Wonderland (Metro)





116 Mins.




THEMES: Strippers, Young Girls




STARS: Violet Blue, Steve St. Croix, Katie Morgan, Charlie Lane, Trina Michaels, Candy Summers, Herschel Savage, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, James Deen, Kris Knight & George Kaplan



This is the first of several big releases that I’m going to review this week. “Wonderland” is an interesting title for an adult movie because it has so many additional images attached to it. We’ve certainly seen plenty of “Alice” porn flicks over the years. Some good, some not so good. Wonderland also conjures up images of John Holmes and the grizzly murders committed on that street. Somehow I doubt if DCypher is taking on that topic. In fact if looks more like a cross between “Lolita” and “American Beauty” with a porno twist. It apparently has more than a passing nod to Shakespeare himself. That can be a good or bad thing depending on who is in control, how hard they are willing to work and how seriously they take their project. Cypher’s effort looks pretty impressive on the surface with a slick box, tight cast and quite a bit of good press already. If nothing else, it should be a lot of fun.

The movie opens with some pretentious dialog by Steven St. Croix. We’re fifteen seconds into the movie and it feels like we’re watching Michael Raven at his worst. That ends quickly when Violet Blue takes a break from being a dancing butterfly to suck Steven’s cock. There aren’t too many women I enjoy more than Violet, especially when oral sex is on the menu. Most of the footage comes from a distance and that gives us a great view of her body, but not enough really good facial coverage. We keep this same distance as she starts riding his cock. I love her shapely ass and legs during the cowgirl and again as he takes her from behind. When he pulls out and shoots all over her stomach, their fun is over. Really over since Steven’s wife catches them. (Don’t worry though, it’s only a dream.)

Things start to wrong long before Steven realizes that he is in trouble. He grants permission for his step-daughter to bring her friend Lola home for the holidays. Before she comes home though Candy takes a final tumble with James Deen. The naughty little redhead spreads her pale thighs and lets her boyfriend have a farewell meal. She returns the favor and other than the same softish cut of the sex, it’s pretty good. There seem to be some tighter shots during the fucking, but the highlight here is the way her shapely ass looks as she pumps up and down on his meat stick. Even with that huge tat on her cheek, she has a great little ass that is fun to watch. She ends up taking a big shot on her waiting face. What a way to say good-bye.

Steven’s story includes some extreme jealousy on his end. The way the dialog is edited to include brief clips of fantasy and fear is interesting. I didn’t like it at first, but it kind of grows on you. It finally settles down for a scene between Katie Morgan and Evan Stone. She looks great as always and crawls on top of his body to get her mouth close enough to his cock for it to slip between her lips. That long hard pole slides into her mouth easily and she sucks it like she is in love with every single inch. Evan moves behind Katie and gives her a pretty hard fuck. It is still a softer scene with a lot of shadow and long shots, but that works well with Katie who looks beautiful from head to toe. The big pop ends up all over her tits. Even in a scene like this, Katie is a bright star.

The story jumps around and if you don’t follow closely enough, things will get a little annoying. Violet gets introduced as the woman who ruined their marriage and then we jump to a scene in a strip club with Trina Michaels giving more than a lap dance. They hook up for some nice reverse cowgirl that really shows off her big tits. With the heavy hooters hanging below her body, she takes his cock deep from behind. Trina is always a good performer and this is a competent scene, but it doesn’t offer anything other than a nice facial.

Before we get to the big climax we sit through more choppy dialog, clever editing and other things that make this movie unique. Instead of Steven and Violet though we watch Herschel Savage slip her some cash and play daddy to the cute young thing. She spreads her legs and lets him lick away on her sweet little pussy. If you’re looking for a lot of “daddy” talk you are going to be disappointed. Violet is too busy with her pretty mouth around his cock to worry about talking. This blowjob is even better than her first and we get some fantastic reverse cowgirl. She has the perfect body for this position and fucks like she really means it. After pushing her hips back during some well shot doggy, Violet takes his load all over her tight little butt.

Without question, this is the kind of movie that wins a lot of awards. The script and editing are top notch. Give them some time though. We aren’t used to this sort of feel from an adult movie and it make take a while for the rhythm to really kick in. Sexually this movie is what you would expect from Metro. It’s pretty, but not always shot for maximum strokeability. The cast is certainly good looking enough. Violet Blue does a great job in her two scene. She and Katie are rare in their ability to give us great scenes and handle serious dialog without a hitch. Both of them (As well as Steven) should get serious consideration come award time. We also need to recognize the script. This could have been a complete mess, but it turned out to be a very interesting piece of pornography. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn good and it is certainly worth a look for anyone who enjoys features.


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