Hit It Like That Again


Hit It Like That…Again


143 Mins.

New Breed







STARS: Annabelle, Persuasion, Charlie Morgan, Karma, Roxxie,


I guess the last time we hit it, it was pretty good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t want us to hit it the same way a second time. The follow up to New Breed’s successful new black girl movie has some dark skinned honeys ready to get it own for some cash. I don’t recognize most of these girls, but I do see Persuasion in the cast. I’ve enjoyed her in a handful of scenes so far and look forward to seeing what she can do here. If the rest of the girls are as much fun as she is then it’s easy to see why we would all want to hit it again and again.

Persuasion shows up selling packing supplies. The guys like the way she looks and offer her some quick money if she’ll take a ride on the couch. A little shy at first, Persuasion warms up when enough cash is put on the table. Tony Eveready is the guy on the receiving end of the oral action as she strips down, bends over and puts her pretty lips to good use. The first few minutes of blowjob footage is shot from under her body so that we end up staring at her upside down tits for a while. I like the view better when we can see more of her pretty face. Tony turns the tables on her and spends better than five minutes between her legs. That may be no time at all in real life, but it’s an eternity on screen. After all that oral sex, the fucking seems to move along pretty quickly. He takes her hard from behind and her energy level is really high. It’s too short, but the hot fuck ends with a really nice facial from this cute babe.

Roxxie shows up to do a little strip tease and ends up with a dick in her mouth. For some reason the blowjob is really short. I guess the guy just wants to see her bent over the pool table. This scene is really short and cuts abruptly with a big shot right on her face. I like this one, but the pace is really odd and I wanted to see more.

Kangpin is worried that cute little Charlie might not be willing to do everything it takes. In comes the guy and our sexy little newbie starts earning her money. She has a really pretty face and a great mouth, but isn’t going to set the world on fire with her energy. A bit thick around the middle, Charlie shakes her booty and is ready to open up that pussy a bit. Doggy is a good angle for this girl because she’s got some serious back. Of course her face is the truly exceptional feature. The biggest problem is that she kind of looks bored at times. That gets better when she is on top. Charlie seems to have a lot more fun as she moves into doggy and lets him shoot all over her ass.

Cover girl Annabelle is the kind of girl who gets her motor running as the cash comes out. She’s got a body worth paying for and is ready to put her charms to good use for our viewing pleasure. Getting her pay for play motor running, she bends over and gets fucked nice and hard. I like the view of her body in mish as her pussy gets stuffed. I love the eye contact she makes while being fucked, but there are times when you can see the dollar signs flashing. There are some really nice butt shots as she rides his dick. It could be hotter if she looked like she was really into the sex, but she still bring some heat to the table. Another big shot on her ass and it’s time for the next girl.

Karma comes in to do a bikini shoot and it heats up quickly. She gets naked and the photographer dives between her legs for a taste. There are no dollar signs in this girl’s eyes, but she isn’t nearly as cute as the other girls. There is some really good looking doggy action here. He slams into her balls deep from behind. When he has given her all he has in one hole, they roll over and start the anal. The strokes are not nearly as hard in the butt, but when she gets on top we get to see how well she can work those hips. All that slamming has him ready to shoot and we finish things off with a big anal cream pie that oozes out of her freshly rammed rear.

There is some really good black on black action in this movie. The girls are pretty decent looking even when they aren’t tearing things up with sexual heat. A couple of the girls spend entirely too much time looking at the camera for direction. Persuasion impresses me again, but there are a few Charlie and Annabelle have the looks to take them to great heights. Obviously this movie will appeal most to guys looking for curvy black girls showing off their big booties. If that isn’t your thing, then you should probably be hittin’ it somewhere else. I have enjoyed other New Breed flicks more than this one, but it is a good genre-specific title that will please the core audience.

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