Shut Up & Fuck Me

Shut Up & Fuck Me


135 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Lauren Phoenix,

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex




STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Destiny, Brooklyn, Melissa Lauren, Aria, Haley Paige, Mark Wood, Byron Long, Alec Knight, Nick Manning & Lee Stone.


Doghouse Digital has this listed as Lauren Phoenix’s directorial debut so that alone should make it interesting. She is already one of the best and most decorated performers in the business so let’s see what she can do behind the camera. With Bobby Manilla helping out with the camerawork Lauren should be able to focus on the mood and energy of the scenes. Given some of the performers she has chosen for this flick, the energy should be considerable. Haley Paige and Melissa Lauren are two of the best combinations of great looks and amazing energy the industry has to offer. Though they might not be as well known as Lauren herself, I think they are both well on their way to that sort of recognition and fan adoration. Of course neither of them have an ass quite like Miss Phoenix so they will have to make it to the top on other body parts. Perhaps some of the newer girls can learn a thing or two from Lauren, Haley or Melissa. If not I’m sure that Aria can teach them a thing or two.

In a scene that fits the title, Lauren opens the movies on her knees with her head moving back and forth between two dicks. There is a voice over about how much she loves being fucked, but the truly impressive footage comes when she deep throats Byron Long’s massive took. When Lauren bends over to suck the other dick, Byron does some serious pinching on his to wedge it between her cheeks. It fills her up nicely, but he’s really struggling to stay stiff in this scene. The action is a lot hotter when the guys switch places so she has that big black cock in her mouth while Mark Wood slams the hell out of her fine ass. Riding Mark’s dick, Lauren shows off that trademark backside for just a moment before Byron stuffs it again. The DP footage is good, but Lauren is better when there is only one guy fucking her and we can see her body. She loves every inch and is happy to get into any postion that improves our view of the action. Mark and Byron take turns fucking Lauren up the back road before emptying their sacks onto her superstar face. It takes a star to really make a scene work sometimes and Lauren is certainly that kind of performer.

Melissa Lauren’s thick accent makes the voice over kind of funny, but she is all business when the action starts. Alec works his fingers into her pussy and has her purring like a pretty kitty long before the cock ever comes out. Melissa spits on his dick and then rams it down her throat. (Note the way she sucks and moans without the silly duck noises….nice.) After a blowjob that is way too short, she gets on top and rubs her ass while fucking his dick. The scene is moving along at a pretty average heat level until he rolls her over and starts drilling her tight asshole. Once her butt is warmed up, Melissa mounts in RCA and pumps her hips hard enough to take every inch. She hangs her head upside down for some throat fucking, but it is in piledriver where she really seems to shine. Melissa holds her ass open and gets fucked with every inch of cock he’s got. In between positions she greedily sucks his cock like she loves it and gives us all a treat. The scene probably runs a little long, but it ends with a nice shot right into her mouth giving us a second straight solid effort to start this flick.

One of the best things about being a director is getting to choose the scenes. Lauren decides that she needs some pussy and throws herself into a lesbian three-way with Destiny and Brooklyn. She strips both girls and gives them a little taste. Once they have passed this initial test it is time to open things up a bit and really have fun. She breaks out a glass dildo for some anal action. There is a lot of great close up footage of the tightly stretched sphincter as Lauren fucks her new friend with it. I’m not usually into veggie scenes, but the toy play here is very good and Lauren lends her own booty to the mix to make sure it’s damn sexy. She even lets them both fuck her for a little veggie DP action with toys. Now that’s what I call sweet lesbian love.

Aria and Lee Stone have been working together almost exclusively of late. They bring the same heat to their scenes that they have when they have at home. She can hardly wait to get his cock out of his pants and once she does Aria knows just what to do with it. Haley Paige joins the party and she does a nice job taking his big dick deep in her talented throat. Splitting the oral action takes a bit away from both girls and that’s a shame. After watching Haley suck some dick, Aria gets in there and starts riding her man’s rocket. Not to be greedy, Aria helps Haley up on top and then watches as the sexy young girl does her best to take it way up into her tight pussy. Lee lifts her in the air and lets Aria lick their hot parts while they fuck. Switching partners again Lee drops the hammer on Aria while Haley fucks her own butt with a toy. All that toy play still can’t prepare her young ass for the deep violation that follows. With Aria there holding her cheeks open Haley gets drilled in the butthole and proves that she is one of the very best in the biz when it comes bunghole loving. After watching Lee fuck Haley’s ass for a long time, Aria steps in to give a two-fisted handjob until he shoots a big load right into her mouth. Still sharing, she leans over and spits it into her young friend’s open mouth. Very hot anal action here.

Lauren comes back for a final scene with Nick Manning. After she strips, he climbs in there between her thighs and starts licking her pussy. The action gets Lauren very hot and thankfully there is more footage of her pretty face than of his mugging mug. When they switch positions, she finished off his dick without any effort at all. Lauren swallows the modest member, drools all over it and gets it ready for her other holes. There is some great mish footage as Nick pushes her legs all the way back until her toes are digging into the mattress up near her shoulders. That is some serious flexibility and makes for very hot action. Taking over, she mounts his rod in reverse cowgirl and works her ass all the way to the base. Lauren looks great in this position, but it is her enthusiasm and dirty talk that really push things way over the into the red. That famously big ass takes center stage when she turns around and keeps right on rocking. We’ve seen her take much bigger cocks in the ass, but this is just another example of how Lauren can make any scene really fantastic. They hook up for a serious round of doggy and then she rolls over to take his big load all over her tongue. Superstar man, that’s all you can say.

I am pretty impressed with this movie on just about every level. It’s technically solid with a good picture and it’s nicely edited. A few of the scenes feel a bit too long, but personally I prefer that to scenes that are too short. (Though the final Lauren blowjob could have been longer.) Lauren’s scenes are very good and that is to be expected. She handles Nick Manning and manages to make him look good. Her three-way was quite impressive because Byron just seems to be struggling these days and somehow it worked anyway. Haley Paige is fantastic as usual and teaming her with Aria isn’t a bad thing at all. I was pleasantly surprised by the three-way veggie fest. The toy play was great and once again Lauren Phoenix carries the action. What more can I say? This woman is hot and she never fails to give us a great movie.

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