Searching for the Anal Queen 2

Search For the Anal Queen 2


145 Mins.

New Breed/Ultra Hard


THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Jayna Oso, Melissa Lauren, Brandi Lyons, Katja Kassin, Lena Ramon, Alex Sanders, Scott Lyons, Lee Stone & Rick Maters


It’s time to resume our search for the anal queen. It’s a fun search that has already shown us some great looking anal babes. This time around we get Jayna Oso who is super cute and just seems to get hotter with every passing scene. She will have to bring her A game to win this one though. She is up against Melissa Lauren who just might be the dirtiest sluts in all of porn. (And I mean that as a huge compliment.) Katja Kassin will be a very tough girl to beat as well. She’s got the big killer ass and knows how to take dick between the cheeks. Brandy Lyons and Lena Ramon are both good performers, but they will really have to shine to break though the big three.

Jayna Oso is the first girl to give us her best anal effort. She tells us that one of her favorite stunt cocks is going to do all sorts of things to her ass. Of course it’s Alex Sanders so how much can he really do? She takes him to the back of her throat with ease. He just holds it there as she drools all over it. This is what happens when girls don’t fake gagging on little cocks. It’s realistic to see her take is so easily and it’s somehow sexier than watching her pretend that there is something big in there. Even when Alex rolls her over into Gag Factor position, she just lets him pump away with no problem. When she sticks her ass up in the air, he shoves fingers in there and stretches her out quite a bit. He slides her up on top of him and Jayna pounds her ass down as hard as she can. She does a great job riding and then sucks him clean in between just to show that she’s down for anything. If ass to mouth is your thing, then she does enough to keep you really happy. There is also plenty of well shot, hard anal action when she takes it from behind. The piledriver action is fantastic and Jayna is already setting the bar very high for the other girls in the movie. Even though the scene runs on for a very long time, the energy stays really high so it doesn’t drag much. Alex finally pulls out and gives her a nice load for her pretty face. It’s going to be tough for anyone to top.

Melissa Lauren is up next and she gets to work with a rather sizeable slab of meat. I don’t know if I like her better as a blonde or a brunette, but no matter what color her hair is, she’s a cock crazed slut. The problem with having her work with Lee Stone is that she insists on taking all of his cock down her throat and that leaves her choking, gasping for air and covered in drool. It seems to fit better in her ass than her mouth and Melissa can’t seem to get it balls-deep fast enough. There is some fantastic footage of her in RCA and that monster pole pushing deep into her colon. She even lets him work that thing into her pussy for a while before dumping his DNA all over her face. This is a good scene, but I still give Jayna the slight edge so far.

Brandy and Scott Lyons shows up together. She gives us a little tease as she loses her clothes. More of this would have been really good, but she is hungry and needs his big cock in her mouth. There are some good deep strokes, but she hurts herself a bit with the quagging noises. It was going to take a lot for Brandy to keep up with the first two babes and right now she is trailing by a lot. They give her pussy a workout, but this is a search for the anal queen so her booty has to take the bulk of the work. There is some great footage of her butt as she rides his dick, but the real fun comes when he opens her up with a huge butt plug. With that thing and some serious finger action, he leaves her stretched and filled with cum. The camera moves in really close on her abused and dripping anus. Not my thing, but some of you may dig it.

Lena Ramon starts out her scene by literally pissing all over AVN. She is pretty unhappy with them, but before we can really examine Lena launches right into some loud cock sucking as Rick Masters tries to slam his cock down her throat. He even gives her a donkey punch for good measure. They move upstairs where the intensity stays high and Lena can hardly contain her near screaming as his cock presses at the back of her throat. She sprays the camera and it takes them a while to clean it off. Using a combination of toys and the real thing, she goes through the vag and into anal. Lena has never really done a lot for me, but she is a very enthusiastic performer who turns in a really fine anal scene here. Rick rolls her into piledriver and lights up her ass with some deep strokes. He uses the big dildo on her pussy and Lena seems to like it. They even stuff both ends of the double dong into her holes while Rick gives her double pussy penetration. This scene earns some points for originality and for having a nice big shot on her face.

If the name of this movie was Searching for the Ass Queen, then Katja would win hands down. She’s got the big ole booty thing locked up. Lee Stone is on hand to dish out the dick and Katja goes right to work trying to make it fit down her throat. Though she nears trained seal levels with the noise, she never quite goes all the way over into that horrible territory. Instead she sucks him off and lets him go straight into her ass. Lee is a big guy so he is able to pick her up and bounce her on his pole for a while. That is an impressive feat and it provides with both great butt footage and outstanding anal sex. As usual, Katja proves that she more than just a woman with a great ass. She takes every inch of meat that Lee has to dish out with ease. They take a few breaks along the way to let her stuff that thing back into her mouth. I like the variety offered here as they move into a number of eye pleasing positions. Katja has it all and proves to be worthy of praise for her body as well as her intense sexual energy. He finishes her off with a really nice shot on the face.

This is a really good movie with five very impressive anal scenes. Lena and Brandy are probably my least favorite, but even they turn in fantastic ass fucks. If you can judge a great stroke flick on the strength of the weakest scenes, then this one is really good. The big three really shine. Melissa hurts her cause a bit with the gagging and ends up in the third slot on my scorecard. Katja takes Stone really well and proves that big cocks and big asses often come together to give us big time porn fun. At the top of my scorecard is Jayna Oso. She doesn’t get to take on a really big cock, but easily handles what is given to hear and combines great looks with fantastic energy. I don’t know if she is the hottest girl in the first two movies, but she certainly earns herself a slot in the finals. So for today we have found the anal queen and her name is Jayna Oso.

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