Jacks Playground 28


Jack’s Playground 28



101 Mins.

Digital Playground






STARS: Teagan Presley, McKenzie Lee, Katsumi, Terri Summers, Poppy Morgan, Scott Nails, Eric Masterson, Marco Duato


I don’t know how Robby D can follow up the brilliance that we saw in Jack’s 27. Such stunning non-sex performances are rare and probably can’t be duplicated. OK, that was my PR team taking over for a few lines. In truth the way Robby is going to top 27 is by bringing Teagan back to the series for a scene. That is reason enough to want to watch this movie. For all of us who have been on the Teagan bandwagon from day one, this movie is long overdue. I know that the scene isn’t newly shot, but we haven’t seen it yet so that makes it new. He seems to like shooting Katsumi and that makes sense. She’s a great performer who always seems to look really good even as a huge dick threatens to split her in half. It might be tough for us to sit through the movie waiting for Teagan’s scene, but I’m sure there will be plenty of good stuff to keep us busy while we wait. By the way, there is a full-length commentary on the DVD that features Robby D, Montel and the whole Jack’s gang. I’ll keep track of that just to see what sort of fun they come up with along the way.

Katsumi shows up at Jack’s place and talks about how sad she is over a recent break up. Scott Nails shows up and moments later whips out his big dick. She gets a big smile on her face and starts sucking it. This is a girl who really knows how to work a dick and the blowjob footage is fantastic. Katsumi goes all the way to the base without all that gagging bullshit that fucks it up. We get some POV and a variety of angles. It’s a little hard to concentrate on the sex if you’re listening to the commentary because it’s too funny. Scott moves behind the sexy little Asian girl and fucks her little pussy. On the commentary track the guys make mention of a few different reviewers and take a shot at one in particular. (Not me, I’ll let him address that stuff in his own review.) Scott moves easily from the vag to the anal, keeping Katsumi on all fours and working her over so hard that she is bound to forget her big-dicked ex. (Is big dicked hyphenated? Someone call Tod Hunter and ask him please.) She goes flat onto her belly and spreads her cheeks for some serious anal action. Scott pounds her into the couch and gives us a great scene before shooting his wad right onto her outstretched tongue. Katsumi is hot, always hot.

Terri Summers shows up and falls for the music video line that Jack has beaten into the ground for 27 plus volumes. He gets to play with her ass a little bit while they wait for Marco to show up. As soon as he does, she opens her mouth and takes his cock. I’m not sure about Terri’s hair, but everything else on this girl is just stunning. As pretty as she is, there is a bit of that Euro-glaze thing going on with her. She seems a bit distant as he fucks her so we lose some of the heat that was built up in the first fuck. He loses his load on her tongue. This is pretty good, but after the Katsumi scene it is easy to feel spoiled.

Scott is back, talking to Robby while Poppy Morgan is hiding under the sheet. She gets out and puts on her clothes for some reason. It gives us a chance to check out her “bum” and her “limey jugs” through the skimpy outfit. Poppy wants to be in a music video and is willing to go right back to sucking dick if it will help her land the part. The blowjob this time is too short though as she is anxious to feel his cock in her pussy. Scott lights her up and she can’t help but practically scream from start to finish. The best shots come when she gets on top and squat fucks that thing. This chick has some hot legs and pumps his cock in this position perfectly. He fucks her from behind and then leaves his load all over her face. Poppy knows how to fuck and she looks good doing it.

McKenzie Lee and Scott get busy for the next scene. She is willing to do whatever she has to in order to get into the music video. A blowjob is a good place to start. The camera moves right in close as she strokes that long pole into her mouth. (And by the way, the commentary has now broken down and become non-stop fart talk.) Scott goes right for the ass, bending her over and goes in as far as he can. The doggy is good, but RCA looks even better. (Though now we notice just how much dick is left after he bottoms out.) McKenzie is a cum hungry British slut who plays with the load for a while after he hits her on the chin with it.

We finally get to Teagan and in true gonzo style, Jack and Eric pull into the gas station to find the sexy girl working the pumps. She slips into the bathroom with Eric and the fun begins. There are some fantastic ass shots of her incredible backside. (My favorite quote from the commentary comes here “Teagan is fucking hot.”) She works on his cock and as the guys in the booth point out, she handles the dick easily. (Man they just rip Eric relentlessly.) No matter what they are saying about his size, or lack thereof, Teagan looks great with a dick in her mouth and when the angle finally switches to a POV, at least half of the audience will lose loads. It is a bit cramped in the bathroom but he bends her over and starts pumping away. (With her cheeks so curvy, how can he even get it in there from that angle?) (See Jack, I can do commentary hilarity too.) They move into the stall for reverse cowgirl and Teagan shows the kind of energy that makes her so much more than just a pretty face. He nuts in her mouth and though she gags on the load a bit, Teagan swallows and gives us a big beautiful smile. She’s worth the wait and I’m hoping this year she actually comes through with the blowjob she promised me.

If you listen to the commentary you might be distracted a bit. I would suggest watching it once with the normal sound and then giving it a second try with the commentary. That way you can enjoy some really good sex and then sit around eating while they make jokes the second time around. Teagan is the primary reason to watch the movie and she does a very hot little scene with Eric in the bathroom. She is still one of the cutest girls in all of porn and is totally capable of giving us fantastic action. Let’s see more of Teagan in 06. Katsumi’s opening scene is really good. There aren’t many girls in porn who can take a big cock like this sexy little chick. Poppy Morgan and McKenzie also turn in good scenes, though they lack the extreme heat that Katsumi brought to the opener. Overall this is a solid little gonzo flick with a couple of great sex scenes. It’s also a very funny movie, but most of the laughs come from the audio commentary. Now we’ll just have to see what a certain reviewer has to say about this one. (And whether or not he still thinks that Celeste should direct a volume of Jack’s Playground.)


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