Bend Over Babes


Bend Over Babes


MOVIE TYPE: Gonzo/Compilation

120 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: John Stagliano

THEMES: Butts, Public Tease



STARS: Brandy Alexandre, Sabrina, Lauren Brice, Chantel, Britt Morgan, Tori Wells, Cheri Taylor, Champagne, Bionca, Kristie Leigh,


This is another Buttman movie that has been put on DVD as part of a double disc. Bend Over Babes 1 & 2 are available on DVD so I would recommend picking it up in that format. It’s a bargain. This release is part gonzo, part compilation. It has some original scenes, but also features tons of butt shots from other Evil Angel classics. Anyone who hasn’t seen “Mystic Pieces”, “Legend of Reggie D” or “Dance Fire” may want to write those titles down as you enjoy this collection. It actually serves as a great preview tape in that regard. If seeing this great collection of butts doesn’t thrill you as a historic look back on the birth of porn as we know it, then you can make a great wish list of classic porn to pick up.

I love the title sequence with Lauren Brice and Sabrina rubbing lotion all over each other. The bikini girl footage is great and sets us up well. Buttman hits on a roller skating girl, but she takes off. We may see her later. He has better luck with Brandy Alexandre who follows him home and catches on quickly. She climbs the stares and gives us one of the best butt shots ever. He takes his time and covers the tease perfectly before stepping up behind her to fuck. It’s a very unique scene in that they are on a ladder/stairs with the camera shooting up as he fucks her from behind. Anyone who loves great leg/ass shots probably has this scene burned into their memory. This does leave us somewhat out of position for the blowjob footage, but it keeps things focused on her ass long enough to forgive this ‘problem’. Apparently it’s a very good blowjob because she ends up taking the shot on her face. It actually forces one of her eyes closed. That’s quite a load.

Things get a little choppy here for a while as we move from clips of Jack Baker to Don Fernando and get great butt tease everywhere. Don ends up by the pool with a blonde who I think might be Kristie Leigh. It’s not even a full scene and we get back to a long round of ass shots. Brandy is back and so are some other great looking booty babes.

John does the whole “I make music videos” thing on the beach with Lauren Brice. She doesn’t believe him at first, but teases like crazy. He follows her up onto a lifeguard tower and gets some tremendous public tease footage. When the tries to touch her, she refuses, but asks if John would like to shoot her with her boyfriend. Back at home, she introduces us to Jon Dough who seems a bit shy about the camera, but forgets all about being watched when his girl gives him a sexy lap dance. The action is slowly paced in this scene with a lot of butt footage, but it’s very good and certainly qualifies as classic Buttman. Even when she is on top, the camera sticks mostly to her butt as Jon pulls his girl down around his cock. The popshot also ends up on butt.

Part of the next tease sequence includes Cheri Taylor washing a car in a mini dress. No matter how many times I see this scene I can’t get enough of it. This woman had one hell of a great body and John shoots it perfectly. She eventually gets into the action by riding Billy Dee’s dick. Some of the short sex clips are a bit frustrating because we leave just when things are getting great. The Tori Wells/Brit Morgan three way is a perfect example of this. (Mystic Pieces is still one of the hottest adult movies every made.) Just watching Tori bury her face between Britt’s cheeks as she rides cock is enough to make me dig through my storage unit to find the original.

Back on the beach, John runs into Lauren and Sabrina. He tires to hit up Sabrina, but her boyfriend (Eric Price) shows up. They go back home and John films as Eric shows off his girl’s super find body. As before, the butt footage takes center stage and they tease for quite a while before getting down to the sex. Once Sabrina gets her mouth on his cock though, the action really takes off. This girl was really pretty and always looked like she liked having a dick in her mouth. Eric takes her from behind and fucks her very slowly. This certainly feels low key compared to other Buttman scenes, but it’s really beautiful. Even with some low light issues you can see how well he frames the action and get a glimpse into a camera style that would change the industry. It’s not a great scene, but Sabrina looks good and her cheeks get sprayed.

At the end of the movie John finally tracks down his skater, Chantel and gets her back to his place. She’s not a bad looking girl with decent curves and a slutty way about her. He films her as she spreads her legs and jams her fingers up into her pussy. Eventually she puts her lips around his cock. John uses mirrors to help capture the action as well as a little POV for the close ups. It’s short, but the facial is really great and she smiles up at the camera as it drips from her chin.

The editing of the clips leaves a bit to be desired, but you can’t argue with the quality of the material here. There are four original scenes and all of them are pretty good. Brandy’s scene is a classic for butt lovers. Lauren gets big points for the tease and even Chantel’s action has some great butt appeal. Sabrina is pretty and well shot in this scene, though she falls a little short on the heat meter. I think that butt shots thrown in are great in some ways and hard to watch in others. We get a chance to see Brandy Alexandre a lot and that’s a good thing. Some of us remember her as one of the first butt queens. (And some of us miss talking to her.) It also teases us a bit with pre-Vivid Tori Welles and that just makes me want to run out and get my copy of “Mystic Pieces.” Though it is a discussion for another day, I would still stack that movie up again just about anything else as one of the greatest of all time.

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