Hypno Fucked 2


Hypno Fucked 2

Stars: Bailey Brooks, Maya Hills, Lacie Heart, Tiffany Taylor, Steve Steele, Mike Hash,

Type of Action: Boy/Girl, Facials, Hypno-Sex

Length: 73 Minutes plus extras

Price: $35.00 at www. stevesteelepresents.com

Performer Appearance: Excellent

Video Quality: Excellent

Content Quality: Very good to Excellent (High Genre Specific Appeal.)


We pick up with Dr. Mesmer on campus. He has one of his mind controlled student lab assistants with him. Bailey Brooks is the cute blonde who does whatever the good doctor tells her to. For his amusement he has the girl suck on a banana and a cucumber while he attends to other matters across campus.

Mya Hills is a young student studying for her hypnosis final. Mesmer offers to put her under to help her. When Mya goes under, she gets tied to a chair. He is going to erase her mind and turn her into his latest lab assistant. While the evil device does its work on Mya, Mesmer takes Bailey into another room to fully enjoy her obedient body. She bends over and lets him lets him lick her pussy. Sticking with the theme, she is passive as she lets him do what he wants with no expression on her face. The shades on her eyes help that feel and even as he slams his cock into her from behind, Bailey takes it like a girl who is deep under. The doc could train contact girls how to fuck at this rate. Bailey gives a good blowjob and takes his load right on her tongue.

Mesmer leaves Mya on the machine too long and he turns her into a raving sex freak. All she can do is keep saying “fuck” over and over while trying to shove things into her orifices. He brings his assistant in to try and give her what she needs. This hot little babe opens her thighs and keeps up her mantra as he pumps his hard prick into her tight hole. Mesmer joins the fun and our little starlet has two cocks going into her the same time. I really like the way she works her mouth over a hard cock. We get some really good eye contact as she sucks them both at once. I can’t wait to see more of Mya because she’s just so freaking sexy. They blast her pretty face with two loads of cream. Yo doc, send here down my way will ya?

As part of the trade, Dr. Mesmer receives a deluxe cleaning cyborg. Tiffany is the cute robot with the great vacuum skills. The doc has a plan and calls Lacie Heart over for some fun. Lacie is a member of the big lesbian sorority on campus so she naturally attacks the pretty bot. Testing out the cyborg’s skills, Lacie spreads her pretty legs and enjoys Tiffany’s talented tongue. We get plenty of eye candy as the two pretty girls go at each other. Lacie gets on all fours and lets Tiffany eat her until the passes out from the intense pleasure.

When Tiffany has knocked Lacie out, the doc puts her to work on the business end of his cock. When Lacie wakes up and is disgusted by the hetero action, Mesmer zaps her and turns her into a raving bi slut. She loves the cock and can’t wait to get on top of it. This little blonde sure knows how to fuck. Tiffany doesn’t get much of a chance until he shoots his load all over her tit. Lacie gives the jizz a lick and seems to enjoy the taste.

As before, this is a movie for people who love the idea of pretty girls who can’t say no. The mind-control fans will really have a blast with this one. It’s as goofy as the first one and that’s a bit part of the appeal. The girls in this one are fucking fantastic. Lacie is the new Vivid Girl so you know she’s hot. Tiffany is also gorgeous and I like Bailey as well. Mya really got to me though and I’m going to watching out for this hot little babe in other projects. If I have one complaint about the movie it is that some of the sex scenes could be even longer to really let us enjoy all that the girls have to offer. It’s a good sign when we’re left wanting more rather than counting the seconds until the thing ends.

The bonus material consists of a blooper reel and a nice slice show.

Reputation: Excellent

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