Two in the Seat 3


Two in the Seat 3



140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: Double Penetration




STARS: Monica Sweetheart, Crystal Ray, Taylor Rain, Belladonna, Claire James, Jessica Darlin, Mr. Pete, Pat Myne, Brian Pumper, Steve Holmes, Dick Delaware, Brett Rockman & Manuel Ferrara


Going back a few years for VHS reviews can be a whole lot of fun. Check out the freaking cast in this flick. From Belladonna to Taylor Rain, there are superstars, future superstars and one woman who could be called a legend in the annals of anal sex. David Luger has a great cast and a title that implies a lot of double anal. The box promises double penetration in every scene so maybe we won’t actually see a movie focused totally on guys rubbing their cocks together. I know that some people like it and good for them. I would just rather see guys enjoying fucking the women they are with rather than getting off on other guys. If he shoots the sex the way he is capable of, this could be a really great stroke flick.

Before Belladonna was a big star and a director for the Evil Empire, she was a do-anything girl who won legions of fans with her sexual heat. She shows off her body and Luger can’t compliment her enough. Since this movie is called 2 in the Seat, she needs a pair of dicks to kick off the action. Brian Pumper and Bret Rockman provide the meat for Bella and she licks at them both hungrily. She stares into the camera as she moves her mouth back and forth between cocks. The guys seem pretty impressed by her skills and start fucking her tight little box. We get some nice ass shots as she pumps her hips on Brian’s big dick. Bret helps her swallow more of his pole, but she doesn’t need a whole lot help. The guys move into position and fill both of her holes at once. This is a really great DP, but I don’t see any double anal here. I would imagine that the appeal here is watching those dicks rub together inside of one hole. Bella takes one in each hole though until the guys are ready to pull out and shoot cream into her mouth.

Monica Sweetheart has a body even more perfect than Bella, a face that is incredible, she isn’t all inked up and her scenes are every bit as hot. No wonder everyone loves her. Pumper is back and he goes for her tits while Dick Delaware dives between Monica’s thighs and tongue fucks her hot slit. She finds her way on top of Brian’s cock and gives Dick the best head she can manage while moaning so loudly. They fuck her hard enough to really get her tits shaking and if you like hand action during oral sex you have to see the way she jerks Brian’s dick. They have to double penetrate her holes to slow her down a bit. Her pretty ass stretches to take one cock and we get another great DP scene. There aren’t many girls who look this good and can fuck like she can. The guys feed her plenty of cum with Dick actually coming right back for a second load just moments after she swallows the first two. What a great scene from a beautiful woman.

Claire James has a big smile on her face and can’t wait to get busy. The horny young girl talks about how she loves to get pounded and wants sex at least twice a day. The guys come in while she has a finger up her ass and start banging her right away. Brian Surewood takes the lead, fucking every one of Claire’s holes including her ass during some hard RCA. She look really big around the middle and almost pregnant in some of the shots. Claire has a really nice pussy and her big tits are all over the place as she slams down on his dick. Mr. Pete is the other guy and he eventually works his way around behind her to help with the DP. They hold her cheeks open during the DP and make sure that we really get to watch her take every inch. This is a pretty good scene, but it is buried in the middle of several that blow it away.

Crystal Ray has always been a personal favorite of mine. She gives a charming interview on the couch. Her body is looking a little thin in this scene, but Crystal has that sexy co-ed thing going that makes everyone stiff in the pants. By the time the guys come in, she is ready to open that mouth and devour them both. There is a strong Tiffany Mynx vibe coming from Crystal and that is a good thing. She’s not quite the oral queen that Mynx is, but she tries really hard and takes an impressive amount of meat in her pretty young mouth. They pay her flat and start fucking the leggy blonde, giving her something deep to enjoy. She gets fucked in the face and the pussy at the same time to get ready for the actual DP that follows. Her body doesn’t look ready for that much dick, but she manages to take them all the way to the root in both holes. As hot as this footage is, she gets into RCA for some even better looking anal action. Crystal can’t get enough and is smiling as they take turns covering her pretty face with tons of goo. Another great scene from a very sexy girl.

Jessica Darlin is one of the best combinations of great body, pretty face and awesome performer in the history of porn. She teases and talks dirty on the stairs, shaking the ass that is about to get fucked and crawling up the stairs. They do a full interview on the couch and Jessica talks to us as she spreads her ass wide open. As soon as she sees cock, Jessica goes right after it. Too bad the guy (Pat Myne and Mr. Pete) are more intent on grabbing her head and making her gag than on getting head. I guess some guys aren’t all that fond of what a hot woman can do with her mouth and that reflects in the male talent as well as those who must be clamoring for such joyless, anti-sex shit in their porn. Even while she is fucking, Jessica has to have her nose plugged as she gets choked. Maybe some people get off on hatful crap like this, but I can’t stand it. In the middle of a movie that is almost perfect gonzo porn we end up wasting an amazing talent like Jessica on a scene that will only appeal to guys who hate women and having sex with them. Even the great anal is fucked up by Pete putting his foot on her head. I know this is porn and it isn’t supposed to be all soft and sweet, but it should be about sex, not some sad misogynistic need to make everything as ugly and undesirable as possible. Even Jessica’s great ass and a couple of hot facial shots can’t save this from being a dreary waste of talent in an otherwise great flick. (And how sad is to look back and realize that this shit would become the norm in porn.)

Taylor Rain is the final girl to make her appearance. This is early Taylor and shows off her beautiful young face and tiny body. You can see why she would become such a huge star, especially when she is bent over telling us how she likes big dicks in her ass. If that is the case then she is in for a treat as the takes on both Steve Holmes and Manuel Ferrara. She puts her pretty mouth to work right away, sliding her lips down both big poles and trying to get them wet enough to fit into her tighter holes. Who knows how those big cocks can actually fit into her little pussy. All I know is that she does a great job of taking them deep. What really makes this scene impressive is how different these two guys are from the last set. Steve and Manuel are good performers and don’t need to do what the other guys did to Jessica. (Or they weren’t directed to do so.) They work her ass and mouth at the same time and that seems to be all this little cutie can take. With Manuel up her ass in RCA, there just doesn’t seem to be any more room. Somehow they work both of them into her at once and Taylor doesn’t pass out from the action. She takes it perfectly and then lets them both cream all over that pretty face. As much as I hated the Jessica disaster, this one is fucking awesome.

With one horrible exception, this is a great movie. Luger takes the great cast and gives us some great scenes. There isn’t any double anal or cock rubbing of any sort so we can just enjoy the sex. Bella is great as usual, but the scenes get better and better as the movie progresses. Monica Sweetheart is just too damn hot for words. Taylor Rain may give the best overall scene and probably turns in one of her most memorable DP scenes. Anyone who love good double penetration flicks and wants to see some of the hottest babes from the past few years should go back and give this one a look. You can pick it up on DVD and that means even better picture quality for Monica, Crystal and Taylor as they get beautifully double stuffed.

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