Sakura Tales 8


Sakura Tales 8


128 Mins.



THEMES: Asian Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Nyomi Zen, Mya Lauanna, Kat, Taya Cruz, Arcadia Davida, Gianna Jolynn, Reno, Cheyne Collins, Sergio, Chris Cannon, Lee Stone, Talon


This is one of my favorite Asian-themed lines on the market and I have never been disappointed by it. That said we do have to kind of laugh at seeing Kat in the cast. More on that later though. DVSX was one of the first companies to give us solo scenes for each girl in addition to the hot sex. As someone who loves to watch pretty girls masturbate, I happen to love this bonus feature and the way they use it as a lead in for each scene. Each of the girls happily tells of a fantasy and then rushes headlong into the sex. It’s a simple set up and allows the girls to show off a bit in their schoolgirl uniforms. No wonder I like this line so much. It’s got hot Asian girls in school unis who get together for some solid sex.

Pretty Nyomi Zen leads things off and gets out of her skirt much too quickly. She gives us a really short tease before appearing with her clothes back on for the scene. I’m not sure if she just doesn’t speak English or if they just decided to cut right to the chase here. At any rate, we end up on the blowjob really quickly and I love the energy she displays. Her pretty pigtailed head bobs enthusiastically even when he stands and holds her up for some vertical 69. He puts her up in his lap and lets her bounce up and down as hard as she can. Her pigtails bounce nicely and even with a whole lot of ink on her body, Nyomi has a pretty fresh look. They get into a good rhythm and whenever her pussy isn’t being pounding, she wraps her lips around his dick again. There is some great looking doggy here that leads to a big shot all over her mouth and chin. Nice little opening fuck to be sure.

Arcadia is a girl I have heard about, but not seen yet. She adds some heat to her tease by talking to the camera as she talks about how much she can’t wait for her man to get home. As soon as he does make it home, she dives right over to suck his hard dick. Her pretty lips look good as she stretches her mouth to try and take him deep. Talon’s got enough cock to work all the way to the back of her mouth, but she just can’t get that last inch down. Not one to take it easy on a girl, Talon turns her around and slams into her pussy from behind. The cute little babe takes it perfectly. He goes through the motions a bit, fucking her like he’s not all that interested, but doing it really hard and growling out a few canned misogynist favorites. Arcadia makes this work though, taking his dick in her ass and slamming her body down until that whole dick is ramming away at her insides. Her energy is fantastic and the sex is perfectly captured here. Talon slams that ass and saves a great big load for her pretty face. Watch out for this girl sports fans, she has everything it takes to make it big.

Gianna is another cute girl with some serious tattoos on her body. Her story is a sad one. The poor girl is horny, but her boyfriend just doesn’t have the energy to fuck her properly. To solve the problem, she goes out and gets herself a schoolgirl outfit and as you would imagine, that did the trick. It takes her a few minutes to get Lee Stone totally into the action, but once he does, he dishes out that cock with precision and ferocity. She takes as much cock as she can in her mouth and then strokes the rest in her tight fist. There is a bit of gagging, but mostly this is just a very hot blowjob from a girl who fucks like she really has been deprived for a while. Lee pulls her on top for a short ride, but that’s just the warm up. He is really waiting to roll her over, throw one leg up onto his shoulder and punish that tight little hole with some powerful strokes. There is some excellent reverse cowgirl footage as she puts her little body on top of his and has a blast making that huge prick disappear. They roll back over to finish in mish with yet another great facial to close out the action.

Kat makes jokes in interviews about being cast in Asian lines even though she’s a Latina. As funny as that might be, she is a ball of fire and fun to watch in any movie. She has a crush on Chris Cannon, but he is interested in her big sister. Somehow I don’t think it will be too hard to convince him to see her for the grown up slut she is. With just a little convincing, she is on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I think he’s happy to have given her the chance because she works it over like she truly loves the taste. We get some really good POV footage with nice eye contact. What I like best about the blowjob here is that Kat doesn’t do the fake gagging thing that most directors have her do. Whoever choose to let her just suck without the fake shit should be given a medal. She always fucks like she loves it and watching this sexy spinner bounce on his cock makes for some great porn. When the pussy has been all warmed up he takes her ass from behind. For such a tiny girl, Kat is really one of the best anal performers in the biz and seems to be able to take almost any prick in that tight hole. Kat gives us a great anal show and then eats his cum like it’s candy. Asian or not, this girl is a hot fuck and this is one of her best scenes of the year.

I’ve seen Mya before and really like the way she looks. Her hot talking tease isn’t quite as good as the last two girls, but she looks fantastic in her schoolgirl uniform. Her hands are hard at work between her thighs when the guy finally shows up to give her what she’s begging for. He gets her all warmed up with a lot of oral attention, but she skimps on the reciprocity. She gives a very short blowjob compared to the other girls. That might be a bad thing if she weren’t so ready to climb on top and really put on a show. Her cowgirl ride gives us great shots of her ass, but the reverse really shows off her body. Mya’s energy is great and she talks dirty as he slams away on her. While not quite as hot as Kat, she knows how to fuck and sticks her ass out as he sprays her down.

Our last girl is Taya Cruz. She looks good in pigtails and wears the schoolgirl uniform perfectly. Apparently she met up with a guy who says that he teaches blowjobs for a living. She wanted to learn and Cheyne Collins is happy to teach her. Playing the part, she works slowly and lets him direct her. I’d rather just let her go to town, but I suppose there is some appeal in watching a girl who isn’t supposed to know what she’s doing. Since the blowjob is rather uneventful, we can hope for a spirited fuck and that is pretty much what we get. Cheyne does the bulk of the work while our cute little Asian doll pulls her legs back and get rammed raw. Proving that she can work just as hard as the guy, Taya gets on top and gives him quite a ride. The facial is good, but I think that we need to give this girl a few more scenes before we really see what she can do.

I like this movie for all of the same reasons that I always like the Sakura Tales movies. The girls are good looking, cute and all wear their uniforms perfectly. All the pigtails don’t hurt much either. Sexually this is a very well shot stroke flick with good lighting, better than average energy and nice variety to the action. I still wouldn’t mind longer tease segments and perhaps longer blowjobs for some of the girls, but for the most part this movie delivers. Kat’s scene is an awesome anal turn that takes full advantage of her tight little body. I love the fact that Ladd doesn’t have doing that annoying gagging sound. Arcadia may be the best new girl in the bunch, but we’re going to need to watch for Taya as well. You put girls like this into short skirts and pigtails and you have all the right ingredients, and in this case they are blended quite nicely.

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