Pound Cakes


Pound Cakes




110 Mins.

Adam & Eve



THEMES: Big Tits

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Brooke Haven, Mika Tan, Carmen Hayes, Sara Jay, Isabella,


It isn’t like Adam & Eve to be un-PC with their movies, but this one pushes things a bit. The title apparently is a reference the “extra padding” being carried around by the female cast. I wouldn’t exactly describe these ladies as big, but I suppose a couple of them are on the heavier side of the porn scale. None of them are fat or even chubby, but there are some big-titted babes in the cast and certainly enough cushion for the pushin’. Carmen Hayes is already a favorite in the big-tit crowd, Sarah Jay is a very hot chick with a cushy booty and Mika Tan is just a sexual dynamo. I’m not sure how hard the sex is going to be, but at least we won’t have to worry about any of the girls snapping like toothpicks from a little hard pumping.

Sarah Jay gets pulled over by a cop for running a stop sign. He goes inside with her and they get to work making him forget about the minor infraction. It doesn’t take long for her to reach down and see what he’s packing. Sarah is definitely thick around the middle with some really big tits and a nice looking pussy that he happily munches while fingering her to full froth. I love her big eyes and during the blowjob we get some great looking POV that show them off beautifully. Sarah takes him to the root and has the stick all juiced up and ready to slide all the way home. She bends way over and encourages him to fuck her harder. Before moving on we get some great looking tit fucking. Why more people don’t shoot this kind of stuff with a girl on her knees and working big hooters around a cock is beyond me. For a bigger girl, Sarah if very flexible and after piledriver shows her off, she pulls her feet up over her head to really let the cop drive it deep into her pussy. The dirty blonde gets fucked raw and then begs for a taste of cum. He pulls out and gives her exactly what she wants. I love the way this girl fucks.

Carmen Hayes shows up for her weekly fuck session with her ex. They exchange some rather flat dialog and then she wants to get her full hour’s worth from Scott Nails. He whips out his cock and the busty black babe happily slurps on it. We get some good POV footage, but she doesn’t seem to look up that often. Maybe she is just concentrating on taking it deep like a good girl. There is some great oral footage here and some nice shots of her big tits as well. After fingering her slit for a bit, that cock just slides right home where it belongs. Her tits start shaking a bit in mish, but when Carmen gets on top we really get some bouncing hooters to enjoy. Back in mish she hooks her feet behind her head for some really great looking stuff. After some swinging boob shots in the standing doggy she spins around and takes his cream on her face and tits. That’s a damn good divorce if you ask me.

Mika Tan shows up to give a massage dressed in a suit and glasses. She looks fantastic like this and combines great sexuality with sophistication. He likes what he sees and is very impressed as she slowly strips out of her suit. Mika may not be rail thin, but she really doesn’t belong in the same category with the other girls in this flick. She climbs up on the couch and grinds her pussy into his face, using her fingers to free his cock at the same time. Mika moves down to the floor where she can look up into the camera for a hot blowjob. The glasses add a lot of heat, but mostly it’s Mika’s amazing mouth that makes this fantastic. She can stick her tongue way out as she downs his dick and that’s just fucking impressive as hell. Climbing on top she rides him just long enough for her pussy to coat his cock before going back to suck it clean. Cowgirl gives us a nice shot of her ass and I suppose it’s ample, but looks perfect to me. Her energy is impressive and she isn’t afraid to get loud, especially when he’s banging her from behind. Mika fucks back on his dick, giving us fantastic action and cementing her place as a top-level porn babe. After an exquisite fuck, she takes a big load on that pretty face. Mika is a jerk off fantasy come true.

Kurt Lookwood dreams of an old fashioned girl who will take care of his home and his cock. Brooke Haven is just such a girl and in his dream, she is a busty Barbie doll who lives to serve her man. He pulls her into bed and has her sucking his cock in no time. Compared to the last scene this one is off to a slow start in part because Kurt is in the shot way too much. He keeps stepping in the way during the blowjob. Even as she rides his dick in reverse cowgirl he has to poke his head out. Brooke takes everything he has easily even when he decides that he needs to hole her hands behind her back. The doggy is pretty hysterical though. Kurt shoves her down onto the mattress and she bounces up on his cock. Though this isn’t anywhere near as hot as the last scene, it isn’t bad and fans of big butts are going to enjoy watching her ride for a long time. They have enough energy to carry the scene and to leave him dripping with sweat as he finally shoots onto her tits.

Kurt comes back for the finale with Isabelle. She gets turned on watching the handyman outside and uses a toy on her hot pussy to pass the time. Like Mika Isabelle doesn’t really seem to fit the body type implied in the title, but she is very cute and Kurt is happy to join her as soon as he walks in on the pretty girl. He laps up her juices and then starts manhandling her tits and slit. Down on her knees she gets a chance to suck for a while before he takes over and holds her wrists over her head. They try some tit fucking, but it is really tough going with her moderately sized melons. I could do without the long shots of his ass as he fucks her face, but Isabelle gets into reverse cowgirl to wipe that from my memory. She works her hips well and gets that pussy stretched out nicely. I guess from this angle you could say that she has slightly thick thighs, but I still say that they are stretching it a bit to put her in the same category with Brooke or Carmen. We get a really hot doggy that shows off her body nicely and provides great energy. Up until the point where Kurt puts his foot on her head. What the fuck? Who told him to do that? They should be fired and if it was just a little move he threw in on his own then he should stop it. It isn’t good for the heat, it’s horrible for the eye candy and it’s probably one of the silliest (or gayest) things I’ve seen in a long time. That kind of kills the scene just before he shoots onto her face. I’m not sure why they did that, but things were going along pretty well up until that point.

So I guess these are supposed to be “big” girls, but mostly they are just hot. There are some great racks here and anyone who digs big tits is going to have to keep extra tissue handy for this one. I wasn’t real wild about the last two scenes, but that isn’t entirely due to the female talent. Mixing Kurt Lockwood’s “style” into an otherwise normal movie just kind of messes with the balance. Let’s move on from the semi-good to the really good. Sarah Jay is very sexy and I love the way she shows off her flexibility. I really liked her scene. Carmen is a tit lover’s dream and she also proves to be quite the bendable babe. Mika Tan is the hottest girl in this movie and one of the hottest girls in all of porn. When you add a suit and glasses to her and you have something thoroughly strokeable. This is one of the hottest looking scenes she has given us in recent memory. I liked just about every scene, but if you happen to be a big rack fan then you’re going to like it even more than I did. The sex is especially well shot and hot and that’s a nice change from some of the softer stuff A&E has done. More like this would make me really happy.


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