Right Tool for the Job


Right Tool for the Job


87 Mins.

Video X Pix


DIRECTOR: Tom Scanlon




STARS: Siobhan Hunter, Krista Lane, Megan Leigh, Ron Jeremy, Carlos Valentino, Eric Dylan, Randy Paul


I know that some of you will balk if I call this a classic review, but too bad. For me porn began in the mid-80’s. I know that there was some great stuff before then, but I was a kid and we always gravitate to that first stuff we got to watch. So you’ll forgive me if I consider Siobhan Hunter, Meagan Leigh and Krista Lane “classic” babes. They may not be Golden Age, but they were some of the first girls I really sough out in movies. Megan was one of the prettiest girls in the business at the time with tiny tits, nipples you could hang your laundry on and a throat that seemed bottomless. Krista was a little older with a Debra Winger look to her. Siobhan was just…well she was just hot. She’s skinnier than I usually like, but there was something totally natural about her that always turned me on. As for this movie, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a classic. I don’t think it is going to show up on anyone’s top 100 list, but Video X Pix has put it on DVD so let’s look at it. At the very lease we may be able to introduce a new generation of strokers to the beauty of Megan and the incredible sex appeal of Ms. Hunter.

Meagan, Siobhan and Krista are friends who rent out a home to serve as their clubhouse. Though all three of them are married, they seem to need the privacy for a little bit of fun on the side. Krista sends the others to the store so she can sneak her Latin lover into the new pad. They go right to the bedroom where he has fun with her furry muff. Wow things have changed over the years. Krista returns the favor, sucking him rather deep into her throat before getting on to ride. She leaves her white lingerie on while fucking him and her whole look is pretty dated. (It’s like watching Miami Vice.) As he is nailing her from behind, Meagan and Siobhan come back. Though Siobhan is shocked by her friend’s infidelity, she waits for a few moments before moving away when Megan begins rubbing her nipples through her blouse. Back in the other room, the guy finishes up by shooting his load all over Krista’s ass.

Ron Jeremy comes by the apartment with a box of sex toys. He does a little goofy sales pitch and then rushes out before he even collects his money. When he leaves, the girls try out some of their new toys. Siobhan is still shy so she watches as Krista and Meagan hook up. I like watching them make out in lingerie, but they want to get down to the serious pussy licking pretty quickly. Krista uses a big vibe on Megan’s slit, working her over and giving us a nice view of the action as she does. Returning the favor, Meagan works her way through the forest and slips that toy right into her folds. Siobhan takes off in the middle of the fun, but the girls don’t seem to notice. They have moved on to strap on sex. Krista gives it to her pretty friend nice and hard from behind, breaking in the toys properly.

Though she is a shy girl, Siobhan doesn’t resist at all when one of the other girls’ husbands comes on to her. They quickly retire to the bedroom where she tells him all about her secret lust for him as she disrobes. We don’t see that kind of stuff these days and it’s pretty hot. He goes digging between her thighs, working fingers in there and getting it all wet. Siobhan always gave great head and this scene shows her sucking like she really does have a whole lot of pent up lust to release. They give us a really short vag before moving her into doggy for some anal penetration. I love her dirty talk and some decent footage as he spits her pale cheeks. Moving from anal back to vag, he finishes her off with some more doggy and a drops a load on her slit.

Meagan is also happy to share cock with her friends. She ends up with Randy Paul on the bed. He spends quite a bit of time between her legs, but the real treat comes a few minutes later. Meagan was one of the best oral artists in all of porn. She makes short work of Randy’s dick in a way too short blowjob that barely gives us a chance to see just how sexy she is with a cock buried in her throat. Randy gives her a solid fuck in mish. I love watching her legs flail about as her pussy gets nailed. Only one position here though as he pulls out and shoots all over her tiny tits.

Megan and Krista are all set to take a vacation together, but Jeremy shows up looking to get paid. When Megan is short on cash, she pays him the only way she knows how. Her body looks fantastic in her heels and hose as Ron works his mouth from her perky nipples to her waiting slit. She loves the way he licks her pussy, but that only gets Ron hard enough to jump right in and start fucking her. No oral from Megan? No deep throat of that huge cock? What a crime. We are treated to some nice mish and good doggy and Ron lights her up with that long pole. She finally takes a short break to give excellent head. After worshipping that big prick, she takes it from behind until Ron is ready to cream her cheeks.

This movie reminds me of so many mid-late 80’s flicks. It has a plot thin enough to dissolve under even the slightest examination. Don’t think about it too hard or the whole thing makes no sense. The clothes, hair and make up are totally dated, but you have to expect that from a movie that is older than most current porn chicks. Meagan and Siobhan really look good in this movie and they are up to for just about anything. We get some anal from Ms. Hunter and a whole lot of pops on belly and butts. No facials to speak of and that’s too bad given the nice looking cast. Sexually the movie is decent. We have evolved a great deal in terms of how action is shot. There is even one single-position boff and that’s just not going to happen today. The transfer is all right. I’m sure that the original didn’t look all that great and there is a slight tracking issue at the bottom of the shot. It’s still better than any decades-old VHS copy of this movie you might find at a garage sale somewhere. Fans of these classic babes, full bushes, Miami Vice clothes and erections that don’t come from a bottle will be able to look past the issues of the day and enjoy it for what it is.

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