Invasian 2

Invasian 2


211 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Asian Girls,




STARS: Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Katsumi, Brooke Milano, Roxy Jezel, Sabrine Maui, Nyomi Marcela, Jade Hsu,


I liked the first Invasian movie a lot. In fact I picked it as the Best DVD of 2004. It was classic Jules Jordan with a great cast of Asian women and amazing sex. Though it is probably unfair to set the bar that high, I do have high expectations for volume two. The cast is impressive again this time with Nautica Thorn and Luci Thai making appearances. I’m not sure if some of these scenes have been sitting around for a while though. Brooke Milano and Sabrine Maui haven’t exactly been busy beavers of late. It also seems as if Jules keeps a lot of the hot Asian girls for himself. I can’t blame him for that of course. I would do the same thing if I were in his shoes. In fact, looking at the box and seeing that he gets to fuck Jade Hsu, Katsumi, Brooke and even has Luci and Sabrine sharing his cock just makes me want to quit my life and shoot porn for a living.

Luci Thai and Sabrine Maui are two of my favorite babes in the business. They both look great as they stroll into the room and start kissing each other. Sabrine enjoys her new friend’s perfect tits Sabrine oils up Luci’s perfect flesh and we get a great looking girl on girl warm up. Jules slides in between the two beauties and turns a veg fest into an afternoon of “it’s good to be the director.” Way to save the hotties for yourself there JJ. Sabrine seems very comfortable with Jules and Luci isn’t about to be upstaged by anyone. The double blowjob footage is very easy on the eyes and sets things up nicely. He stacks the girls on top of each other for easy access. Luci gets most of the dick action at first with Sabrine on hand to suck his cock right from her friend’s dripping slit. Her ass is also in play and Jules pumps slowly between those beautiful cheeks. The camera is moving a bit too much at times, but Luci gives a nice anal scene as Sabrine waits her turn. After a very short time in this ass, Jules moves back to Luci’s backdoor. She is in piledriver and is more than ready to take every inch up her ass. For the big finish he has the girls get together and work a big load onto their faces. This is a good opener and a chance for us to appreciate Sabrine one more time.

Roxy Jezel looks really good in her fishnets. Jules is definitely sticking with what is familiar in this scene, but if it ain’t broke why fix it? The impeccably shot tease footage really focuses on her great ass and ends when she turns around and takes Jules’ cock out of his pants and starts sucking. He bends her over and samples her ass before shoving a big toy between her tight and tangy cheeks. Using a variety of toys, Jules gets her ass all warmed up and ready to go. His cock fits perfectly up that ass and Roxy proves to be a great little anal Princess. From any position her ass stretches and we get the perfect combination of eye candy and sexual heat. Roxy also throws a little hot talk into the mix to make it perfect. The RCA is particularly hot and Jules saves a nice big load for her pretty face. This is one of the best Roxy scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

Nyomi Marcella looks really good in her short black dress, but is about to get very friendly with something just as a black and even longer. She slips out of the dress, slides to her knees and goes searching for Mandingo’s anaconda. It isn’t hard to find and quickly gets popped into her hungry little mouth. The wraps both hands around it side by side and still can’t swallow what’s left. Focusing more on the balls, she licks and sucks them lovingly. There just isn’t much she can do with it orally so Nyomi gets up in his lap and tries to push her pussy down over him. For such a tiny girl she takes an impressive amount of cock and manages to give us some good talk as she goes. Mandingo takes it easy on her rather than just ramming that huge thing in. She gets on top in reverse cowgirl and works her hips nicely to take as much as she possibly can. He drops his dick across her face and lets it spray her down. This may not be a great scene, but Nyomi looks really good and does a nice job with the massive tool.

