2 Dollar Bill


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$2 Bill



100 Mins.







STARS: Lanny Barby, Lucy Lee, Tory Lane, Jada Fire, John Strong, Jerry, Manuel Ferrara, Evan Stone,


B Skow has been around long enough that we can stop calling him the new guy on the block. He’s done some very interesting stuff for Vivid and now I’ve come to expect quite a bit from his work. This movie stars one of Vivid’s hottest girls, Lanny Barby. She is gorgeous and is also quite capable of turning in a great scene. In this movie she plays a stripper whose life is connected to everyone else in the cast by a single bill. It’s not exactly a tightly scripted porn story, but it features some women who are as hot as Lanny and ready to fuck. Lucy Lee and Tory Lane are high powered performers and Jada Fire is a top to bottom hottie with fantastic energy. With some gonzo guys in the cast, we can hope that some of the sex in this movie will be hotter than the average Vivid effort.

Lanny is the first girl out of the box and she has a sexy dance in store for Evan Stone. There isn’t much time for dancing though because she wants his cock in her mouth. We get some nice shots from across the room as she bends over his lap and drops her mouth down over the shaft. Some good close ups of her face would be good, but it’s easy to enjoy the longer shots of her body as she gets into 69 and rubs her clit on his face. Maybe the dance wasn’t very long, but the sex is certainly eye popping. Lanny has great legs and a really hot ass that is nicely displayed as she rolls onto her side. Evan works his dick into that ass from behind and then really settles into a good rhythm as he pounds her from below. This isn’t her hardest anal scene, but the eye candy is great and she takes the shot right on her chin.

John Strong is getting a massage from Lucy Lee and it turns hot in no time. The second he rolls onto his back, she takes his dick in her mouth and swallows it all the way to the root. She is able to handle some pretty serious face pumping and doesn’t fuck things up with the duck sounds. This is the kind of massage that we would all pay extra for. John keeps the energy level really high as she mounts his condom-covered cock. Lucy arches her back and spreads her cheeks as he pistons up into her hot love tunnel. The mix of tight and long shots is really good here. We get to watch her hole get plugged, but also enjoy the view of her whole body as she pushes off with her feet on his thighs. This high impact fuck ends with a big shot on her face. Lucy is a very friendly girl and John passes the two dollar bill on to her.

At home, Lucy’s man (Manuel Ferrara) finds the money in her bra and accuses her f being a whore. To get over her, he heads down to the bar and picks up a working girl of his own. (Jada Fire) They head for the back where he can’t her out of her clothes fast enough. Jada bends over and he slides his face right between her big black cheeks. I can’t imagine how she can fit that big cock in her mouth with all the metal in the way, but she does an amazing job. She gags a bit, but that is only natural with a dick this big pressing its way down her throat. Jada keeps everything nice and wet and his dick slides easily into her pussy. The close quarters make it tough to get a lot of great shots, but the intensity is fantastic. We get some butt and boob shots as she rides in cowgirl and reverse. It’s hard to decide which angle is better with this girl. She has great boobs and a very hot butt. Jada turns around and takes a really big facial.

The cash ends up in the hands of the bartender who brings it home. He’s tired, but he has Tory Lane in his bed and she wants a little love. It takes a bit of convincing, but he decides that fucking a hot chick is better than sleeping. Tory slides up between her legs and licks the full length of his hard cock. A longer blowjob would be nice, but he rolls her over and starts finger fucking her pussy like he really means it. They go back to the blowjob footage where she gets her whole body into the act. Tory is red hot now and squats on top of his dick. They rush through a few positions until she settles into reverse cowgirl. We get some great shots of her body as she tries to fuck him until his cock falls off. He pumps that pussy hard enough to keep her tits jiggling all over the place. She takes a big load on her body and then takes the money from his jeans.

Tory leaves the cash with a cab driver who takes it right back to the club where Lanny is ready to do it all over again. This time she dives right into his lap and starts bobbing her pretty head in his lap. We get a great looking blowjob complete with some hot eye contact. Lanny is such a pretty girl that an all-day blowjob would work, but he apparently paid for more than just one orifice. She climbs up on top of him and shows off her sexy ass. The sex in her first scene was a bit more intense, but the eye candy factor is still super high. We do get a fantastic facial at the end. No wonder Lanny is so popular at the club.

In the bonus section we get some really hot scenes. Sky, Cheyenne, Jenteal, Raquel and Tori Wells make appearances. This collection of scenes is actually worth checking out even if you don’t like girls in the movie. There are also a lot of good stuff on Lanny as well as the usual Vivid extras.

This movie is loosely tied together, but it flows pretty well from one sex scene to the next. At least there is a little more to it than a couch and a few people fucking. Lanny gives us plenty to cheer about with two very solid scenes. I would have enjoyed a bit more tease with her dancing, but it is tough to complain when she is so eager to get a cock into her body. Tory Lane is hot as usual and Lucy Lee turns in one of her best blowjobs in a long while. They mix things up a bit with Jada Fire. She handles that big cock like a pro and manages to keep the energy really high. This movie isn’t a full feature, but it’s a bit more creative than your typical MTV style porn flick. It has great looking girls, high energy and best of all, doesn’t feature side show sex, trained seal sounds or anything else to take away form the action.


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