine’s place, Kaci is ready for a black blow bang. Her face is totally cute and she gets this great look in her eyes facing all that dick. They smack her on the face with four at a time and she looks like she has never had so much fun. The guys take turns fucking her boobs and then letting her suck like her life depends on it. The facials and cum swallowing are very hot here as well.

Disc two starts out with a little fun from Gianna. She does great tease outside in a bikini, but has big dick on her mind. Brian Pumper supplies the big meat and though she quags too much for my taste, we do get to see her wrap those big tits around his pole and jerk him off. Moving up the stairs with her massive jugs hanging out, she finds another black dick waiting on the next floor. This time it’s Sledgehammer so she has her work cut out for her. This time around there is less quagging and more eye contact. That really helps. Even the low angle footage focuses on her tits so it works. Once again the tit fucking is spectacular. Mike has done a great job of shooting his female talent in a way that shows off their best assets. She moves into bed with both guys and really shows more energy than usual. They fuck her from behind and we get some very good swaying tit shots. When she gets on top, Gianna rides Sledge like she’s really feeling something deep. Her energy level is super high in this scene and anyone who loves her big rack is going to cream constantly. For the big finish she gets down on her knees and begs for their cum. They spray her down and she wears some while eating the rest. This is one of Gianna’s best scenes to date and a super strong addition to an already hot movie.

When Von Swine gets pictures of his girlfriend sucking cock, he goes looking for Sean. He is on set with Sierra Sinn and unaware that danger is coming. It’s kind of hard to be watching your back when you’re looking into a tight young pussy. He has her work on his cock while she rubs her slit. There is a bit of gagging because that’s what she does. I prefer to watch her fuck, especially when Sean lifts her up in RC and pumps her up and down on his dick. She wants him in her ass and spreads her cheeks perfectly for the long deep strokes. Sierra also does A2M like it’s just something girls do. I could care less about her unhygienic habits, but the actual ass fucking in this scene is tremendous. She eats a big load of cum right before all the guys show up.

It’s time for Sean to get his, but he slips out the door just in time. Now the whole mope squad puts her on her knees and she starts quagging her way through the big blow bang. For me, the action is much better when she is fucking and talking dirty, but the trained seal noises must be something that someone likes. There is some very solid fucking here, but to be honest, the Gianna scene was so good that it felt like the climax of the movie. This one may be the grand finale with white and black mopes drilling her pussy and covering her face with hot cream.

There is a lot of sex in this movie. It’s over four hours long and that usually isn’t a good thing. In this case, the movie runs so long because there are more scenes. Almost every girl gets fucked by multiple guys and then follows with a big blow bang. Normally I’m hit and miss on the b’bang action because they are usually pointless quag-fests. Some of these scenes suffer from this problem, but most of them are pretty damn good. There are a ton of highlights here including one of the best Gianna scenes I’ve ever been fortunate enough to watch. No blow bang for her, but the tease and sex in her three-way is as spectacular as her massive chest. I loved Marie’s scenes of course. She’s a great performer. Interesting enough though, it was Kaci who really stole my attention. She is really fucking cute and kept up her energy well through the whole scene. I have seen her before, but never quite like this. I like the stories that hold the action together. They make it fun to watch and no one takes it too seriously. That’s more than enough from me. This is a really excellent movie with great sex, hot women and a interracial action that is certain to ease any tension you’re feeling in your lap.


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