Jules tries something a little different with the first half of the Katsumi tease. The action is severely back-lit, giving us just the silhouette of her body. We get plenty of the traditional tease as well, with Katsumi showing off her cute little ass. She crawls over to Jules and Mark Wood. Katsumi is cute and all, but I just get the feeling I have seen her in this “same” scene so many times that it isn’t creating the spark that it should. She puts her gloved hands around Mark’s dick and starts sucking. There is just something cold and dispassionate about this scene. They pick a hold and start plugging away, but it just comes off flat. (I can hear the hate mail being typed now.) The anal sex is well shot and so is the DP I’m just not feeling it. They give her a big facial and she seems to like it just fine.

At 135 minutes, the first disc ends and the movie picks up on disc two.

I haven’t seen Brooke Milano around for quite a while, but she certainly looks good in her schoolgirl uni and glasses. She eventually slides up some stairs and looks up at Jules while rubbing his cock through his jeans. The eye contact here is very good and she knows how to tease. With the glasses on she looks a little bit like Mika Tan, but can’t handle much cock in her mouth. She says she has never had a cock so deep in her throat, but she doesn’t even get all of Jules into her mouth. With more eye candy than heat, she bends over and lets him fuck her slit from behind. As much as I love eye contact, it gets a bit distracting when she keeps looking over her shoulder at the camera. It is still a good scene, but with the bar raised by other Jordan movies and by other scenes in this flick, Brooke doesn’t quite bring enough to the table to make it stand out. Jules is having a great time though, fucking Brooke in spoon and showing off her pretty body for the camera. She jerks him off onto her face for a nice ending to a decent little scene.

Nautica Thorn strolls into the room and looks like a walking wet dream. Her tease footage is fantastic and no matter where you look she is gorgeous. Teaming with Mandingo, Nautica knows that she has her hands full in more ways than one. She holds his cock in her hands and teases the tip with her tongue. Since it is way too big, she has to make things fun and sexy at the same time. The eye contact here is perfect and Nautica looks like the most fun girl you could ever want to spend time with. They keep up the tease factor as she gives a semi-nude lap dance before backing her pussy up onto his huge cock. It stretches her to the max right away, but she pushes down harder. After a few strokes, she has most of it inside of her pussy and looks ready to rock. Jules lets her take control for a while and the incredible little Asian works her hips like she’s trying to crush her cervix. There is a heat in this scene that has been missing from the last two and Nautica has a lot to do with that. She looks incredible from any angle and takes a nice big load of cock cream on her pretty face. This is the best scene since Roxy’s and will be a tough one to follow.

For the finale, Jules brings out Jade Hsu and shoots her in the dark. (Is he paying homage to David Aaron Clark?) She is another cute girl who has a slightly hard goth-schoolgirl thing going on for this scene. I don’t think she can match Nautica’s energy, but at least she won’t have to worry about being ripped open by that monster dong. Jules keeps her for himself and quickly puts his cock between her lovely lips. Sliding her skirt down around her knees, he fucks her from behind. This scene reminds me a lot of the one we saw with Brooke. It looks great, but it’s somehow sterile and a bit cold. She lets loose a bit in mish, fucking him back and getting more vocal. There is nothing wrong with this scene of course, it just follows Nautica and that is always tough. By the time she gets on top they have picked up the energy level and the scene is starting to really work. The facial is good, but it just took this scene too long to really take off.

This is a very good movie with a couple of brilliant scenes. It is not as strong from start to finish as the first Invasian, but it’s still one damn fine flick. With seven scenes and over three and a half hours of footage, it might have been better if had been cut a bit. A couple of the scenes seem a bit flat when compared to the best that this movie has to offer. Katsumi just didn’t seem to have much going in her scene and both Brook and Jade are less than the shining stars they can be. On the other end of the spectrum we have amazing scenes from Nautica and Roxy. It isn’t a shock that I loved the Nautica scene. She is perfect from head to toe and works really well with Mandingo. Roxy is a girl I really like, but rarely see her as hot as she is in the scene. In both of these scenes we get the perfect combination of beautifully shot action and white-hot sex. If I were grading this movie just on the best five scenes it would be an A or an A+ and even the couple of lesser scenes can’t drag things down much. (You can always just skip those on DVD anyway.)

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