Cum Craving Teens 1


Cum Craving Teens



125 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Younger Girls




STARS: Nautica Thorn, Kayla Marie, Avy Lee Roth, Stacy Thorn, Jassie, Melissa Lauren, Brian Surewood, Lee Stone,


We all love teens and we all love porn chicks who actually crave cum. Combining the two seems like a good idea. Even if it is tough to find hot teens who thrive on jizz the porn biz is the place to find them. Zak Wylde seems to be Elegant Angel’s resident teen expert. With other directors handling lines dealing with anal action, squirting and the darker forces in smut, Zak gets to take fresh faces beauties like Nautica Thorn and Jassie and turn them into well-fucked cock hounds. His movies are nicely shot and he seems to find young women who are capable of doing the kind of hard action fans expect. That makes for a nice combination in most cases. There are a few chicks in this one who don’t exactly fit the “cute” side, but they all know how to fuck and that’s probably the most important thing anyway.

Nautica Thorn opens the movie by shoving fingers into her pussy and talking dirty to the camera. This is great tease thanks to her perfect body and lovely face, but it is actually cut a bit too short for my taste. Then again the tease is replaced by Nautica on her knees with a big cock between her lips so it’s not a bad thing. Lee Stones is the lucky guy so there is plenty of cock for her to play with. Nautica uses two hands and her mouth and there is still some left over. I love the way she goes after every inch of his meat and then crawls after him when he moves to the couch. We get some nice shots of her ass as she finishes the blowjob and then outstanding leg footage when she mounts that long pole. It is just ridiculous how fucking hot this girl is. Her tight little pussy can take a lot of meat and when he lifts her up for some standing face-to-face fucking, Nautica literally screams her way through. Lee talks a lot during this scene and is just as enthusiastic about her skills as she is about his big dick. There is not a bad angle to shoot when you’re dealing with Nautica and we get a good variety with this scene. Lee bangs away from above then takes her in doggy, letting her arch her back and push against him. As the climax approaches, she stops every few strokes to suck his cock, finally finishing him off with some great head. Lee pops in her mouth and she lets some of his jizz dribble out onto her tits. Dude, this chick is fucking perfect, period.

Kyla Marie is rather cute as well and does her tease while satisfying her sweet tooth. She munches on a cookie and works over a sucker like she’s hoping it might spurt cream into her mouth. That little thing gets replaced by a cock and she works from the balls to the tip to make the guy happy. Eventually the camera moves upward so we can ID the meat puppet. (In this case Brian Surewood.) He stands there and lets Kayla do the work for a while. Eventually he helps her take the final few inches with some gentle head manipulation. The real treat here is that Kayla can’t keep her hands off of her pussy while she sucks. You have to love that in a teen. She is all juiced up and ready to go when Brian gets behind her and starts fucking. He has a pretty big dick for this sexy girl and she loves being slammed by every inch. It is hard to follow up a scene that is as good as the last one was, but Kayla has great energy and the tight shots of her pussy are quite hot. Her cute butt is also nicely displayed as she takes a very long ride on Brian’s meat. The way he holds her cheeks open I would imagine everyone is expecting (and hoping) to see him fuck her up the ass as well. That doesn’t happen though as he finishes off with doggy and a big pop on her sweet face.

Lee is back, this time with Avy Lee Roth. She just doesn’t really fit the whole teen thing. I know she’s young, but there is something hard about Avy that goes beyond the way she fucks. Avy pops her gum and talks to Lee as he gets his tongue to work under her plaid skirt. Since she does nothing for me, this scene is probably going to be hotter to move of you than it is to me. Watching her force herself to gag and get slapped across the face is just boring and unerotic to me. To make matters worse, the camera angles aren’t all that great. In fact, they only get into good position when he’s spitting into her mouth. He picks her up and we get some nice shots of her ass, but things just seem off in this scene. As she rides his dick she asks him to slap her tits, but it’s not like this scene is going to work as a rough-fuck. I think it’s just caught between a teen fuck and a rough sex tryst and is dragged down by a lack of heat from the lead performer. To cap it off, she lies there and blows a bubble while Lee announces his impending pop for what feels like ten minutes. Dude, fucking cum already. He does finally pop on her gum, but come on, who cares by now.

Stacey Thorn and Jassie team up for the next scenes. These girls do have the cute thing going for them so their hook-up is already hotter than the last one. They get started by playing with each other and that serves as a perfect build up to a three way scene. Both girls are easy on the eyes and they keep the girl on girl play gentle. As soon as the girls get a chance, they happily share a big cock. Jassie looks really good as her lips pop around the head of his cock, but I think that blonde Stacey might actually be the better cock sucker. I love both of these girls and naturally that helps the scene quite a bit. It also just looks better. The camera work is better and the sex just has a lot more heat. Brett Rockman gives them plenty of cock to enjoy and both cute teens take turns riding it. Jassie pulls back into the lead after some very good cowgirl, but I think the mish footage with Stacey puts her back in front. Brett decides that the best thing to do is to stack the girls he so he can move from one pussy to the next for a while. He follows that up with some side by side doggy that allows the girls to really feel every inch. The girls share a nice load at the end of a scene that puts this thing right back on the right track.

Melissa Lauren is the kind of girl who can pull off the teen thing and still provide a hot scene. She is beautiful, has a hot body and really knows how to fuck on camera. The tease footage is good, though some longer shots of Melissa filling out that plaid skirt would have been great. When the blowjob starts is hurt badly by some extensive under the chin shots. Using this angle with an ugly girl is one thing, but on Melissa it’s fucking criminal. Sadly that takes up most of the blowjob so we lose a lot of potential heat. The fucking is a lot better and Melissa has her costar sweating in no time. She rides his cock like she loves every inch and is out to prove that he is even hotter than the other girls by making her ass available for some naughty fun. He drops the hammer on her ass pretty hard and saves up a big load for that pretty face.

With one glaring exception, the scenes and girls in this movie are really hot. If you want to chalk that one misfire up to personal taste (Which it could certainly be) then you’ve got a pretty great flick from start to finish. The first and last scenes are the best of the bunch and they show off very different talents. Nautica is the perfect teen who is cute from head to toe and loves to fuck. Melissa is also good looking, but adds some serious anal action to her scene. In between we get some very sexy girls like Stacey to enjoy. Some of the scene aren’t shot perfectly from start to finish, but for the most part the action is as well-captured as it is hot. It’s a pretty good flick with some nice looking teens, decent tease footage and good sex.

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